Anglers Update: Summer 2016

Welcome! We kick off our summer 2016 edition of Anglers Update with news about our plans to introduce more people of all ages to angling. Plus, some facts revealed about the Kray twins and Leicester is in the news again!

Fishing at Bootle, Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Go fish go

We have partnered with the angling trade and National Fishing Month and are hosting more than 20 events up and down the network.

We are giving away 1000 starter kits and have launched a 'learn to fish' video series to help people get started on their local section of canal.

Another Leicester triumph as the likely lad wins again

Over 400 of our readers cast their vote in our angling heroes series and it was Leicester legend Ivan Marks who came out on top. To celebrate the result Ivan’s biographer, Mark Wintle, paid a special tribute to the ultimate angling hero. Runner up was Dick Walker followed by Mr Crabtree himself, Bernard Venables. Several readers commented that Ray Mumford should have been included on the ballot paper so to make amends we have produced special tribute column to Ray too.

Results, results, please send us your results

For those of you who love match fishing and want to find out who is winning or, if you are a pleasure angler who wants to find out which venues are in form, there is no better read than our weekly match results column. With your club’s help, we are aiming to give our twice weekly column ever more comprehensive national coverage. If your club or match group hold contests on rivers, canals or stillwaters, our columnists Steve & Lynn would love to hear from you.

Tributes to the gudgeon pour in

Gudgeon, courtesy of Jack PerksWhilst the brown trout was voted as Britain’s national fish, we decided it was about time an underdog fish species got the publicity and credit it deserves. And so back in June we sang the praises of this dashing little fish. There was so much to say we couldn’t fit it all into one episode so we produced an episode two.

Kray twins revisited

Whilst some of their rivals probably ended up swimming with the fishes, did the legendary east end brothers ever visit the Trust waterways on fishing trips? Find out what we have discovered about the Krays angling career to date.

Who are the best canal angling couple in the UK?

With a top prize of up to £6000 on offer for the winning twosome, the canal pairs championship is going from strength to strength. There are a dozen more qualifiers coming up in the next ten weeks. So don’t miss out, give Sandra a shout to book in on 0115 822 4519

Fishing from my boat

Ever wondered what the score was with people wanting to fish off their narrowboat? If you are a club bailiff, are you allowed to issue a day permit? All is now revealed in our fishing from my boat article.

Waterway Fishing Plans launched

Back in 2015, the fisheries team led on the production of a Fisheries & Angling Action plan for each of our waterway units. All 11 plans are now available to view on our guidelines and strategies page.

Last date edited: 29 July 2016

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