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Boaters' area

Surely one for the boater's bucket list - the thrill of taking your boat on and up (or down) the Anderton Boat Lift. Find out more about charges, boat hire, safety and private boats.

Narrowboats in Anderton Boat Loft Boats in Anderton Boat Lift

It's truely a unique experience manoevering your own boat into the cassons and letting our marvelous machine lift you effortlessly as it transports you from one level to the other.

Lift operation technical issue - update

Oh no! We're very sorry to say that we've a technical issue with our lift, which has reduced the amount of available passage right now. We're having a part specially made just for us but our lift is Victorian, and with the very nature of the parts, it's taking a little longer than expected for the part to be manufactured. We are hoping to have the fault rectified as soon as possible, but we currently can not give you an exact date.

So passage is possible - just expect delays (perfect excuse to stop by our cafe for some delicious homemade cake while you wait we reckon.) 

Passage times and bookings

The lift is available for private passage seven days a week from 18 March to 5 November 2017. Passage times vary depending on the peak and off-peak schedules. Anderton's boaters' booking guideDownload our leaflet for boaters travelling through the lift, which lists the full year's passage times or call our bookings office for more information: 01606 786 777

You can book your passage through the lift from our online booking page.

Please note: the lift is closed for maintenance every Thursday morning so you can't make you way through until 11:30 (down) or 12:15 (up). (But this does change form time to time.)

Advance booking fees and charges

Advance booking fee:
£5 single
£10 return
Usage charge:
£20 single narrow beam (<7ft wide)
£30 return narrow beam (<7ft wide)

Private boats

The charges and restrictions vary depending on your licence:

  • Canal & River Trust 'Canal & River' long term licence holders - 3, 6, or 12 month licence
    Free of charge if if taking the next avaialbale slot on the day. Advance booking fees apply to all other passage times.
  • Canal & River Trust 'Rivers Only' long term licence holders - 3, 6, or 12 month licence
    You'll need to upgrade your licence to a 'Canal & River' licence for the duration of your cruise on the canal but are entitled to a 50% discount using a short term licence. (Short term licence upgrade must be in place before passage). Free of charge if if taking the next avaialbale slot on the day. Advance booking fees apply to all other passage times.
  • Canal & River Trust 'Short Term Only' licence holders - 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or explorer licences. Usage charge applies 
  • Non Canal & River Trust licenced vessels (ie: Bridgewater Boats) usage charge applies

Boat on the River Weaver by the boat lift

Hire boats

You will need permission from your boat company before you are allowed to use the Anderton Boat Lift. Please be aware that the boat will also need to be licensed. Check our Terms and Conditions for details.

Passage safety rules

To make sure your visit is as safe and pleasurable as possible, please remember these simple safety rules:

  • your engine must be switched off once the vessel is secured inside the caisson
  • no unattended naked flames
  • no tanding or sitting on cabin roofs or gunnels
  • don't lean over the side of the vessel or caisson
  • obey all instructions from the lift operator
  • in the unlikely event of an emergency, all passengers and crew should remain in their vessels unless instructed otherwise by the lift operator
  • in the event of an emergency on your vessel please sound your horn to attract the lift operator’s attention

River Weaver, lock passage

Once down on the river, it is advisable for you to telephone ahead to the lock keeper should you be requiring travel through one of the 4 manned locks. This will allow for lock prepartion prior to your arrival.

All information on lock opening times and lock keeper's telephone numbers can be found in the above boaters leaflet or via your email confirmation received upon booking lift passage.

Last date edited: 14 June 2017