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Angling match results for week ending 2 September 2017

Angling match results brought to you by Steve Cope.

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August Bank Holiday Three Day Canal Festival, Shropshire Union Canal, Stoke City DAA Waters, Norbury Junction, Staffs. Sat., Day One. D. Holbrook (Four Ashes AC) 6-13-8; E. Gardner (Team Eclipse) 6-4-15; D. Williams (Browning Lifestyle) 6-2-10. Sun., Day Two, Shropshire Union Canal, Izaak Walton (Stafford) AA Waters, Little Onn, Staffs. M. Owen (Sensas Black Country) 41-8-0; M. Smith (Bridgtown Social AC) 28-2-0; D. Williams (Team Eclipse) 21-8-0. Bank Holiday Mon., Day Three, Staffs & Worcs Canal, Wolverhampton AA Waters, Wombourne, Staffs. S. Broome (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 29-2-0; K. Clarke (Wigan MG) 21-3-0; M. Owen (Sensas Black Country) 16-6-0. Festival overall: D. Williams (Team Eclipse) 7; N. Turner (Wolverhampton AA VDE) 10; M. Owen (Sensas Black Country) 13 (on weight); K. Clarke (Wigan MG) 13; S. Broome (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 16.

Bridgtown Social AC, Staffordshire & Worcester Canal, Goodyear AC Waters, Slade Heath, Coven, Staffs. Sun. D. Rayson (Bridgtown Social AC) 6-10-0; P. ‘Fizza’ Blakemore (Bridgtown Social AC) 3-15-8; C. Tillet (Bridgtown Social AC) 3-10-9.

Crewe Match Angling Open, Trent & Mersey Canal, The Cottages Section, Middlewich. Ches. Sun. J. Andrews (Colmic NW) 17-14-0; (Joint 2nd) S. Hirst (Colmic NW) 5-15-0; S. Preece (Crewe Match Angling) 5-15-0; B. Yeomans (Hodnet AC) 5-14-12; L. Kenyon (Browning Lifestyle) 5-5-8; M. Manson (Browning Lifestyle) 5-5-0.

Kingfisher AC, Grand Union Canal, Campbell Park, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Sun. C. Knight 7-15-0; P. Hack 4-2-0; S. Chilton 3-9-0.

Linford AC, Grand Union Canal, Bolbeck Park, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Sun. J. Hough 4-12-0; M. Hefferon 2-12-0; R. Hefferon 2-6-0.

Sportsman AC Opens, Walsall Canal, Ocker Hill, Tipton, W. Mids. Sat. D. Arnold (Sportsman AC) 12-1-0; J. Gennard (Sportsman AC) 10-7-3; D. Conway (Carthy’s Tackle) 6-10-9. Sun., Walsall Canal, Leabrook Road, Wednesbury, W. Mids. Sun. T. Foster (Sensas Dams & Lock) 7-0-0; P. Day (Sensas Strike) 4-2-8; K. Legg (Sportsman AC) 3-10-0.

Thornhill AC Open, Calder & Hebble Canal, Dewsbury, W. Yorks. Sat. J. Sedgwick (Tri-Cast Calder) 4-10-0; B. Davies (Tri-Cast Calder) 2-15-0; N. Burland (Tri-Cast Calder) 2-11-0; R. Haigh (Thornhill AC) 2-5-0; S. Allinson (Tri-Cast Calder) 2-2-0; J. Needham (Pudsey Angling) 1-15-0.

Tring Anglers, Grand Union Canal, Winkwell, Bourne End, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. Sun. D. Moore 7-2-0; S. Pavey 6-0-8; D. Pilkinton 5-3-8; M. Rodwell 4-9-0; A. Allday 4-0-0; R. Gibbs 3-4-0.

Tring Old Codgers, Grand Union Canal, Cooks Wharf, Leighton Buzzard, Beds. Tues. R. Gibbs 27-13-0; M. Rodwell 12-0-0; T. Watts 10-13-0; A. Allday 9-6-0; D. Moore 7-7-0; D. Malyon 6-10-0; D. Pilkinton 6-8-0; S. Pavey 5-15-0.

Wolverhampton Over 60’s Club Open, Staffordshire & Worcester Canal, Chubb AC Waters, Ball Lane, Coven, Staffs. Wed. A. Shaw (Rough Hay AC) 5-3-13; B. Simmill (Bilston Angling Centre) 4-4-9; B. Astbury (Pelsall Old Boys) 3-8-0.

Canalised River

River Lea AC Club Championship, Round 5, River Lee Navigation, Broxbourne, Herts. Sat. S. Hawkins 4-13-0; S. Brachkov 4-5-0; R. McGarry 3-0-0; L. Jones 2-12-0.


Bridgnorth AS August Bank Holiday Teams of Eight Invitation Open, River Severn, Linley Bank Section, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Bank Holiday Mon. M. Traves (Sensas Strike) 32-2-0; I. Hingley (Sensas Strike) 19-12-0; S. Hill (JMR Tackle) 18-9-0; P. Baker (Lifestyle) 14-8-0; B. Preece (Wolves) 13-14-0; (Joint 6th) L. Darler (Rosa's Rebels) 12-4-0; G. Cain (Bridgnorth AS) 12-4-0. Teams: Sensas Strike 60; Barford AA 58; Rosa’s Rebels 54; Bridgnorth AS 52; Wolves 51; JMR Tackle 45; (Joint 7th) Steven's Tackle 44; Lifestyle 44; Harry's Boys 27.

Bridgnorth Comrades AC, River Severn, Private East Bank, above Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sun. J. Webb (Bridgnorth AS) 13-13-0; D. Beecroft (Cambridge) 11-2-0; C. Atkinson (Wolverhampton) 9-3-0.

Kidderminster & District AA Open, River Severn, Bewdley, Worcs. Sat. I. Hingley (Sensas Strike) 28-11-0; M. Traves (Sensas Strike) 24-0-0; D. Williams (Tenbury) 23-10-0; J. Williams (KDAA) 22-14-0; T. Moreton (Preston Innovations) 19-2-0; P. Sturmey (Bell Otters) 18-1-0.

Newport AC Open, River Ouse, Sherington Bridge, Lathbury, nr. Newport Pagnell, Bucks. Sun. M. Phillips 16-9-0; S. Davis 14-4-0; S. Wright 10-2-0.

Oundle AC Championship, River Nene, Oundle, Northants. Sun. R. Healey 8-4-0; D. Tyrell 7-9-0; S. Brookes 7-4-0; A. Webster 6-11-8.

Rotherham UAF Open, River Don, Sprotborough, Doncaster, S. Yorks. Sun. D. Stables (Daiwa Team Dons) 18-8-0; J. Murray (Maltby Mafia) 17-4-0; D. Hall (Garbolino Ossett) 16-8-0.

Tidal Trent Open, South Clifton, Lincs. Thurs. J. Urruty 14-7-0; A. Houlton 12-0-0; T. Moroz 11-0-0; R. Moses 9-11-0.

Canal & River Trust Stillwaters

Mill Lane AC, Boddington Reservoir, nr. Byfield, Northants. Sun. K. MacInelly 177-8-0; M. Wadhams 144-0-0; G. Dickinson 125-12-0.


Calvert AC, Claydon Lake, nr. Winslow, Bucks. Sun. A. Maddock 7-5-0; D. Lewis 4-3-0; J. Hewison 3-1-0.

Furzton Lake Festival 2017, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Wed., Day One, The Ken Ball Memorial Open. P. Wintle 35-6-0; J. Kent 29-8-0; R. Baker 28-8-0; G. Ringer 28-2-0. Sat., Day Two, Float Only Open. P. Bardell 38-10-0; S. Davis 18-14-0; P. Patton 18-3-0. Bank Holiday Mon., Day Three, The Frank Swan Memorial Open. R. Baker 80-0-0; P. Patton 62-9-0; N. Richardson 53-7-0; P. Gimbott 44-2-0. (Over £1,000 was raised for Willen hospice).

Hodnet AC Opens, Hammersley Spring Pools, Ashley, nr. Loggerheads, Staffs. Thurs. R. Yeomans (Hodnet AC) 18-8-0; R. Cooper (Hodnet AC) 16-14-0; J. Bullough (Hodnet AC) 15-10-0. Sun., Common Pool, Goldstone, Shrops. D. Yale (Hodnet AC) 11-15-0; B. Parrish (Hodnet AC) 9-13-0; R. Cooper (Hodnet AC) 3-5-0.

Patshull Park Super Pool Two Day Open Event, Great Lake, Boats & Shallow Sections, Pattingham, Shrops. Sun., Day One. B. Hall (Sensas) 28-0-0; R. O’Neil (Castleblayney, Ireland) 22-15-0; K. Tipton (Sensas) 22-8-0. Bank Holiday Mon, Day Two. B. Hall (Sensas) 19-8-0; R. O’Neil (Castleblayney, Ireland) 16-14-0; K. Tipton (Sensas) 16-13-0. Super Pool result: B. Hall (Sensas) 47-8-0; R. O’Neil (Castleblayney, Ireland) 39-11-0; K. Tipton (Sensas) 39-5-0.

Preston Innovations Feeder Masters Qualifier, Patshull Park, Great Lake, All Sections, Pattingham, S. Staffs. Sat. I. Davies (Blackfords) 22-11-0; S. Hodgkinson (JCB) 20-1-8; S. McQueen (Cannock) 19-15-0; J. Basset 18-15-0; S. Fry (Garbolino) 17-3-0. Qualifiers: I. Davies; S. Hodgkinson; D. Hanley.

Festival Angling Match, Festival Lake, Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, Wales. Sat. I. Swanson (Milo/Bait-Tech) 16-12-0; D. O’Leary (Ebbw Vale) 16-10-0; C. West (Festival Angling) 14-2-0.

Woodcote Hall, Newport, Shrops. Fri. D. Wilkes 49-0-0; D. Oliver 47-0-0; J. Burke 37-0-0.


Castle Ashby, Grendon, Northants. Wed., Brickyard Pool. C. Hewlett 105-4-0; F. Pizamenti 28-14-0; R. McNicholl 27-12-0.

Cudmore Fisheries, Whitmore, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffs. Sat., Moors Canal. A. Shepherd (Hanchurch Nomads) 57-10-0; G. Kirby (Nathan’s) 56-3-0; C. England (Foster’s Team Army) 47-13-0. Sun., Suez Canal. M. Davey (Hanchurch Nomads) 84-3-0; D. Pickering (Nathan’s) 74-11-0; T. Eccleston (Cudmore Ladies) 57-11-0.

Drennan Manor Farm Leisure, Harvington, Evesham, Worcs. Wed., Middle Pool. J. Morris (Stratford Fishing & Outdoors) 117-6-0; G. Byfield (Minor AC) 107-6-0; R. Pharoah (Maver Harescombe) 91-6-0. Thurs., Affordable, Boundary Pool. S. Wheeler 68-8-0; E. Rhodes 58-14-0; P. Hurl (Kinloch AC) 47-14-0. Sat., Island Pool. N. McKinnon (Preston Innovations) 119-8-0; G. Byfield (Minor AC) 103-10-0; G. Watts (MFL) 102-12-0. Sun., Island Pool. C. Cameron (Middy/Old Ghost) 95-8-0; J. Barnard (MFL) 68-10-0; P. Pickett (MFL) 62-8-0. Bank Holiday Mon., Island & Middle Pools. J. Morris (Stratford Fishing & Outdoors) 178-14-0; M. Hemming (Lodge Park) 137-12-0; P. Pickett (MFL) 113-8-0.

Flore & Brockhall AC, Barby Mill Fishery, Rugby, Warks. Sun. T. Smith 63-0-0; B. Johnson 32-0-0; (Joint 3rd) B. Isle 28-0-0; B. Prowse 28-0-0.

Gillingham AA 21st Annual Three Day Festival 2017, Lodden Lakes, Gillingham, Dorset, & Todber Manor, Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Hillview & White Post Lakes. Sat., Day One. Lodden Lakes: P. Neate (Wiltshire Angling) 29-0-0; (Joint 2nd) S. Hebditch (Garbolino BV) 25-10-0; N. Johnson (PI Thatchers) 25-10-0. Hillview Lake: T. Gilbert (PI Thatchers) 138-2-0; C. Albiston (The Lodgemen) 97-14-0. Whitepost Lake: J. Stamp (Gillingham AA) 67-8-0; M. Skyme (Wiltshire Angling) 65-12-0. Sun., Day Two. Lodden Lakes: P. Greenwood (Sensas M5 Angling) 26-8-0; D. Lewis (Briston Drains) 22-12-0. Hillview Lake: K. Abigail (Garbolino BV) 101-9-0; P. Neate (Wiltshire Angling) 101-6-0. Whitepost Lake: N. Johns (Mosella Bathampton) 82-8-0; C. Albiston (Poole Pirates) 82-6-0. Bank Holiday Mon., Day Three. Lodden Lakes: G. O’Shea (PI Thatchers) 40-1-0; C. Albiston (Poole Pirates) 29-1-0. Hillview Lake: J. Stamp (Gillingham AA) 100-5-0; M. Skyme (Sensas M5 Angling) 92-5-0. Whitepost Lake: K. Abigail (Garbolino BV) 86-8-0; P. Neate (Wiltshire Angling) 77-4-0. Festival overall: P. Neate (Wiltshire Angling) 30 £800; C. Albiston (Poole Pirates) 28 (on weight) £400; P. Greenwood (Sensas M5 Angling) 28 £300; K. Abigail (Garbolino BV) 27 £200; T. Gilbert (PI Thatchers) 26 (on weight) £150; D. Lewis (Bristol Drains) 26 £100. Over 60’s: S. Hutchinson (Sensas Wiltshire Angling) 18 £180. Best Improver: M. Relph (Carlisle Utd) 25 winning a Preston Innovations rod. Biggest Fish: G. O’Shea (PI Thatchers) 13lb 10oz carp at Lodden. Chancey Pairs: P. Greenwood & N. Alford 337-2-0; A. Nadin & N. Johnson 237-10-0.

Goodyear AC, Horns Pool, Slitting Mill, nr. Rugeley, Staffs. Sun. S. Thomson (Goodyear AC) 33-3-0; M. Thomas (Goodyear AC) 30-8-0; G. Godfrey (Goodyear AC) 22-7-0.

Hawkesbury Hall Farm, Bedworth, Warks. Sun., Match Pool. D. Markham (Hawkesbury) 109-15-0; D. Ashdown (Hawkesbury) 93-4-0; R. E. Grant (Hawkesbury) 85-1-0. Bank Holiday Mon., Match Pool. D. Ashdown (Hawkesbury) 94-11-0; R. E. Grant (Hawkesbury) 93-4-0; J. Kidd (Hawkesbury) 93-0-0.

Hayfield Lakes, Doncaster, S. Yorks. Wed., Danny’s Island Lake. D. Roberts 138-0-0; P. Holland 135-0-0; W. Sharman 90-0-0; M. Wilson 85-0-0; P. Chapman 82-8-0; C. Cameron 82-0-0.

Heronbrook Fisheries August Bank Holiday Three Day Festival, Slindon, nr. Eccleshall, Staffs. Sat., Day One, Canal, Bridge & Meadow Pools. K. Oldham (Connect Tackle) 193-11-0; A. King (Maver Gold Dynamite) 175-7-0; S. Rogers (OAC) 158-12-0. Sun., Day Two, Canal, Bridge & Meadow Pools. M. Gallimore (Heronbrook) 205-0-0; A. Hulme (Maver Gold Dynamite) 197-12-0; S. Rogers (OAC) 195-0-0. Bank Holiday Mon, Day Three, Canal, Bridge & Meadow Pools. L. Riley (Bait-Tech) 209-9-0; P. Truman (Rugeley) 187-13-0; K. Oldham (Connect Tackle) 175-11-0. Festival overall: S. Rogers (OAC) 5 £800; P. Ashdown (The Wirral) 8 £650; S. Doodson (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 9 £450; K. Oldham (Connect Tackle) 13 £350; S. Openshaw (Lingmere) 13 £300; P. Truman (Rugeley) 13 £250.

Monkhall Fisheries, Monkhopton, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sat., Kingfisher Pool. C. Wozek (Browning Lifestyle) 84-14-0; A. Welding (Marukyu Strike) 79-6-0; K. Smith (Army) 41-2-0. Sun., Swallow Pool. M. Davidson (Monkhall/MH Floats) 198-10-0; P. Gregory (Swan Elite) 158-10-0; T. Frowen (Charlemont AC) 118-3-0. Bank Holiday Mon., Hawk & Lark Pools. C. Wozek (Browning Lifestyle) 150-9-0; M. Davidson (Monkhall/MH Floats) 143-14-0; M. Churchill (Mark’s Home Improvements) 143-0-0.

Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, nr. Kidderminster, Worcs. Tues., Costcutter, Silver Pool. B. Tandy (DHA) 102-8-0; R. Hinton (DHA) 98-5-0; P. Mace (Autism B’ham) 95-0-0. Wed., Over 50’s Open, Meadow Pool. J. Hudson (Marukyu) 160-9-0; M. McCabe (Lifestyle) 126-2-0; T. Homer (DHA) 123-5-0. Thurs., Costcutter, Bank Pool. M. Watson (DGL) 144-0-0; S. Lovell (Mosella) 118-3-0; K. Nock (KN Floats) 86-15-0. Fri PM., Meadow Pool. D. Bowater (DHA) 178-3-0; D. Pritchard (DHA) 166-6-0; J. Watson (Old Ghost) 165-15-0. Sat., Bank, Moors & Island Pools. C. Hill (Mosella) 238-2-0; C. Pace (CPA) 225-7-0; S. Stewart (Mosella) 193-13-0. Sun., Meadow, Bank & Island Pools. C. Pace (CPA) 253-2-0; C. Hill (Mosella) 203-7-0; P. Moore (TBF) 198-10-0.

Nene/Towcester AC, Bishops Bowl Fisheries, Bishops Itchington, Leamington Spa, Warks. Sun. K. Elliott 110-12-0; D. Smart 73-10-0; P. Ramsden 70-0-0.

Osprey AC Two Day Festival, Lakeside Fishery, Duncote, Northants. Sun., Day One. I. Millin 73-0-0; G. Price 69-0-0; N. Riddy 49-0-0. Bank Holiday Mon., Day Two. E. Blaine 78-0-0; N. Fenner 69-0-0; I. Millin 49-0-0.

Packington Somers Fisheries, Meriden, W. Mids. Wed., Solihull Angling Centre Open, Molands Mere Pool. L. Richards (Packington) 98-1-0; L. Myers (Packington) 86-15-0; D. Tresigne (Smithy’s) 56-5-0. Sat., Big Geary’s Pool. C. Cameron (Middy/Old Ghost) 74-4-0; D. Weston (Greyhound AC) 57-9-0; D. Alder (Solihull Angling Centre) 34-11-0. Sun., Siblings A&B Pools. P. Canning (Frenzee) 73-9-0; T. Thorne (Solihull Angling Centre) 73-1-0; S. Whittaker (Middy/Bag’em) 58-10-0.

Poole Hall Fisheries, Alveley, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sun., Heron Pool. G. Willey (Poole Hall) 101-6-0; S. Burrus (Club 2000) 83-8-0; S. Arnold (Allen’s Tackle Leamore) 40-0-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Mon., Chestnut & Sycamore Pools. P. Evans (Preston Innovations Boldings) 107-9-0; J. Atwell (Kingswinford) 81-15-0; M. Foan (Preston Innovations Boldings) 73-11-0. Wed., Willow Pool. H. Colley (Preston Innovations Boldings) 64-8-0; M. Foan (Preston Innovations Boldings) 60-10-0; G. Palmer (Fitters AC) 54-10-0. Thurs., Sycamore Pool. H. Colley (Preston Innovations Boldings) 94-13-0; E. Bancroft (Preston Innovations Boldings) 93-9-0; J. Langford (Preston Innovations Boldings) 58-1-0. Sun., Willow & Larch Pools. M. Rathbone (St. Francis) 98-14-0; G. Emlyn (OAC) 93-2-0; E. Bancroft (Preston Innovations Boldings) 83-13-0.

Preston Innovations Woodland View, Hadley, Worcs. Tues., Front Deans Pool. S. Tibbits (Golden Maggot) 131-8-0; C. Bickley (Dunlop) 109-8-0; I. Swanson (Milo) 97-8-0. Sat., Front Deans Pool. S. Tibbits (Golden Maggot) 164-0-0; J. Probert (Phil’s Tackle) 106-10-0; M. Round (Wales) 95-5-0. Sun., High Pool. P. Taylor 91-14-0; J. Newton (Smithy’s) 71-8-0; R. Brennan (Stourport) 58-4-0.

Quarry Pool, Aston Eyre, Shrops. Thurs PM. C. Jeavons (Greenman AC) 134-6-0; T. Edwards (Swan Elite) 131-6-0; C. Jones (Matric) 117-0-0. Sat., Graham Jones AC. K. Smith 125-0-0; G. Howells 77-0-0; P. Malone (Graham Jones AC) 76-0-0. Sun., Chubb AC. S. Haynes (Chubb AC) 143-7-0; J. Haynes (Chubb AC) 117-15-0; T. Trubshaw (Chubb AC) 114-4-0.

Rough Hay AC, Brookfields Fishery, Shareshill, Wolverhampton, W. Mids. Sat. A. Askew (Rough Hay AC) 86-8-0; A. Gough (Wolverhampton AA/Rough Hay AC) 47-10-0; S. Hartop (Rough Hay AC) 46-15-0.

Rybalsky Club Ukranian Fund Raising Charity Match, Wassell Grove Fisheries, Hagley, Worcs. Fri. L. Ray 49-12-0-0; M. Edge 37-8-0; C. Ray 27-10-0. (£650 raised for charity).

Sherwood Forest Fishery, Edwinstowe, Notts. Sun 20th Aug., Holmedale Lake. M. Brown (Eastwood Angling Centre) 122-9-0; N. Shipman (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 92-3-0; M. Bower (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 76-3-0. Tues., Maunside Pool. F. Bispham (Peg One Angling) 117-1-0; A. Kitt (Worksop Juniors) 111-10-0; S. Richards (Woodhouse Angling Centre) 81-12-0. Wed., Holmedale Lake. M. Brown (Eastwood Angling Supplies) 182-0-0; N. Shipman (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 176-13-0; M. Langton (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 146-13-0. Bank Holiday Mon., Holmedale Lake. D. Staley (Woodhouse Angling Centre) 162-9-0; M. Bower (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 162-1-0; P. Hodgetts (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 119-4-0.

The Annual Albert Smith Memorial Match, Lakeside Coarse Fishery, Cublington, Bucks. Sun., Lower Lake. C. Macbeth 10-8-0; C. Howard 9-4-8; A. Allday 7-13-0; R. Gibbs 7-12-8; T. Beadle 7-8-8.

Todmorden AS, Croft Fishery, Adlington, Lancs. Tues. C. Lett 29-4-0; P. Mottram 28-15-0; P. Cryer 22-5-0; S. Walsh 13-13-0.

Todmorden AS, Town House Fishery, Littleborough, Lancs. Sun., Silver Fish Only. D. Chadwick 43-11-0; P. Duffy 31-15-0; R. Priestley 25-0-0; B. Hilton 21-13-0; K. Deacon 19-0-0; P. Booth 17-15-0.

Wassell Grove Fisheries, Hagley, Worcs. Sat., Plough & Harrow AC Open, Match Pool. J. Watson (Plough & Harrow AC) 38-12-0; K. Watson (Plough & Harrow AC) 29-9-0; J. Bagley (Wassell Grove) 27-12-0; A. Pearsall (Plough & Harrow AC) 24-10-0. Sun., Match Pool. A. Morrison (Wassell Grove) 90-12-0; D. ‘Dillon’ Johnson Snr. (Wassell Grove) 48-9-0; P. Padmore (Wassell Grove/Phoenix AC) 47-0-0.

White Hart Flore AC, Barby Mill Fishery, Rugby, Warks. Sun. M. Wheeler 119-0-0; V. Atkinson 84-0-0; M. Forbes 66-0-0.

White Hart Flore AC Vets, Spring Pools, Newton, nr. Rugby, Warks. Wed. G. Tilson 58-10-0; Trevor Griffiths 51-12-0; Tom Griffiths 31-8-0.

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