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For boaters

It takes an average of 45 minutes for boats to travel the entire flight and on a busy day as many as 40 boats can make the trip. Our dedicated team of volunteer lock keepers will be on hand to direct the traffic and keeping the flight flowing.

Boating through Foxton Locks courtesy Richard Boyles Boating through Foxton Locks courtesy Richard Boyles

Locks opening times

It takes 45 minutes to travel through the flight and you must be through by closing time. As locks can be very busy, please allow yourself plenty of time to make your passage. 

Date  Monday to Thursday  Last boat in  Friday to Sunday  Last boat in 
24 October - 2 April 2017  9.00am - 3.30pm 2.45pm 9.00am - 3.30pm 2.45pm
3 April - 23 April 2017   8.00am - 5.00pm 4.15pm 8.00am - 6.00pm 5.15pm
24 April - 10 Sept 2017    8.00am - 7.00pm 6.15pm 8.00am - 7.00pm 4.15pm
11 Sept - 22 Oct 2017 9.00am - 4.00pm 3.15pm 9.00am - 3.00pm 4.15pm

Boaters booking in

If you want to take your boat through Foxton Locks you need to book in with the lock keepers. They could be anywhere on the flight (or at quiet times, having a quick cuppa in the lock cottage next to the top lock). Knock and call for the lock keeper.

Until you are booked in, you will not be in the queue.

The volunteer lock keepers manage the flow of boats up and down the locks in the most efficient way possible to make sure you have the best experience and journey possible. And, importantly, to make sure none of our precious water is wasted.

During the summer, loads of boaters naturally want to go up – or down – this impressive staircase – the longest in the UK. So please make sure you arrive in plenty of time because sometimes you may have to wait several hours to make your journey. Luckily there are a number of good pubs in Foxton and the Boilerhouse Museum to look around while you wait.  

Boaters facilities

  • 1 disabled mooring spot above the top lock. Bollards marked orange
  • 2 water points between top lock and disabled mooring
  • 1 water point opposite the bottom lock
  • 1 water point 50 yards up the Leicester arm
  • refuse and Elsan in the bottom car park
  • launderette and shower next to Bridge 61 pub below the bottom lock
  • small selection of chandlery, gas, groceries and gifts in the shop below the bottom lock
  • Foxton Boat Services engineering via shop below bottom lock
  • nearest pump out at Debdale Wharf 30 minutes up Leicester arm

Note: Winding is possible at wharf entrance. And there's no public pump out available at Union Wharf in Market Harborough.

Foxton Locks visitor moorings

1, 2 ,7 and 14 day visitor moorings are available at Foxton Locks

Please check the stay times on the towpath posts and take a look at our full terms and conditions for use of the visitor towpath moorings in Foxton Locks.

Our local mooring map shows the various moorings in Foxton: Locks between Bridge 63, Bridge 60 on the Grand Union (Leicester Line) and the site of the old swing bridge on the Market Harborough Arm.

Visitor mooring is free for the published time but there's an extended stay charge of £25 (including VAT) per day if:

  • you do not move on after the maximum stay time within any one of the zones between Bridge 63, Bridge 60 and the site of the old swing bridge (Market Harborough Arm)
  • you stay longer than 14 consecutive days between Bridge 63, Bridge 60 and the site of the old swing bridge (Market Harborough Arm)
  • you spend more than 14 days between Bridge 63, Bridge 60 and the site of the old swing bridge (Market Harborough Arm) during any calendar month

Just so you know - our volunteer visitor mooring rangers visit daily to record boat numbers. Any extended stay charges will be recorded on your boat licence account.

Last date edited: 16 May 2017