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Angling match results for week ending 3 August 2019

Angling match results brought to you by Steve Cope.

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Angling Trust Division 2 National Practice/Open, Shropshire Union Canal, J & K Sections, Wybunbury Anglers Waters, Bridges 80 to 84, Coole Pilate, Ches. Sat. B. McCann (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 24-5-0; C. Talbot (Midland AS) 17-0-0; D. Lloyd (Bridgnorth AS) 11-5-0; M. Capewell (Sensas Black Country) 10-14-0; C. Harvey (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 10-7-0.

Big Gun Digital Evening Series, Match 8, Grand Union Canal, Wendover Arm, Aylesbury, Bucks. Tues. M. Rodwell 11-14-0; S. Foulkes 8-1-0; D. Moore 5-14-0; T. Watts 4-7-0.

Black Country Match Angling Two Day Festival, Dudley No.1 Canal, Link 51 Section, Merry Hill, W. Mids. Sat., Day One. M. Howell (Sensas Black Country) 11-9-12; K. Clark (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 9-13-8; C. Rice (Browning West Midlands) 9-13-8. Sun., Day Two, Dudley No.1 Canal, Woodside Section, Merry Hill, W. Mids. C. Rice (Browning West Midlands) 9-1-0; M. Hardman (Sensas Black Country) 6-10-2; A. Chandler (Stevens Tackle) 6-7-15. Festival overall: K. Clark (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 2 (£130); C. Rice (Browning West Midlands) 3 (on weight) (£100); M. Howell (Sensas Black Country) 3 (£70).

Canal Kings Open, Birmingham Main Line Canal, Soho Loop, Prison end, Winson Green, B’ham. Sun. M. Howard (Canal Kings) 5-13-2; A. Swift (Browning Northants.) 4-7-4; R. Evans (Browning West Midlands) 4-4-2; M. Rogers (Sensas Black Country) 4-0-0.

Erewash Canal Pairs Open, Erewash Canal, Ilkeston, Derbys. Sun. R. Aldred (Colmic Soar Tackle) 11-14-0; R. Parker (Drennan Leics.) 8-4-0; D. Hicklin (Milo MGM) 7-3-0; S. Woodliffe (Nathan’s of Derby) 6-10-0; T. Barker (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech) 6-2-0. Pairs: T. Barker (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech) & S. Woodcliffe (Nathan’s of Derby) 17; R. Aldred (Colmic Soar Tackle) & J. Lock (Colmic Soar Tackle) 16 (15-14-0); R. Parker (Drennan Leics.) & L. Morley (Drennan Leics.) 16 (13-4-0).

Goodyear AC Evening Open, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, 3 Hammers Golf Course Section, Coven, Staffs. Thurs Eve. B. ‘the Wizard’ Jones (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 7-13-0; M. Foster (Goodyear AC) 4-15-0; M. ‘the Master’ Bethell (Goodyear AC) 4-3-8.

Ryburn/Hebden Thursday League Match, Calder & Hebble Canal, Copley, Calderdale, W. Yorks. Thurs Eve. S. Walton (Matrix Halifax) 2-13-0; G. Hudson (A.J. Jewson Tackle) 2-7-8; R. Thorne (Matrix Halifax) 2-3-0; M. Blagbrough (Tri-Cast Calder) 1-13-8; D. Chadwick (Matrix Halifax) 1-8-8; (Joint 6th) K. Marshall (Octbox/Tri-Cast Calder) 1-2-8; T. Darson (Elland) 1-2-8.

Sportsman AC Open, Walsall Canal, Moors Mill Lane, Tipton, W. Mids. Sat. N. Turner (Bag’em/Maver Midlands) 5-3-5; C. Daly (Canal Kings) 5-2-0; D. Arnold (Sportsman AC) 3-6-2.

Stoke City DAA Open, Shropshire Union Canal, Norbury Junction, Stafford, Staffs. Sat. P. Turner (Bag’em/Maver Midlands) 13-10-0; K. Hulland (Team Eclipse) 10-13-12; S. Cope (Four Ashes AC) 10-12-4; A. Round (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 10-0-0.

Thornhill AC Open, Calder & Hebble Canal, Dewsbury, Kirklees, W. Yorks. Sat. K. Marshall (Octbox/Tri-Cast Calder) 8-5-0; S. Webster (Tri-Cast Calder) 7-6-0; A. Turner (Tri-Cast Calder) 5-10-0; C. Smith (Matrix Halifax) 4-3-0; T. Schofield (Matrix Halifax) 3-12-0; S. Walton (Matrix Halifax) 3-9-0.

Todmorden AS Open, Rochdale Canal, White House Length, Rochdale, Gtr. Manchester. Sun 21 July. C. Hawthorn 1-1-0; L. Lawrence 0-5-7. (Only top two supplied).

Tring Anglers, Grand Union Canal, Luton AC Stretch above the Swingbridge, Cooks Wharf, Cheddington, Aylesbury Vale, Bucks. Thurs. R. Gibbs 21-3-0; J. Sears 12-11-0; D. Lawson 6-11-0; D. Moore 5-12-0; D. Frankland 5-5-0.

Wolverhampton AA Canal Challenge 2019, Round 4, Shropshire Union Canal, Grub Street to the Junction, Inn Sections, Norbury Junction, Stafford, Staffs. Sun. B. ‘the Wizard’ Jones (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 7-11-4; A. Round (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 7-10-12; S. Nickless (Sensas Black Country) 7-2-0; P. Tabron (Matrix Halifax) 6-2-0.

Wolverhampton AA Open, Shropshire Union Canal, Brewood, Staffs. Wed. M. Capewell (Sensas Black Country) 14-7-0; C. Talbot (Midland AS) 11-1-8; P. Turner (Bag’em/Maver Midlands) 10-2-12; S. Preece (Crewe Match Angling) 8-2-12.

Wolverhampton Over 60’s Club Open, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Jubilee Waters, Above and below Rodbaston Lock, Rodbaston, S. Staffs. Wed. S. Brailsford (Bridgtown Social AC [Sponsored by CT Paper Cannock]) 6-9-10; I. Davies (Wolverhampton AA VDE) 5-10-0; K. Holbrook (Rough Hay AC) 5-7-14; D. Holbrook (Four Ashes AC) 5-6-10.


Bewdley Angling Festival 2019, River Severn, KDAA Waters, Bewdley, Worcs. Mon., Day One. J. Holloway 25-14-0; B. Cooper 24-11-0; S. Rowen 21-12-0; M. Traves 19-13-0; P. Amos 17-11-0. Wed., Day Two. A. Iliff 42-13-0; I. Hughes 18-0-0; M. Jones 15-5-0; J. Wiltshire 14-10-0; D. Roberts (Hereford) 14-0-0. Fri., Day Three. R. Beagley 19-5-0; A Slade 11-10-0; J. Wiltshire 11-5-0; K. Jones 10-7-0; D. Finnis 10-0-0. Festival overall: P. Amos 43-11-0; D. Shinton 39-5-0; B. McAulay 37-13-0; D. Finnis 36-4-0; D. Hollands 35-15-0; (Joint 6th) J. Holloway 32-11-0; B. Cooper 32-11-0.

Bridgnorth AS National Squad Open, River Severn, Linley Bank Section, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sun. S. Colwell (Billinghurst) 33-10-0; I. Hughes (Drennan NW) 27-14-0; A. Vaughan (Willow Creek) 24-12-0; D. George (Wolverhampton) 19-14-0; B. Preece (Bridgnorth AS) 16-12-0; D.  Lloyd (Bridgnorth AS) 16-6-0.

Burton Mutual AA Open, River Trent, Branston Golf Course Section, Burton-upon-Trent, E. Staffs. Wed. N. Bull (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech) 12-4-0; S. Tivey (Matchbox/Ferry Bridge) 11-11-0; D. Webb 8-7-0.

Droitwich Spa AC Members Only. Warwickshire Avon, Twyning, Gloucs. Thurs. G. Owen 16-3-0, M. Salcumbe 13-2-0, P.Sanford 12-10-0, D. Evans 12-7-0.

Newark Fed. Open, River Trent, Newark Dyke, Notts. Wed. J. Urruty (Vespe) 27-10-0; N. West 16-4-0; M. Nicholson 14-0-0.

Newport AC, River Gt. Ouse, Newport, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Sun. D. Tebbutt 17-2-0; (Joint 2nd) A. Ford 10-2-0; N. Bass 10-2-0.

Northwich AA, River Weaver, Newbridge & Dredger, Northwich, Ches. Sun. K. Smith 80-7-0; D. Lang 38-10-0; B. Kelly 35-15-0; J. Cheatham 35-5-0; S. Pendlebury 27-1-0

Northwich AA Open, River Weaver, Boats & Willow Beds, Northwich, Ches. Sat. D. Williams 38-2-0; S. Wilkinson 32-4-0; D. Lang 26-3-0; L. Breeze 24-3-0; T. Kettle 21-2-0.

Olney & Clifton FA Annual Cup, River Gt. Ouse, Olney Mill, Olney, Bucks. Sat 20th July. G. Prince 7-9-0; B. Glidewell 4-9-0. (Only top two supplied).

Olney & Clifton FA Final Points Match, River Gt. Ouse, Olney Mill & Lavendon Road, Olney, Bucks. Wed Eve 24th July. G. Underwood 5-8-0; P. Laughton 4-12-0; C. Howard 4-7-0.

Oxford Summer League, Final Round (6), River Thames, Medley, Channel & Folly Sections, Oxon. Sun. J. Taylor (Rive A4 Black) 20-3-0; S. Pawson (Rive A4 Black) 15-2-0; G. Barclay (Drennan Oxford Aqua) 14-4-0; J. Griffiths (Drennan Oxford Blue) 13-8-0. Teams: Drennan Oxford Aqua 33; Rive A4 Black 29; Drennan Bordon 27. League: Drennan Oxford Aqua 178; Rive A4 Black 163 (on section win); Drennan Bordon 163. Individual: G. Barclay (Drennan Oxford Aqua) 39.

River Medway Open, Barming, Madstone, Kent. Wed. M. Roberts 6-2-12; S. Cottingham 5-15-8; J. Cooper 5-14-8; R. Carpenter 5-12-0; R. Allen 5-6-8; K. Dacey 4-2-12.

Rotherham UAF Open, River Don, Sprotborough, Doncaster, S. Yorks. Sun. J. Murray (Maltby Mafia) 9-4-0; P. Bacon (Rotherham Raiders) 3-2-0; B. Hague (Rotherham Raiders) 2-4-0.

Tring Anglers, River Thames, ODAA Waters, Medley, Oxon. Sun. A. Allday 11-4-0; R. Woollard 9-1-0; (Joint 3rd) R. Gibbs 7-0-0; P. Smith 7-0-0; R. Darbon 6-5-0; S. Pavey 5-14-0.

Canal & River Trust Stillwaters

Angling Trust & Canal & River Trust Boddington Classic Final, Boddington Reservoir, nr. Byfield, Northants. Sun. J. King 112K 775g; T. Johnson 96K 200g; R. Edmunds 90K 400g.


Castle AC, Canons, Northants. Sun. J. Lewis 18-0-0; B. Spencer 13-14-0; D. Cantrell 12-0-0.

County Vets, Canons, Northants. Wed. A. Webster 20-1-0; T. Joyce 16-15-0; (Joint 3rd) I. Stokes 16-0-0; L. Wallace 16-0-0.

Gillingham AA Evening Match, Lodden Lakes, Gillingham, Dorset. Wed. J. Stamp 65-4-0; M. Harper 38-10-0; B. Dukes 35-0-0; N. Chedzoy 24-10-0; P. Leach 20-14-0; J. Randall 20-4-0.

Gillingham AA 3rd Summer Outing, Lodden Lakes, Gillingham, Dorset. Sun. R. Fripp 27-12-0; B. Dukes 22-13-0; J. Mills 21-14-0; R. Kiernan 20-4-0; M. Harper 18-8-0; D. Lawrence 13-10-0.

Todmorden AS Mystery Pairs Match, Croft Head & Townhouse Fishery, Littleborough, Lancs. Sun. C. Lett & S. Newsham 148-8-0; R. McKendry & A. Wilson 100-10-0; M. Clegg & G. Mallinson 83-4-0; A. Kitson & S. Buckley 80-2-0.

Towcester/Nene AC, Astwell Mill, nr. Helmdon, Northants. Sun. R. Pottinger 14-5-0; J. Balhatchett 11-11-0; J. Broughton 11-4-0.

Wakefield AC, Walkers Dam, Wakefield, W. Yorks. Sun. L. Wzrosek 60-6-0; A. Keyes 44-11-0; G. Hampshire 44-0-0.


A.J. Jewson Tuesday Series, Bradshaw Hall Fisheries, Bolton, Gtr. Manchester. Tues. T. Barlow (Dynamite Baits/Drennan Barnsley) 118-6-0; M. Dobson (A.J. Jewson Tackle) 106-10-0; S. Michaels (Team Tri-Cast) 92-4-0; S. Warriner (Ryburn AS) 92-2-0; W. Mcleavy (Tri-Cast Calder) 81-8-0; T. Darson (Elland) 74-2-0.

Angling Trust Disabled National 2019, Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, nr. Eccleshall, Staffs. Sat., Island Pool & Match Lake. E. Fay 62K 980g; G. Perkins 37K 725g; W. Panting 35K 250g; P. Craig 31K 325g; T. Livesey 25K 250g; S. Parker 25K 000g.

Angling Trust Ladies National 2019, Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, nr. Eccleshall, Staffs. Sat., Meadow, Canal & Bridge Pools. A. Kendall 86K 800g; S. Swallow 77K 275g; P. Wardle 71K 250g; E. Harrison 52K 250g; S. Sim 50K 825g; B. Hodgkiss 50K 250g. (New ladies' national record - top five beat the previous record). Teams: Lillys Ladies 214K 400g; Dobbing Divas 165K 850g; Starlets 119K 300g; Warrington Gold 118K 700g; Ducklow Danglers 105K 675g; Lindholme Ladies 99K 160g.

Angling Trust Veterans National 2019, Tunnel Barn Farm, Shrewley, Warks. Wed., High, Extension, New, Canal, Club & Jenny’s Pools. H. Billing 113-14-0; J. Berry 104-8-0; S. Richards 103-2-0; S. Johnson 98-12-0; M. Edge 96-4-0; D. Turner 87-8-0.

Blundells Fishery, Rixton, Ches. Sat., Trio & Pine Lakes. K. Webster (Matrix LTB/Bait-Tech) 195-2-0; A. Howarth (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 175-13-0; S. Woodward (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 136-2-0.

Bridgtown Social AC (Sponsored by CT Paper Cannock), Carney Pools, Wolseley Bridge, Stafford, Staffs. Sun., Dragon Pool. K. Holbrook (Bridgtown Social AC) 29-1-0; H. Blair (Bridgtown Social AC) 22-8-0; D. Jackson (Bridgtown Social AC) 20-4-0.

Brookside Fisheries, Warrington, Ches. Sat., Snake Lakes 1 & 2. A. Metcalfe (Ray’s Tackle) 90-0-0; A. Tollitt (Widnes AC) 83-2-0; M. Gallimore (Dave’s of Middlewich) 79-2-0.

Carney Pools, Wolseley Bridge, Stafford, Staffs. Sat., Dragon Pool. C. Newton 125-5-0; P. Malpass 99-13-0; C. Seedhouse 86-4-0.

Castle Ashby, Grendon, Northants. Wed. C. Hewlett 67-12-0; N. Antonacci 39-14-0; B. Reed 34-12-0. Sun. (Joint 1st) B. Reed 18-12-0; R. Dunkley 18-12-0; C. Garratt 15-12-0.

Drennan Manor Farm Leisure, Harvington, Evesham, Worcs. Wed., Affordable, Boundary Pool. D. Thompson (Broom AC) 87-4-0; G. Scott (Mosella Selby) 68-10-0; F. Donachie (Mosella UK/Hinders Baits) 65-10-0. Sat., Boundary Pool. G. Picton (Garbolino/Spotted Fin) 132-0-0; P. Smith (Throckmorton AC) 98-10-0; J. Morris (Stratford Fishing & Outdoors) 94-4-0. Sun., Island & Ash Pools. B. Sutor (MFL) 188-12-0; M. Cross (Manor Angling) 150-10-0; S. Rhodes (Clampits) 148-4-0.

Fazeley AC, Arden Lakes, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks. Sun., Alistair’s Pool. D. Stevens (Fazeley AC) 127-0-0; N. Purdey (Fazeley AC) 83-4-0; C. Baker (Fazeley AC) 72-10-0; M. Rice 60-0-0; L. Burden (Fazeley AC) 57-12-0.

Flore & Brockhall AC, Home Farm, Napton-on-the-Hill, Warks. Sun. N. Holmes 52-0-0; S. Smith 42-0-0; J. Cains 40-0-0.

Gizmo Angling/Catch More Media Commercial Knockout 2019, Round 3, Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, nr. Eccleshall, Staffs. Fri., Meadow, Canal & Bridge Pools & Match Lake. A. Power (Preston Innovations) 386-10-0 (New venue record); J. Holloway (Preston Innovations/Sonubaits) 306-9-0; K. Kirkwood (Trafford Angling) 238-8-0; D. Brown (Preston Innovations) 230-12-0; D. Taylor (Spotted Fin) 206-15-0; M. Dawes (Preston Innovations) 204-4-0.

Hawkesbury Hall Farm, Bedworth, Warks. Thurs., New Pool. R. Harris (Hawkesbury) 121-10-0; P. Thompson (Hawkesbury) 90-5-0; J. Kidd (Hawkesbury) 60-6-0. Sat., Match Pool. D. Lanny (Hawkesbury) 99-10-0; P. Thompson (Hawkesbury) 72-11-0; R. E. Grant (Hawkesbury) 66-14-0. Sun., Match Pool. R. Harris (Hawkesbury) 92-5-0; J. Kidd (Hawkesbury) 87-11-0; B. Palmer (Leicester) 83-7-0.

Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, nr. Eccleshall, Staffs. Sun., Canal & Pisces Pools. D. Johnson (Maver Gold Dynamite) 216-0-0; P. Gibson (Nathan’s Tackle) 158-2-0; A. Moors (Bag’em/Maver Midlands) 138-8-0; R. Lawson (Telford) 136-2-0; A. Hulme (Maver Gold Dynamite) 129-7-0; D. Bracken (Nathan’s Tackle) 127-0-0.

Lingmere Fishery, Birkenhead, The Wirral. Sat. C. Fletcher 189-8-0; J. Cloney 117-8-0; G. Bough 113-0-0.

Long Eaton Victoria AS, Championship Match No.7, R.S. Kirland Memorial Trophy, Packington Somers Fisheries, Meriden, W. Mids. Sun., Molands Mere Pool. P. Marriott 96-2-0; N. Brailsford 78-12-0; P. Skinner 66-5-0; R. Pembridge 58-13-0; J. Adamson 57-10-0; B. Grebby 51-3-0.

Makins Fishery, Bramcote, Nuneaton, Warks. Wed., Nisa Feeders Open, Phase 1-Lake Two. R. ‘Tommo’ Thompson (Tri-Cast Woodlands) 173-10-0; D. Forrest (Raygill Tackle) 123-11-0; R. Reeve (Makins Select) 96-10-0. Thurs., Nisa Feeders Open, Phase 3-Thames & Avon Lakes. J. Adamson (Nisa Feeders) 117-4-0; S. Haywood (Middy Tackle) 110-9-0; P. Eden (Syston Casters) 67-14-0.

Matrix Commercial House League, Round 4, Meadowlands Fishery, Ryton-on-Dusmore, Warks. Sun. A. Inglesant 196-8-0; J. Evans 187-14-0; P. Canning (Frenzee) 184-4-0. League leader: M. Higgott (Team Makins) 4.

Monkhall Fisheries, Monkhopton, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Wed., Swallow Pool. A. Morgan (ProGen) 247-12-0; P. Gregory (Swan/MH Floats) 189-10-0; K. Nock (KN Floats) 137-10-0. Sat., Lark & Swallow Pools. A. Welding (Matrix Midlands) 273-0-0 (New pool record); A. Rowbottom (Monkhall) 265-12-0; C. Jones (Monkhall) 251-0-0. Sun., Owl & Buzzard Pools. L. Thompson (Garbolino/Bag’em) 131-6-0; D. Edwards (Sandbank AC) 129-11-0; A. Rowbottom (Monkhall) 116-2-0.

Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, nr. Kidderminster, Worcs. Tues., Costcutter, Meadow Pool. G. Reynolds (Fatty’s Bait & Tackle) 174-0-0; P. Moore (Maver Gold Dynamite) 115-0-0; C. Jones (HT Angling) 93-14-0. Wed., Over 50’s Open, Silver Pool. N. Hancock (Maver) 129-12-0; M. Jones (HT Angling) 108-14-0; P. Wellington (Moorlands) 93-4-0. Thurs., Costcutter, Bank Pool. S. Julian (Moorlands) 162-0-0; M. Watson (DGL) 118-4-0; D. Gough (Moorlands) 96-0-0. Sat., Meadow Pool. N. Groves (Top Fours) 139-1-0; M. Tooze (Moorlands) 108-8-0; P. Hodge (Moorlands) 99-8-0. Sun., Bank & Moors Pools. C. Pace (Moorlands) 194-8-0; N. Groves (Top Fours) 185-6-0; N. Groves (Top Fours) 185-6-0; T. Homer (Moorlands) 139-0-0.

Packington Somers Fisheries, Meriden, W. Mids. Wed., Solihull Angling Centre Open, Molands Mere Pool. A. Mansfield (MAP/Bait-Tech) 178-10-0; C. Lee-Hopps (Smithy’s) 153-1-0; J. Burchell (Packington) 142-4-0. Sat., Big Geary’s Pool. N. Wright (Finedon) 122-6-0; M. Bull (Frenzee) 80-10-0; M. Higgott (Team Makins) 73-4-0. Sun., Siblings A & B Pools. A. Findlay (Preston Innovations) 100-3-0; J. Nicholls (Packington) 95-10-0; K. Deaner (Packington Vets) 69-8-0.

Poole Hall Fisheries, Alveley, nr. Bridgtnorth, Shrops. Sun., Heron Pool. S. Burrus (Poole Hall) 40-0-0; K. Millard (Poole Hall) 39-0-0; A. Goode (Poole Hall) 29-2-0. Sun., All Mates AC, Heron Pool. A. Blanchford (All Mates AC) 78-12-0; J. McGowery (All Mates AC) 33-4-0; J. Bailey (All Mates AC) 31-2-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Mon., Sycamore & Chestnut Pools. E. Bancroft (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 149-7-0; D. Pritchard (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 124-3-0; C. Reynolds (Bilston Angling Centre) 118-10-0. Wed., Larch & Sycamore Pools. G. Emlyn (OAC) 163-6-0; C. Wynn (Tri-Cast Weston) 122-1-0; D. Pritchard (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 114-1-0. Thurs., Chestnut Pool. M. Jameson (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 111-11-0; M. Stobbs (OAC) 92-6-0; K. Robinson (Fatty’s Bait & Tackle) 88-5-0. Sat., Chestnut & Larch Pools. D. Brown (Preston Innovations) 215-3-0; P. Hemming (Monkhall) 119-10-0; R. Pedlar (Heronbrook) 112-10-0. Sun., Oak & Chestnut Pools. J. Rouse (OAC) 201-5-0; G. Emlyn (OAC) 133-2-0; P. Wheeler (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 125-7-0.

Quarry Pool, Aston Eyre, Shrops. Tues., Open, Rover. J. Watkins (Brewood British Legion) 159-2-0; G. Steele (Monkhall) 151-10-0; N. Jones (Dougie Speed) 113-0-0. Thurs., Open. T. Edwards (Swan Elite) 153-0-0; P. Gregory (Swan Elite) 137-4-0; (Joint 3rd) G. Steele (Monkhall) 92-14-0; S. Roberts (OAC) 92-14-0. Sat., Little Dawley AC. P. Bucknell (Little Dawley AC) 113-14-0; S. Harris (Little Dawley AC) 110-14-0; J. Benning (Little Dawley AC) 102-0-0. Sun AM., Chubb AC. A. Webb (Chubb AC) 149-5-0; D. Wilkes (Chubb AC) 130-15-0; I. Ross (Chubb AC) 122-14-0. Sun Eve., Open, Rover. S. Roberts (OAC) 253-12-0; A. Buckley (Shifnal AC) 176-4-0; S. Rogers (OAC) 173-6-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery, Edwinstowe, Notts. Sun 21 July., Holmedale Lake. N. Hurst (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 147-0-0; W. Evans (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 142-8-0; S. Smith (Gateford Angling Supplies) 130-6-0. Wed., Holmedale Lake. W. Evans (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 131-2-0; R. Green (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 111-3-0; W. Cahill (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 109-13-0.

Stoppo’s Fishery Silvers Only Open, Coton-in-the Elms, Derbys. Sat. T. Scott 20-8-0; A. Atkins 17-8-0; D. Giles 7-4-0.

The Oaks Lakes Clubman Summer Series, Sessay, Thirsk, Yorks. Sat. D. Kirby 381-2-0; S. Brown 297-5-0; A. Gladders 289-2-0.

Todber Manor Match Fishing, Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Sat., Hill, Ash & Homeground Lakes. M. Cannings 364-10-0; E. Green 288-12-0; B. Hagg 276-14-0. Silvers: L. Woodhouse 66-8-0; D. Willmott 54-14-0; S. White 46-4-0.

Towcester Vets, Home Farm, Napton-on-the-Hill, Warks. Wed. L. Goodridge 78-4-0; R. Rawlins 75-8-0; J. Broughton 64-2-0.

Tri-Cast Old Hough Fishery, Middlewich, Ches. Sat. A. Williams (Tri-Cast Old Hough) 132-0-0; D. Pimlott (Tri-Cast Old Hough) 87-15-0; S. Symcox (Tri-Cast Old Hough) 72-9-0.

Wassell Grove Fisheries Friday Afternoon Summer League, Round 6, Hagley, Worcs. Fri., Match Lake. P. Watts (Bait-Tech) 69-10-0; J. Cork (Milo MGM) 64-2-0; S. Burrus (Poole Hall) 40-8-0; T. Perks (Hampstead Social AC 36-5-0. League: J. Cork (Milo MGM) 6; K. Williams (Wolverhampton) 8; P. Watts (Bait-Tech) 10; A. Penn (Wassell Grove) 15.

Weston Pools, Oswestry, Shrops. Sat. Open, Rover, Jacks & Belvedere Pools. M. Barwell (Maver Gold Dynamite) 104-12-0; G. Roberts (JCB) 86-2-0; S. Williamson (Maver Gold Dynamite) 84-12-0.

White Hart Flore AC, Barby Banks, Barby, Warks. Sun. C. Hewlett 129-0-0; T. Griffiths 123-0-0; M. Wheeler 120-0-0.

White Hart Flore AC Vets, Barby Banks, Barby, Warks. Wed. T. Griffiths 102-9-0; E. Kelly 72-14-0; M. Forbes 68-5-0.

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