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Angling match results for week ending 4 May 2019

Angling match results brought to you by Steve Cope.

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Aire & Calder Canal Spring League, Round 4, Aire & Calder Canal, Pollington, East Riding of Yorkshire, Yorks. Sun. M. Wainwright (Browning Ossett) 27-5-0; G. Smith (Sensas North) 27-2-0; I. Fieldhouse (Bradford) 24-0-0; J. Cotterill (Sensas North) 22-6-0; B. Hawkes (Sensas North) 19-0-0; C. Ellis (Tri-Cast Calder) 11-13-0.

Barford AA Open, Grand Union Canal, Knowle, W. Mids. Sat. A. Swift (Browning Northants.) 4-4-0; M. Quarterman (Likely Lads) 4-1-2; (Joint 3rd) P. Turner (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 2-7-2; S. Sadler (Milo MGM) 2-7-2.

Canal Kings Open, Birmingham Main Line Canal, Soho Loop Section, Winson Green, B’ham. Sun. D. Sheaf (Canal Kings/Sportsman AC) 4-12-4; M. Galliers (Sportsman AC) 3-11-1; P. Hatton (ZLT Angling Products) 2-13-11; P. Mattock (Sensas Droitwich) 2-3-6.

Erewash Valley Individual Spring League, Round 6, Erewash Canal, Ilkeston, Derbys. Sun. R. Aldred (Colmic Soar Tackle) 5-6-0; R. Casterton (Drennan Leics.) 4-6-8; D. Hicklin (Milo MGM) 4-2-8; C. Powdrill (Eastwood Tackle) 3-12-0; A. Fox (Matlock AC) 3-4-8. League: R. Casterton (Drennan Leics.) 26-11-0; T. Barker (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech) 21-7-0; R. Aldred (Colmic Soar Tackle) 18-8-0; A. Astle (Long Eaton Fed.) 15-5-0.

Sensas Kennet & Avon Spring League, Round 2, Kennet & Avon Canal, Beeches to Farmers, nr. Crofton, Wilts. Sun. L. Bradell (P.I. Thatchers) 23-12-8; T. Huelin (Rive Homestores Red) 15-1-0; R. Randal (Garbolino Blackmore Vale Gold) 12-6-0; V. Camilleri (Sensas West Sussex) 12-1-0; R. Rosinski (Sensas A4) 7-15-8; M. Kirk (Sensas A4) 6-14-0. Teams: Sensas West Sussex 30; (Joint 2nd) Sonubaits Thatchers 25; Daiwa Dorking 25; (Joint 4th) Rive Homestores Red 24; Garbolino Blackmore Vale 24. League: P.I. Thatchers Sonubaits 52; Drennan Bordon Blue 49; Garbolino Blackmore Vale Gold 48; Daiwa Dorking 47; Sensas West Sussex 46; Garbolino Blackmore Vale Marine 44.

Sportsman AA Opens, Birmingham Main Line Canal, Owen Street Section, Tipton, W. Mids. Wed. D. Webb (Sportsman AA) 30-0-0; B. Callow (Sportsman AA) 28-12-0; C. Furnival (Sportsman AA) 27-14-0; B. Buckley (Sportsman AA) 24-6-0. Sun., Tame Valley Canal (BCN), Holloway Bank, Section, Wednesbury, W. Mids. A. Curless (Preston Innovations Black Horse) 5-8-0; P. Fellows (Sportsman AA) 4-15-0; A. Price (Sportsman AA) 2-11-0; P. Cowern (Matrix Image/Hinders) 2-8-0.

Sportsman AC Open, Walsall Canal, Moors Mill Lane Section, Tipton, W. Mids. Sat. C. Daly (Canal Kings) 2-7-3; D. Sumner (Bilston Angling Centre) 1-11-5; F. ‘the Bread’ Cheetham (Team Eclipse) 1-11-4.

Storey’s Halesowen RBL, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Castlecroft, Wolverhampton, W. Mids. Sun. M. Merrick (Halesowen RBL) 14-4-0; G. Maguire (Halesowen RBL) 10-15-0; K. Clark (Halesowen RBL) 6-11-0.

Thornhill AC Open, Calder & Hebble Canal, Dewsbury, W. Yorks. Sat. S. Wain (Preston Innovations/Sonubaits NW) 5-7-0; K. Marshall (Octbox/Tri-Cast Calder) 4-9-0; (Joint 3rd) T. Noon (Tri-Cast Calder) 3-1-0; M. Blagbrough (Tri-Cast Calder) 3-1-0; R. Haigh (Thornhill AC) 1-15-0.

Todmorden AS Open, Rochdale Canal, Library Length, Littleborough, Rochdale, Gtr. Manchester. Sun. B. Hilton 0-14-0; D. Hill 0-4-0; D. Bowers 0-2-0.

Wolverhampton AA Individual Spring League, Round 3, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Acton Trussell, Penkridge, Staffs. Sun. B. Williams (Bilston Angling Centre) 5-0-0; K. Hulland (Team Eclipse) 4-13-14; S. Broome (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 4-5-0; S. Dudley (Sensas Black Country) 4-3-0. League: S. Broome (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 6; J. Garbett (Team Eclipse) 17; B. Garbett (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 18; B. Williams (Bilston Angling Centre) 19; (Joint 5th) K. Hulland (Team Eclipse) 20; B. Leatherbarrow (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 20.

Wolverhampton Over 60’s Club Open, Shropshire Union Canal, High Onn, Staffs. Wed. R. Bates (Telford) 11-5-0; C. Tillett (Bridgtown Social AC) 5-13-0; M. ‘Killer’ Wood (Four Ashes AC) 5-5-0; B. Simmill (Bilston Angling Centre) 4-8-0.

Wyche Anglers Division 2 National Practice Match/Open, Shropshire Union Canal, Soudley, Shrops. Sun. R. Bates (Telford) 6-7-3; P. Burrell (Hodnet MG) 5-13-12; A. Crook (Preston Innovations NW) 5-10-4.


Blackfords Progressive Open, Kingswood Lake, Cannock, Staffs. Sat. S. McQueen (Cannock) 10-14-0; G. Johnson (Sensas) 3-6-0; J. Seagrave (Blackfords) 2-10-0.

Castle AC Individual League, Round Four, Canons, Northants. Sun. M. Pollard 24-8-0; R. Lattimer 24-0-0; P. Reynolds 17-12-0. League leader: R. Lattimer.

County Vets, Canons, Northants. Sun. D. Cantrell 22-14-0; P. Lafflin 14-14-0; B. Spencer 14-4-0.

Hodnet AC, Ryley’s Pool, Goldstone, Shrops. Thurs. S. Neil (Hodnet AC) 11-3-0; D. Davies (Hodnet AC) 5-5-0; T. Nutt (Hodnet AC) 5-0-0. Sun. N. Cooper (Hodnet AC) 8-11-0; T. Gollins (Hodnet AC) 7-15-0; B. Peake (Hodnet AC) 6-9-0.

Kingfisher AC, Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Sun. K. Harrison 13-0-0; J. White 9-4-0; B. Gayle 3-3-0. Annual points winner: D. Warren. Annual points runner-up: L. Richardson.

Redditch FA/Cadence FT Spring League, Round 2, Arrow Valley Lake, Redditch, Worcs. Sat. D. Boyle (B’ham) 33-0-0; S. Chidler (Redditch) 31-4-0; M. Dowery (B’ham) 27-0-0; S. Poynton (Rive) 26-0-0; J. Lawler 21-14-0. League: (Joint 1st) B. Millard 2; J. Lawler 2; (Joint 3rd) M. Bissett 3; S. Chidler 3.

Wakefield AC, Walkers Dam, Wakefield, W. Yorks. Sun. T. Bishop 40-0-0; N. Stead 31-6-0; P. Townsley 26-6-0.


A.J. Jewson Tuesday Series, Sykehouse Fisheries, Goole, S. Yorks. Tues., Match & Twin Isles Lakes. G. Bateman (Tri-Cast Calder) 139-7-0; M. Sharpe (Thornhill AC) 117-0-0; A. Lumb (Lowhills AC) 113-13-0; K. Marshall (Octbox/Tri-Cast Calder) 111-3-0; J. Krstic (A.J. Jewsons) 107-0-0; S. Mitchell (Brighouse AA) 100-4-0.

Alders Farm, Gt. Brickhill, Bucks. Tues. L. Newson 149-0-0; P. Archer 112-0-0; G. Page 101-0-0.

Angling Trust Commercial Stillwater National Championship 2019, Lindholme Lakes, Doncaster, Yorks. Sat. Lindholme Elite 100; Drennan Barnsley Blacks 97; Drennan NW 90; P.I. Sonubaits NW 86; Rochdale Angling 79; Team Dynamite Baits 78. Individuals: B. Rodgers (Beggsys Midnight Runners) 56K 350g; C. Tidswell (Rochdale Angling) 49K 450g; K. Webster (Matrix Bait-Tech LTB) 47K 650g.

Angling Trust Fish ‘O’ Mania XXVI 2019 Qualifier, Gold Valley Lakes, Aldershot, Hants. Wed. S. Fry (Garbolino) 169-0-0; G. Albutt (Daiwa Dorking) 121-0-0; P. Wrighting (Guru/Mainline Match) 99-8-0; C. Edmunds (Bristol) 81-6-0. Qualifier: S. Fry.

Blundells Fishery, Rixton, Ches. Sat., Trio & Ash Lakes. A. Musgrove (Edgeley Sports) 167-1-0; A. Howarth (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 113-11-0; S. Sharrock (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 101-12-0.

Brookside Fisheries, Warrington, Ches. Sat., Snake Lakes 1 & 2. J. Shellam (Eyelevel) 45-2-0; J. Warburton 43-1-0; K. Wilson (Elton Tackle0 34-5-0.

Castle Ashby, Grendon, Northants. Wed. F. Pizzimenti 82-4-0; M. Whadham 38-0-0; C. Hewlett 37-4-0. Sat. A. West 37-0-0; K. Garratt 36-12-0; M. Hewlett 28-4-0. Sun. M. Harrington 32-12-0; C. Camplin 22-4-0; R. Dunkley 20-6-0.

Concrete Club Saturday League, Match 2, Makins Fishery, Bramcote, Nuneaton, Warks. Sat., Phase 1-Lake 4 & 2A. S. Smedley 75-8-0; L. O’Donaghue 65-8-0; W. Heywood 58-0-0.

Cotton Outcasts, Lavender Hall Fishery, Berkswell, Coventry, W. Mids. Sun. M. Annable 45-7-0; S. Hickey 43-14-0; V. Battams 31-5-0.

Drennan Manor Farm Leisure, Harvington, Evesham, Worcs. Wed., Boundary Pool. S. Rich (Moaning Sods) 129-4-0; N. Finch (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 98-8-0; G. Byfield (Minor AC) 66-0-0. Thurs., Affordable, Middle Pool. B. McCaulay (Smithy’s) 87-12-0; M. Keen (Throckmorton AC) 86-12-0; (Joint 3rd) D. Chalk (Evesham Youth) 50-4-0; P. Smith (Throckmorton AC) 50-4-0. Sat., Island & Middle Pools. S. Ford (Mosella UK/Bag’em Baits) 133-0-0; G. Donachie (Mosella UK/Hinders Baits) 126-6-0; L. Harrison (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 90-0-0. Sun., Island & Boundary Pools. A. Grimes (Sensas A46) 70-14-0; A. Upton (Banbury Gunsmiths) 66-12-0; J. Morris (Stratford Fishing & Outdoors) 59-4-0.

Flore & Brockhall AC, Dog Lane Fishery, Napton on the Hill, Southam, Warks. Sun. T. Ward 30-13-0; F. Johnson 30-10-0; M. Chambers 29-9-0.

Gillingham AA, Todber Manor, Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Sat., Hill View & Ash Lakes. G. Manton 69-10-0; B. Gullick 63-0-0; R. Manns 54-4-0; K. Harvey 53-2-0; P. Lancaster 49-8-0; R. Knight 48-10-0.

Golden Reel 2019 Qualifier, Decoy Lakes, Whittlesley, Cambs. Sat., Beastie, Oak, Cedar & Yew Lakes. T. Edwards 238-14-0; A. Stopney 222-11-0; S. Collett 214-2-0; D. Taylor 209-2-0; S. Skelton 185-4-0; J. Mackey 163-4-0. Qualifier: T. Edwards.

Hawkesbury Hall Farm, Bedworth, Warks. Sun., Match Pool. J. Galloway (Hawkesbury) 48-3-0; J. Kidd (Hawkesbury) 39-2-0; D. Lutwyche (Hawkesbury) 33-0-0.

Heronbrook Fisheries Teams of Four Spring League, Final Round (6), Slindon, nr. Eccleshall, Staffs. Sun., All Pools. K. Jones (Spotted Fin NW) 152-0-0; D. Brown (OAC) 136-0-0; B. Handley (Nathan’s Tackle) 123-0-0; M. Elliott (Dynamite Matrix Trentmen) 109-4-0; S. Mumby (Spotted Fin NW) 109-2-0; J. Fowkes (Dynamite Matrix Trentmen) 101-4-0. Teams: Spotted Fin NW 8; (Joint 2nd) Tri-Cast Guru 9; Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 9; (Joint 4th) OAC 12; Fishermania Derby 12; Nathan’s Youth 13. Final league: Tri-Cast Guru 63 (£800); Maver Midlands/Bag’em Baits 68 (£650); Maver Gold Dynamite Oak 71 (£500); Nathan’s Youth 74 (£400); Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 77 (£300); Mango 88 (four sections wins) (£200).

James Maude AC, Sherwood Forest Fishery, Edwinstone, Notts. Sat., Holmedale Lake. P. Smedley 93-9-0; B. Cox 69-2-0; R. Summerscales 63-4-0.

Long Eaton Victoria AS Spring League 2019, Robinwood Lakes, Derby, Derbys. Sun. M. Munn 47-8-0; D. Lewis 33-8-0; R. Pembridge 30-0-0; P. Skinner 29-10-0; L. Smedley 25-10-0; M. Lager 22-0-0. Teams: Team B 22; Team F 18; Team C 17; Team E 12; Team D 9; Team A 6. Individuals overall: M. Munn 21 (156-14-0); D. Lewis 21 (84-14-0); L. Smedley 20 (92-2-0); D. Cotterill 19 (119-6-0); P. Marriott 19 (60-14-0); R. Pembridge 18 (72-6-0).

Makins Fishery, Bramcote, Nuneaton, Warks. Wed., Nisa Feeders Open, Phase 1-Lake Two. R. Thompson (Tri-Cast Woodlands) 93-5-0; J. Adamson (Nisa Feeders) 60-11-0; T. Lamb (Jaguar Angling Club) 57-14-0. Thurs., Nisa Feeders Open, Phase 2-Snake & Reptile Lakes. J. Meakin (Team Makins) 151-1-0; P. Reynolds (Nuneaton) 128-13-0; L. Winstanley (Hooked-on-Carp) 105-0-0.

Mathern Mill, Mathern, Monm., S.E. Wales. Sat. N. Sterry (Burt Baits) 67-6-0; M. Poppleton 56-4-0; M. Holden 53-8-0.

Maver Mega Match This 2019 Qualifier, Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, nr. Eccleshall, Staffs. Sat. J. Ashwell 141-15-0; A. Hulme 132-8-0; C. Dicks 122-10-0; P. Goodman 120-12-0; K. Jones 115-0-0; S. Williamson 113-6-0. MMMT Qualifier: J. Ashwell. British Pole Championships 2019 Qualifiers: J. Ashwell; A. Hulme; C. Dicks.

Meadowlands Fishery Individual League, Final Round, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Warks. Sun. P. Terry 144-0-0; D. Young 133-12-0; J. Jenkins 106-0-0. Overall: I. Cox 9; S. Daly 12; D. Young 13.

Mill Pond Open (Silvers), Husborne Crawley, Beds. Sun. K. Osborne 15-4-0; S. Davies 14-4-0; D. Tebbutt 11-0-0.

Monkhall Fisheries, Monkhopton, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sat., Owl Pool. Mitchell Davidson (Monkhall) 136-4-0; Morgan Davidson (Monkhall/MH Floats) 114-4-0; M. Harris (MH Floats/Monkhall) 103-0-0.

Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, nr. Kidderminster, Worcs. Tues, Costcutter, Silver Pool. P. Moore (Maver Gold) 113-5-0; P. Hadlington (Moorlands) 89-12-0; A. Jones (Milo MGM/Elwell Floats) 87-12-0. Wed., Over 50’s Open, Bank, Moors & Island Pools. C. Gethen (Moorlands) 157-11-0; N. Hargreaves (Moorlands) 138-8-0; L. Boden (Central Trains) 123-2-0. Thurs., Costcutter, Meadow Pool. R. Kings (Mosella) 175-14-0; P. Bailey (Moorlands) 119-13-0; N. Hargreaves (Moorlands) 67-0-0. Sat., Meadow, Bank & Middle Pools. K. Roderick (Moorlands) 115-4-0; I. Mills (Robin’s Timber) 100-10-0; N. Hargreaves (Moorlands) 86-12-0. Sun., Silver & Middle Pools. P. Rice (Broad Acres) 78-12-0; A. Childs (Honeywell) 59-1-0; N. Groves (Foster’s) 53-7-0.

Nene/Towcester AC, Nether Heyford Fishery, Northampton, Northants. Sun. B. Eales 2-2-0; D. Gibbins 1-14-0; T. Saunders 1-10-0.

Old Hough Fishery, Middlewich, Ches. Sat., Big Max & Lower Benbo Pools. A. Bridge (Garbolino Elton) 75-0-0; D. Pimlott (Garbolino Elton) 67-1-0; D. Richardson (Old Hough) 62-2-0.

Osprey AC, Rookery Waters, Pidley, Cambs. Sun. S. Waine 49-10-0; C. Drage 46-8-0; I. Millin 43-12-0.

Packington Somers Fisheries, Meriden, W. Mids. Wed., Solihull Angling Centre Open, Molands Mere Pool. J. Newton (Smithy’s) 127-10-0; P. Heaven (Greyhound AC) 122-8-0; D. Wooding (Solihull Angling Centre) 114-7-0. Sat., Molands Mere Pool. R. Beasley (Packington) 41-10-0; K. Wooding (Packington) 27-2-0; B. Jaques (Tackle Shack) 26-11-0. Sun., Big Geary’s Pool. P. Fox (Packington) 63-14-0; D. Clarke (Solihull Angling Centre) 39-2-0; L. Richards (Packington) 38-7-0.

Partridge Lakes, Warrington, Ches. Sat., Covey Lakes 2, 3 & 4. A. Gardner 72-0-0; M. Lucas 61-3-0; P. Holmes 50-10-0.

Poole Hall Fisheries, Alveley, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sun. R. Duke (Middle Severn Angling) 36-8-0; T. Mills (Poole Hall) 9-10-0; A. Goode (Poole Hall) 6-0-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Bank Holiday Mon., Chestnut & Sycamore Pools. J. O’Sullivan (OAC) 193-11-0; C. Lane (Preston Innovations Boldings) 177-14-0; C. Reynolds (Bilston Angling Centre) 134-9-0. Wed., Willows & Beech Pools. S. Roberts (OAC) 142-8-0; M. Keene (Shrewsbury) 110-9-0; P. Hemming (Monkhall) 85-0-0. Thurs., Chestnut & Sycamore Pools. S. Owen (Monkhall) 113-1-0; M. Keene (Shrewsbury) 79-8-0; M. Jameson (Preston Innovations Boldings) 73-5-0. Sat., Sycamore & Chestnut Pools. C. Lane (Preston Innovations Boldings) 139-9-0; J. Benjamin (Preston Innovations Boldings) 117-11-0; A. Naylor (OAC) 89-14-0. Sun., Beech & Larch Pools. G. Emlyn (OAC) 92-1-0; C. Wozek (OAC) 83-15-0; M. Keene (Shrewsbury) 70-14-0.

Preston Innovations Woodland View, Hadley, Worcs. Mon., Back Deans Pool. S. Tibbetts (ProGen) 127-8-0; C. Whitlip (Woodlands) 86-8-0; R. Manning (Woodlands) 76-12-0. Wed., Front & Back Deans Pools. S. Tibbetts (ProGen) 154-6-0; L. Cole (Bilston Angling Centre) 125-0-0; T. Whitcher (Peg One Angling) 98-0-0. Sat., Ghost Pool. A. Mansfield (MAP) 198-0-0; J. Latham (MAP) 99-0-0; J. Bowen (Woodlands) 86-0-0. Sun., High & Arles Pools. S. Tibbetts (ProGen) 82-8-0; K. Spade (Peg One Angling) 54-0-0; M. Henshaw (Woodlands) 38-8-0.

Quarry Pool Three Day Spring Festival, Aston Eyre, Shrops. Thurs., Day One. S. Roberts (OAC) 179-0-0; S. Richardson (Dot’em Down/Fatty’s Bait & Tackle) 178-12-0; J.J. Gallagher (Goodyear AC) 138-12-0. Fri., Day Two. R. Perks (Goodyear AC) 138-10-0; P. Westwood (Quarry Pool) 137-10-0; S. Roberts (OAC) 124-12-0. Sat., Day Three. S. Richardson (Dot’em Down/Fatty’s Bait & Tackle) 154-0-0; R. Perks (Goodyear AC) 122-0-0; C. Hobbs (Ironbridge AC) 110-12-0. Overall: S. Roberts (OAC) 4; R. Perks (Goodyear AC) 5; S. Richardson (Dot’em Down/Fatty’s Bait & Tackle) 9. Sun., Brunswick AC. L. Payne (Brunswick AC) 51-6-0; W. Spruce (Brunswick AC) 49-14-0; C. Ruston (Brunswick AC) 48-10-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery, Edwinstowe, Notts. Bank Holiday Mon., Holmedale Lake. A. Birkin (Phil’s Bait & Tackle) 157-5-0; W. Evans (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 132-10-0; M. Bower (Matrix Dynamite Trentman) 132-6-0. Wed., Holmedale Lake. A. Lakey (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 160-11-0; M. Langton (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 129-7-0; G. Eden (Mansfield AA) 116-5-0.

Stoppo’s Fishery, Coton-in-the Elms, Derbys. Sat. D. Giles 58-4-0; M. Harvey 56-8-0; I. Gallimore 29-12-0.

Todber Manor, Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Sat., Hill View & Ash Lakes. E. Green 122-0-0; P. Neate 119-2-0; D. Hydes 104-0-0.

Townsend Lakes Fishery, Upwell, Cambs. Sat., Costcutter, Woodpecker Pool. S. Hawkes 213-4-0 (new lake record); J. Roberts 109-0-0; S. Roberts 70-8-0. Sun., Kingfisher Lake. D. Bates 65-4-0; T. Dawson 57-0-0; S. Hillman 52-4-0.

Wassell Grove, Hagley, Worcs. Sun 21 Apr., Phoenix AC, Match Lake. J. Meakin (Phoenix AC) 42-0-0; B. Davis (Phoenix AC) 27-12-0; D. Flatman (Phoenix AC) 24-12-0. Sat., Dolphin AC, Match Lake. M. Bamber (Dolphin AC) 32-8-0; C. Ingelby (Dolphin AC) 16-0-0; (Joint 3rd) F. Davis (Dolphin AC) 10-4-0; B. Palmer (Dolphin AC) 10-4-0.

Weston Pools, Oswestry, Shrops. Sat., Open, Rover. D. Humphreys (Weston Pools) 87-2-0; A. Griffiths (Weston Pools) 84-7-0; D. Jones (Weston Pools) 77-7-0.

White Hart Danglers, Wold Farm Fisheries, Podington, Northants. Sun. I. Barnes 21-0-0; D. Hefferon 18-8-0; D. Fisher 18-6-0.

White Hart Flore AC Vets, Toft Farm Fishery, Kites Hardwick, Rugby, Warks. Wed. T. Griffiths 133-6-0; D. Griffiths 122-6-0; J. Wiggins 71-7-0. Sun., Barby Banks, Barby, Warks. M. Reynolds 78-0-0; R. Wickham 41-8-0; P. Scott 40-8-0.

Willow Marsh Fishery, Kidderminster, Worcs. Sat., Sandpipers Pool. J. Dale 138-7-0; J. Wentworth 122-0-0; M. Poyner 111-9-0.

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