Let’s Fish! End of Season Team Event 2021

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  • An opportunity for those who, due to the pandemic, have missed out on the opportunity of potential trials or in formally representing England to take part in a team event with an international flavour. Please note that this event is not being formally classified as a full junior international and international caps etc will not be awarded.

  • An opportunity for some of the Talent Pathway coaching team to observe new up and coming fishing talent ahead of potential future selection for the Talent Pathway programme (ideal for those who may be interested in exploring that route at some stage in future).

  • An opportunity to begin to develop future pathways for young anglers within Wales.

  • An opportunity to allow some promising cadets and younger juniors with obvious potential a taste of what the future could potentially  hold for them in fishing, if that is a path that they may want in future to choose to take.

2021 Match results

Cadets Teams:

  1. Let's Fish Starlets - 26 points
  2. Let's Fish England Gold - 22 points
  3. Let's Fish Stars of the Future - 20 points
  4. Let's Fish Emerging Prospects - 19 points
  5. Let's Fish Wales - 16 points
  6. Let's Fish England Silver - 15 points
  7. Let's Fish England Girls Silver & Let's Fish England Girls Gold - 14 points

Cadets Section Winners:

  • Zack Enderby 980g
  • Sam Sellars 840g
  • Alfie Portman 470g
  • Lilly Mae Kirk 650g

Junior Teams:

  1. Let's Fish England Silver - 28 points
  2. Let's Fish England Girls Silver - 27 points
  3. Let's Fish Midlands Select - 25 points
  4. Let's Fish England Girls Gold - 24 points
  5. Let's Fish England Gold - 23 points
  6. Let's Fish Northern Select - 18 points
  7. Let's Fish Southern Select - 15 points
  8. Let's Fish Hot Prospects - 13 points
  9. Let's Fish Wales - 7 points

Junior Section Winners:

  • Lottie Wootton 1100g
  • Izzy Gibbins 1690g
  • Alex Glover 2340g
  • Jacob Lees 2210g

Youth Teams:

  1. Let's Fish England Silver - 13 points
  2. Let's Fish England Gold & Team Rammy Youth - 10 points
  3. Let's Fish England Girls - 8 points

Youth Section Winners:

  • Billy Kirk 4540g
  • (Joint) Connor Lamb & Harry Leach 580g
  • Josh Newman 1320g
  • Will McCranor 920g

A boat passes Charlie taking part in the 2020 junior canal fishing championships

Event Details

Date: Saturday 30 October 2021
Location: Shropshire Union Canal


Suggested Arrival Time

Fishing Times

3 metre rule

Postcode for car park

Postcode for prize presentation




Not applicable




10.30 am


Applies for first 30 minutes of match

TF9 2ED but pegs 1 to 4 my park at bridge 52.



10.30 am


Applies for first 30 minutes of match



Match rules

The rules applicable to the National Celebration of Young People and Fishing will apply to this event, except that the 3 metre rule will apply for the first thirty minutes of the event in the Junior and Cadet sections rather than the 90 minutes that applied on the September event.

Note that the age range of each category is the age of participants as at the date of the National Celebration of Young People and Fishing

In the event of significantly inclement weather the event organisers reserve the right to reduce the length of the competition by a minimum of 30 minutes.

Draw for pegs

The draw for pegs will take place live on the Canal & River Trust Angling Facebook page at approximately 5:30pm on Thursday 28 October. Ideally, nominated team captains should be available remotely to select their teams draw envelope but don’t worry if you can’t make it. The peg details will also be emailed to participants later that evening. Within each of the three age categories, one team member will be allocated to each section.

Prize presentation

This will take place at Cheswardine Parish Hall, Podmore Road TF9 2RS from around 4:15pm Food and refreshments will be available from approx. 3:15pm.

Toilet facilities

Toilet facilities be available at bridge 51, bridge 53 and at the Cheswardine Parish Hall.

Let's Fish! End of Year Team Event


Due to non availability, a small number of team amendments have been made and the number of teams reduced by one in each category which does make parking and pegging a little easier from an organisational viewpoint. The teams are as set out below. Should anyone subsequently drop out, the selectors retain the right to tweak teams accordingly and if necessary will bring into  team the reserves on standby. If you cannot make it, you must email john.ellis@canalrivertrust.org.uk as soon as possible.

Cadets (7 to 10 years)

Let's Fish England Gold Alfie Portman (captain), Lewis Mayne, Noel Owen, Harley Fenton

Let's Fish England Silver Angelina Bengry (captain), Regan Grice, Cayden Grimes, Billy Hardwidge

Let's Fish England Girls Gold Tulisa Marchant (captain), Polly Burke, Penny Prinold, Evie Mielczarski

Let's Fish England Girls Silver Phoebe Sellers (captain), Lilly May Kirk, Lottie Clarke, Evie Tatters

Let’s Fish Wales Travis Couch (captain), Evan Dowman, Dylan Dowman, Connor Farrow

Let’s Fish Emerging Prospects Rory Corser (captain), Charlie Hutchinson, Tom Bennett, Daniel Lawes

Let’s Fish Starlets Dylan Egan (captain), Zach Enderby, Luca Candlin, Hayden Saunders

Let’s Fish Stars of the Future Samuel Sellars (captain), Bruce Simpson, Jacob Trull, Hugo Hall

Cadet reserves on standby Freya Sullivan

Juniors (11 to 15 years)

Let’s Fish England Gold Harry Franklin (captain), George McHugh, Sam Moulton, Joshua Duffy

Let's Fish England Silver Jack Crystal (captain), Charlie Drinkwater, Michael Wallwork, Jacob Lees

Let's Fish England Girls Gold Jodie Deacon (captain), Lucia Archard, Gabrielle Marshall, Lauren Stevens

Let's Fish England Girls Silver Izzy Gibbins (captain) Lottie Wootton, Kyra Simister, Kimberley Knight

Let’s Fish Northern Select Harry Matthews (captain), Brett Ballan, Alex Glover, Blake Horton

Let’s Fish Midlands Select Isaac Bagley (captain), Ollie Harvey, Lucas Parsons, Barnaby Newman

Let’s Fish Southern Select Harvey Ryan (captain), Zain Waters, Ricky Marchant, Max Owen

Let's Fish Wales Morgan Dowman (captain), Gareth Ellis, Charlie Langford Nicklin, Thomas Davis

Let’s Fish Hot Prospect Poppy Bishop (captain), Harry Brennan, Charlie Spencer, Charlie Isaacs

Junior reserves on standby Ella Preston, Andrew Harrington

Youth (16 to 20)

Let's Fish England Gold William McCranor,  Matt Mollart, Charlie Sibley, Josh Newman (captain TBC)

Let's Fish England Silver Billy Kirk (captain), Connor Lamb, Adam Bayliss, Christopher Randall

Let's Fish England Ladies Katie Crooks (captain), Holly Marchant, Nicole Marchant, Tammy Galloway

Team Rammy Brad Lucas (captain), Harry Leach, Charlie Law, Paul Stringer

Youth reserve on standby Cain Blackburn

Last date edited: 9 November 2021