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Angling match results for week ending 2 March 2019

Angling match results brought to you by Steve Cope.

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Coors AC/Walsall AC Individual Winter League, Round 4, Trent & Mersey Canal, Mossley Tavern, Priory & Plum Pudding PH Sections, Rugeley, Staffs. Sun. J. Garbett (Team Eclipse) 8-10-9; N. Turner (Wolverhampton AA VDE) 5-8-10; P. Turner (Wolverhampton AA VDE) 4-7-6; D. Conway (Carthy’s Tackle) 3-15-8. League: D. Conway (Carthy’s Tackle) 10; N. Clayton (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 13; N. Turner (Wolverhampton AA VDE) 14.

Dave’s of Middlewich Individual Winter League, Round 4, Trent & Mersey Canal, Wheelock, Ches. Sun. S. Preece (Cresta Gamakatsu) 15-1-0; P. Gradwell (Liverpool) 9-1-0; H. Moulton (I+A Baits) 8-4-0; D. Chadwick (Matrix Halifax) 8-2-8; I. Sargent (Wybunbury Anglers) 7-14-0; M. Grimshaw (Matrix Halifax) 7-7-8. League: S. Crossley (Maver NW/Spotted Fin) 5 (on weight); S. Mottram (Drennan NW) 5; S. Preece (Cresta Gamakatsu) 5; M. Kettle (Colmic NW/Bag’em) 5; T. Crolla (Manchester) 4 (on weight); J. Brockway (Milo MGM) 4.

Goodyear AC, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Shawhall Lane, Coven, Staffs. Sun. M. Wood (Goodyear AC) 8-4-0; B. Lewis (Goodyear AC) 6-6-0; B. Jones (Goodyear AC) 2-14-0.

Hodnet AC, Shropshire Union Canal, Market Drayton Marina, Market Drayton, Shrops. Thurs. M. German (Hodnet AC) 10-13-0; T. Gollins (Hodnet AC) 8-8-0; R. Cooper (Hodnet AC) 6-1-0.

Milton Keynes Vets, Grand Union Canal, New Bradwell, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Wed. K. Osborne 13-6-0; N. Steel 7-14-0; C. Chart 5-9-0.

Old Bank Open, Mirfield & Battyeford Canals, Mirfield, W. Yorks. Wed. S. Webster (Tri-Cast Calder) 16-5-0; N. Burland (Tri-Cast Calder) 10-7-0; D. Chadwick (Matrix Halifax) 10-2-0; T. Price (Matrix Wayne’s Tackle) 9-1-0; (Joint 5th) C. Smith (Matrix Halifax) 8-15-0; G. Watson (Vespe) 8-15-0.

Sensas Lifestyle MG/Izaak Walton (Stafford) AA Open, Trent & Mersey Canal, Hoo Mill, Stafford, Staffs. Sat. K. Hulland (Team Eclipse) 5-15-0; D. Sumner (Bilston Angling Centre) 4-14-11; D. McCall (Shakespeare Superteam/Bait-Tech) 4-0-0; (Joint 4th) F. ‘the Bread’ Cheetham (Team Eclipse) 3-10-10; P. Murrin (Sensas Black Country) 3-10-0.

Sportsman AA Open, Birmingham Main Line Canal (BCN), Tipton, W. Mids. Wed. G. Atkins (Sportsman AA) 6-8-0; S. Sadler (Stevens Tackle) 3-11-0; D. Hamilton (Sportsman AA) 2-9-0.

Sportsman AC, Walsall Canal, Metro Bridge Section, Wednesbury, W. Mids. Sat. D. Anderson (Sportsman AC) 6-15-0; S. Sadler (Stevens Tackle) 5-3-1; C. Daley (Canal Kings) 3-6-0.

Thornhill AC Pairs, Final Round, Mirfield Canal, Mirfield, W. Yorks. Sat. M. Blagbrough (Tri-Cast Calder) 23-6-0; S. Allinson (Tri-Cast Calder) 8-13-0; G. Watson (Vespe) 4-1-0; J. Needham (Thornhill AC) 3-15-0; K. Marshall (Octbox/Tri-Cast Calder) 3-14-0; G. Makin (Thornhill AC) 3-12-0. Winning pair on the day: M. Blagbrough (Tri-Cast Calder) & A. Turner (Tri-Cast Calder) 8. Final league: M. Blagbrough (Tri-Cast Calder) & A. Turner (Tri-Cast Calder) 36; K. Marshall (Octbox/Tri-Cast Calder) & W. Mcleavy (Tri-Cast Calder) 33. League Individuals: M. Blagbrough (Tri-Cast Calder) 19 (on section countback); K. Marshall (Octbox/Tri-Cast Calder) 19.

Towcester Vets, Grand Union Canal, Stoke Bruerne Bottom Lock, Towcester, Northants. Wed. P. Minney 3-14-0; M. Goodridge 2-12-0; L. Goodridge 2-4-0.

Tring AC, Grand Union Canal, The Red Lion PH Section, Marsworth, Tring, Herts. Sun. D. Northam 7-8-8; S. Foulkes 6-6-0; C. Macbeth 3-14-8; D. Frankland 3-4-0; M. Rodwell 3-1-8; D. Moore 1-2-0; (Joint 8th) P. Hedges 1-1-0; D. Lawson 1-1-0; C. Bartlett Howard 1-0-0; D. Stoddard 0-13-0.

Wellingborough Winter League, Grand Union Canal, Leicester Arm, around Foxton Locks, Leics. Sun. I. Stokes (Wellingborough A) 13-0-0; T. Boyce (Milton Keynes) 8-3-0; G. Payne (Milton Keynes) 5-0-8. Teams: 1st Milton Keynes; 2nd Browning Silverlite. League: Milton Keynes 7; Browning Silverlite 10; Browning Black 13; (Joint 4th) Wellingborough A 15; SAS 15; Browning Xitan 15.

Wolverhampton AA Open, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Dimmingsdale, above Awbridge, Staffs. Wed. P. Turner (Wolverhampton AA VDE) 8-1-0; W. Kneller (Bilston Angling Centre) 4-4-0; N. Turner (Wolverhampton AA VDE) 3-12-0.


Bridgnorth AS Teams of Three Winter League, Round 4, River Severn, Linley Bank, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sun. M. Hamilton (Vine Inn) 86-3-0; M. Jones (Mosella/Milo MGM Blue) 37-2-0; C. Taylor (Vine Inn) 27-8-0; P. Cartwright (Mosella/Milo MGM White) 26-10-0; C. Atkinson (C.A.B.) 26-0-0; K. Russell (Bell) 25-6-0. Teams: (Joint 1st) The Only Way is Up 28; C.A.B. 28; Vine Inn 25; (Joint 4th) Foster’s Arms 24; Mosella/Milo MGM Blue 24; Bell 22. League: Bell 91; Mosella/Milo MGM White 90; The Only Way is Up 88; Mosella /Milo MGM Blue 83; (Joint 5th) Foster’s Arms 78; C.A.B. 78.

Burton Mutual AA, River Dove, Tutbury, Staffs. Sun. P. Pountney 25-0-0; C. Lloyd 15-0-0; D. Cherrington 9-0-0.

Kidderminster & District AA Open, River Severn, Bewdley, Worcs. Wed. M. Traves (Milo MGM) 36-8-0; B. McAuley (Droitwich) 24-6-0; N. Marchington (Mark’s Tackle) 24-0-0; D. Foxall (KDAA/Cadence) 18-12-0.

Kidderminster & District AA Field Memorial, River Severn, Bewdley, Worcs. Sat. T. Morton (Preston Innovations) 36-4-0; A. Slade (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 25-8-0; J. Holloway (KDAA) 24-14-0; D. Wright 24-12-0; N. Bull (Starlets AS) 21-6-0; C. Hobbs 21-4-0; D. Young (Tornadoes) 13-3-0; M. Traves (Milo MGM) 11-7-0.

Milton Keynes Golden Peg Match, River Gt. Ouse, Calverton Road, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Sun. A. Ford 3-1-0; D. Tysoe 2-15-0; S. Wright 0-8-0.

Nene/Towcester AC, River Nene, Ringstead, Northants. Sun. G. Martin 10-10-0; B. Beard 7-8-0; L. Ramsden 7-0-0.

Northwich AA Teams of Three Winter League, Round 8, River Weaver, Blackboards, Boats & Willow Beds Sections, Northwich, Ches. Sat. B. Campbell (Ballyfore) 39-4-0; K. Simpson (VRAC) 13-7-0; R. Woodvine (Rudheath AC) 10-12-0; T. Kettle (Rudheath AC) 9-1-0; R. Fraser (Ballymore) 7-8-0. Teams: Ballyfore 5; Cheadle AS 9; Rudheath AC 11. League: Wayne’s Tackle Matrix 87; Ballyfore 107; Cheadle AS 124.

Olney & Clifton FA Open, River Gt. Ouse, Olney, Bucks. Tues. N. Porter (Wisbech) 11-3-0; A. Webster (Webster Tackle) 10-5-0; C. Howard (Wellingborough) 8-15-0; N. Shearn (JL Tackle Stevanage) 8-11-0.

River Steeping Open, River Steeping, Old School House Area, Dovecote, Wainfleet, Lincs. Sun. D. Skinner 12-10-0; K. Wilson 11-3-0; A. Rawlings 10-11-0; D. Houghton 8-4-0; D. Dean 4-15-0.

Rotherham UAF Open, River Don, Sprotborough, Doncaster, S. Yorks. Sun. (Joint 1st) S. Gallagher (Team Normanton) 12-6-0; J. Murray (Maltby Mafia) 12-6-0; J. Evason (Jack’s Lads) 10-8-0; A. Yates (Clay Lane) 10-0-0; M. Williams (Billy Clarke’s) 9-7-0; M. Peverley (Rotherham Raiders) 8-9-0.

The Willen Hospice Open, River Gt. Ouse, Olney, Bucks. Sat. S. Cortese (Webster Tackle) 15-4-8; D. Sanderson (Olney & Clifton FA) 9-4-0; P. Caton (Vauxhall) 8-13-0. (£100 raised on the day for Willen Hospice).

Winsford DAA Open, River Weaver, Winsford, Ches. Wed. B. Leatherbarrow (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 23-1-0; I. Young 17-15-0; P. ‘Jonty’ Johnson (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 14-11-0; R. Fraser 13-10-0.


North Level Drain Open, North Level Drain, Tyddcote, Wisbech, Cambs. Wed. J. Taylor 8-8-0; A. Greenwood 8-3-0; P. Emery 7-2-0.

Canal & River Trust Stillwaters

Codnor Park Reservoir Open, Codnor Park Reservoir, nr. Ripley, Derbys. Wed. J. Urruty 10-3-0; S. Saxton 8-12-0; S. Scudder 8-1-0; M. Bent 6-4-0.

Earlswood Lake Silver Fish & Feeder Only Open, Solihull, W. Mids. Sat., Windmill ‘Yachter’ Lake. C. Hill (Sensas) 33-13-0; L ‘Kibba’ Jepson (Ripley) 31-6-0; B. Cheese (Earlswood) 30-8-0; K. Tipton (Sensas) 26-12-0; R. Brewer (Earlswood) 25-1-0.


County Vets, Canons, Northants. Wed. J. Lewis 9-15-0; P. Lafflin 9-4-0; B. Spencer 7-15-0.

Hodnet AC, Preeswood Pool, Hodnet, Shrops. Sun. B. Parrish (Hodnet AC) 35-1-0; T. Nutt (Hodnet AC) 30-10-0; B. Peake (Hodnet AC) 19-5-0.

Commercial & Fens

Angling Trust Winter League Final 2019, Decoy Lakes, Whittlesey, Cambs. & The Fens, around Cambridge, Cambs. Sat., Drennan Bordon 46; Stanjay Gold 52; Starlets AS 60; Browning Hot Rods 63; Dynamite Maver Midlands 65 (on section wins); Drennan Barnsley Blacks 65; Daiwa Gordon League 67; Sensas A4 68; Drennan RAF 69; Browning Team Ossett 70 (on section wins).


A.J. Jewson Silvers Only Open, Bradshaw Hall Fisheries, Bolton, Gtr. Manchester, Tues., Lodge 4 Lake. K. Marshall (Octbox/Tri-Cast Calder) 16-11-0; M. Dobson (A.J. Jewson) 13-15-0; P. Thurlow (Tri-Cast Calder) 13-8-0; J. Krstic (A.J. Jewson) 11-4-0; R. Goldwater (West Yorks. Fire) 8-4-0; T. Darson (Elland) 7-12-0.

A.J. Jewson Silver Fish Only League, Sunrise Lakes, Spofforth, N. Yorks. Sun. S. Harrison (A.J. Jewson) 16-6-0; K. Marshall (Octbox/Tri-Cast Calder) 12-12-0; S. Fawnthorpe (Leeds) 11-2-0; G. Hudson (A.J. Jewson) 10-12-0; P. Thurlow (Tri-Cast Calder) 9-14-0; S. Allinson (Tri-Cast Calder) 9-6-0.

Alders Farm, Gt. Brickhill, Bucks. Sun 17th Feb., Pines Lake. L. Cox 94-0-0; M. Newbold 64-0-0; R. Young 57-0-0; N. Dean 51-0-0; T. Price 50-0-0; R. Brain 44-0-0. Tues., Pines Lake. G. Page 60-0-0; P. Goode 37-0-0; D. Adams 35-0-0; Mr. Mad 32-0-0. Silvers winner: G. West 9-11-0. Sun. M. Dalziel 93-12-0; N. Dean 74-7-0; W. Owen 74-6-0.

Aston Park Fisheries, Sheffield, S. Yorks. Sat., Split & Lanta Pools. D. Mottershead 38-13-0; A. Scamp 31-14-0; R. Hanson 29-4-0.

Barnburgh Lakes, Rixton, Ches. Sat., Bottom Pond. A. Foster 91-2-0; D. Cheetham 69-4-0; P. Turner 67-0-0.

Blundells Fishery, Rixton, Ches. Sat., Trio & Pine Lakes. A. Musgrove (Edgeley Sports) 84-4-0; D. Howard (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 66-7-0; (Joint 3rd) S. Gallacher (RW Floats) 58-9-0; G. Rowlands (Eccles Rod Benders) 58-9-0.

Castle Ashby Teams of Three Winter League, Round 5, Grendon, Northants. Sun. P. Robinson 27-8-0; K. Garratt 25-0-0; M. Boddily 24-11-0. League: Team Gibson 40; Team Boddily 37; (Joint 3rd) Team Robinson 34; Team Cable 34.

Dave Watkins/Tern Fisheries Open, Tern Fisheries, Market Drayton, Shrops. Sat. K. Faulkner (Trench Lock AC) 94-11-0; L. Martin (Telford) 54-0-8; T. Armitage (Telford) 38-10-8; J. Gretton (Hodnet AC) 24-14-8.

Flore & Brockhall AC Teams of Three Winter League, Round 3, Barby Banks, Barby, Warks. Sun. F. Johnson (The George) 7-7-0; R. Rawlins (Regulars) 5-12-0; B. Johnson (Regulars) 5-10-0. League: 1st Regulars; 2nd Nubold.

Frenzee/Spotted Fin Winter League, Final Round, Packington Somers Fisheries, Meriden, W. Mids. Sun., Molands Mere, Little Geary’s, Big Geary’s & Siblings A & B Pools. B. Byrd (Swann Baits) 77-10-0; J. Burchell (Packington) 71-4-0; L. Newton (Smithy’s) 68-10-0; J. Nicholls (Packington) 67-4-0; M. Haydock (Packington) 57-8-0; S. Daley (Ridgemere AC) 54-8-0. Final league: P. Canning (Frenzee) 11 (on weight) (£1,000); J. Burchell (Packington) 11 (£450) D. Lewis (Packington) 19 (£350); J. Adamson (Packington) 22 (£230); J. Newton (Smithy’s) 23 (£200); J. Shirley (Solihull Angling Centre) 25 (£150).

Golden Rod Feeder Championship 2019 Qualifier, Barston Lakes, Solihull, W. Mids. Sat. S. R. Taylor 28-15-0; K. Hall 28-5-0; P. Black (Garbolino) 21-8-0; R. Upex 18-2-0; J. Aldridge 18-0-0. Qualifiers: S.R. Taylor, J. Aldridge, R. Upex.

Hawkesbury Hall Farm, Bedworth, Warks. Sun., Match Pool. G. Merritt (Hawkesbury) 39-4-0; J. Kidd (Hawkesbury) 33-5-0; D. Lutwyche (Hawkesbury) 33-3-0.

Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, nr. Eccleshall, Staffs. Sat., Meadow & Bridge Pools & Match Lake. J. Chapman (Maver Gold Dynamite) 109-12-0; Sean Williamson (Edgeley Sports) 102-13-0; D. Lockett (Heronbrook) 89-14-0; G. Lees (Heronbrook) 87-4-0; Steve Williamson (Edgeley Sports) 86-3-0; S. Roberts (OAC) 83-4-0. Sat., Individual Winter League, Round 4, Meadow, Bridge & Canal Pools & Match Lake. D. Bracken (Nathan’s Youth) 141-4-0; A. Langton (Dynamite Baits) 114-8-0; M. Barwell (Maver Gold Dynamite) 94-12-0; A. Davies (Maver Gold Dynamite) 94-6-0; D. Johnson (Maver Gold Dynamite) 94-1-0; J. Chapman 89-4-0. League: A. King (Maver Gold Dynamite) 5; (Joint 2nd) A. Hulme (Maver Gold Dynamite) 6; C. O’Connor (Smith’s Bait & Tackle) 6; Sean Williamson (Edgeley Sports) 7; D. Bracken (Nathan’s Youth) 8.

Lane’s Bait & Tackle Feeder League, Round 2, Meadowlands Fisheries, Ryton-under-Dunsmore, Warks. Sun. W. Sharman 104-0-0; K. Mullen 73-10-0; S. Beard 54-9-0. League: W. Sharman 2 (on weight); K. Mullen 2; M. Wakelin 2.

Makins Fishery, Bramcote, Nuneaton, Warks. Wed., Nisa Feeders Open, Phase 1-Lake Four. A. Neale (Stratford Fishing & Outdoors) 54-13-0; D. Forrest (Raygill Angling) 52-13-0; J. Adamson (Nisa Feeders) 34-12-0. Thurs., Nisa Feeders Open, Phase 3-Thames & Avon Lakes. A. Searle (Leicester) 44-1-0; B. Greenbury (Drennan Leicester) 36-2-0; K. Knight (Makins Select) 28-8-0.

Monkhall Fisheries, Monkhopton, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Wed., Owl Pool. B. Stanford (Monkhall/MH Floats) 77-14-0; S. Lovell (Mosella UK/BD Floats) 74-6-0; P. Gregory (Swan Elite/MH Floats) 46-8-0. Sat., Hawk & Swallow Pools. A. Kyte (Middle Severn Angling) 92-13-0; D. Plummer (Fatty’s Bait & Tackle) 90-11-0; P. Ward (Mal Storey) 68-7-0. Sun., Winter League, Final Round, Lark, Hawk, Buzzard, Swallow & Owl Pools. A. Welding (Matrix Midlands) 129-4-0; D. Brown (Preston Innovations) 117-9-0; R. Knowles (Shakespeare Superteam/Bait-Tech) 99-8-0. Teams: Preston Innovations 14; Neva Eva 15; Mosella MGM 19. Teams overall: Preston Innovations 75; Neva Eva 93; Monkhall Red 100.

Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, nr. Kidderminster, Worcs. Tues., Meadow Pool.P. Mace (Autism B’ham) 52-10-0; K. Wright (Moorlands) 27-14-0; G. Reynolds (Moorlands) 26-8-0. Wed., Over 50’s Open, Meadow Pool. P. Bailey (Moorlands) 42-0-0; D. Highfield (Moorlands) 33-12-0; P. Mace (Autism B’ham) 30-6-0. Thurs., Costcutter, Silver Pool. M. Watson (DGL) 94-6-0; R. Clarke (Lazy Hill) 67-9-0; P. Bailey (Moorlands) 64-12-0. Sat., Meadow Pool. C. Hill (Mosella) 60-6-0; D. Kennedy (Moorlands) 57-3-0; A. Gethen (Moorlands) 55-1-0. Sun., Bank, Moors & Island Pools. M. Watson (DGL) 140-12-0; I. Mills (Robin’s Timber) 83-2-0; K. Roderick (Moorlands) 53-8-0.

Old Hough Fisheries, Middlewich, Ches. Sat., Goose, Big Max, Lucky Dip, Prospect & Lower Benbo Pools. A. Bridge (Garbolino Elton) 68-8-0; K. Gallagher (Garbolino Elton) 55-11-0; T. Cunliffe (St. Helens Ramblers) 47-7-0.

Osprey AC, Decoy Lakes, Whittlesey, Cambs. Sun. T. McGregor 90-0-0; C. Lawrence 81-0-0; H. Edwin 72-0-0.

Packington Somers Fisheries, Meriden, W. Mids. Wed., Solihull Angling Centre Open, Rover. L. Richards (Packington) 148-0-0; P. Mortimer (Smithy’s) 103-3-0; J. Newton (Smithy’s) 87-8-0. Sat., Open, Rover. P. Murray (Packington) 46-4-0; L. Richards (Packington) 45-14-0; L. Heaven (Greyhound AC) 45-13-0.

Parkes Hall AC, Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, nr. Kidderminster, Worcs. Sun., Meadow Pool. L. Harris (Parkes Hall AC) 42-14-0; J. Trevis (Parkes Hall AC) 18-2-0; L. Worton (Parkes Hall AC) 11-6-0.

Partridge Lakes, Warrington, Ches. Wed., Covey Lakes 5 & 6. A. Bennett 73-0-0; P. Jones 69-7-0; D. Shaw 69-2-0; M. Lucas 68-3-0; C. Weeder 49-15-0. Sat., Covey Lakes 5 & 6. B. Conroy 67-10-0; J. Nugent 61-3-0; P. Balmforth 57-10-0. Sun., Covey Lakes 1 to 6. A. Lamb 75-3-0; D. Rose 65-7-0; C. Mulholland 63-13-0; S. Mitchell 59-1-0; J. Conway 58-0-0; J. Nugent 56-13-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Mon., Beech, Hawthorn & Ash Pools. C. Wynn (Tri-Cast Weston) 84-4-0; E. Bancroft (Preston Innovations Boldings) 78-12-0; S. Owen (Monkhall) 62-10-0. Wed., Willows & Sycamore Pools. S. Aston (Swan AC) 52-14-0; C. Wynn (Tri-Cast Weston) 51-6-0; M. Stobbs (OAC) 40-2-0. Thurs., Oak & Chestnut Pools. D. Brown (Preston Innovations) 79-0-0; P. Hemming (Monkhall) 74-2-0; D. Mortlock (Preston Innovations Boldings) 71-5-0. Sat., Sycamore & Larch Pools. P. Hemming (Monkhall) 73-4-0; N. Spain (Total Angling) 67-5-0; M. Keene (Shrewsbury) 60-13-0. Sun., Chestnut & Sycamore Pools. C. Wozek (OAC) 71-11-0; C. Reynolds (Bilston Angling Centre) 60-14-0; P. Hemming (Monkhall) 48-4-0.

Preston Innovations Woodland View, Hadley, Worcs. Sat., Silver Fish Only Open, Front & Back Deans Pools. A. Powell (Lobby’s) 29-8-0; J. Walpole (Sensas Black Country) 28-8-0; S. Nickless (Sensas Black Country) 24-8-0. Sun., Pairs Winter League Final, Front & Back Deans, High & Arles Pools. M. Pettifer (Haines AC) 104-12-0; B. Ballard (Nomads) 71-0-0; S. Brown (Maver) 68-1-0; D. Grey (Peg One Angling) 64-4-0. Pairs overall: P. Bailey & C. Hopps 44; S. Brown & E. Bryant 49; O. Boswell & G. Clark 50; S. Tibbetts & T. Jones 50; S. Nickless & G. Kirkham 54.

Quarry Pool, Aston Eyre, Shrops. Sat. D. Cowburn (Sedgley) 85-6-0; S. Harris (Little Dawley AC) 82-1-0; C. Shurmer (Cresta) 69-14-0. Sun. C. Gibbons (Dudley Rod & Reel) 75-0-0; S. Richardson (Dot’em Down/Fatty’s Bait & Tackle) 61-1-0; B. Allett (JCB) 58-8-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery, Edwinstowe, Notts. Wed., Holmedale Lake. P. Carline (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 97-5-0; C. Graves (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 68-12-0; G. Eden (Mansfield AA) 50-6-0. Sun., Holmedale Lake. D. Higgins (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 47-12-0; I. Palfreman (Phil’s Bait & Tackle) 46-6-0; P. Carline (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 34-0-0.

Southend Farm Silvers Only Open, Waltham Abbey, Essex. Sat. S. George 25-8-0; S. Crowley 24-13-0; B. Reynolds 19-8-0.

Sykehouse Fisheries, Goole, S. Yorks. Sun., Match, Twin Isles & Stock Lakes. T. Coates 73-5-0; K. Lovell-Cotton 64-13-0; K. Orwin 63-10-0.

The Cunneries, Eccleston, Chorley, Lancs. Sat., S Canal & Hawk Pools. S. Ganderton (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 99-10-0; J. Howson 67-2-0; R. Trees (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 66-8-0.

The Oaks Silver Fish League, Final Round, Sessey, N. Yorks. Sat. A. Barker 48-13-0; T. Stevenson 42-3-0; P. Trattles 41-8-0. Final league: M. Calvert 5; K. Heptonstall 7 (on weight); R. Bennet 7.

Todber Manor, Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Sat., Hill View, Ash & Homeground Lakes. R. Lucas 138-4-0; M. Rogers 121-10-0; B. Robson 89-6-0. Silvers: A. Tomkins 31-2-0; G. Skabra 30-9-0; N. Bartlett 20-12-0.

Tring Old Codgers, Lakeside Fishery, Cublington, Leighton Buzzard, Beds. Tues., Top Lake. C. Bartlett Howard 8-1-0; M. Rodwell 5-7-0; P. Wood 4-11-0; S. Pavey 4-7-0; D. Frankland 2-9-0.

Warwick & Leamington Veterans, Dog Lane Fishery, Napton on the Hill, Southam, Warks. Wed., Willow Pool. G. Collett 42-0-0; A. ‘Method Man’ Cross 35-0-0; J. ‘Robbo’ Robinson 23-0-0.

Wassell Grove Fisheries, Hagley, Worcs. Sun., Match Lake. K. Williams (CDS/Wolverhampton) 16-3-0; M. Keen (Wassell Grove) 11-3-0; J. Bagley (Stevens Tackle) 10-13-0.

Weston Pools, Oswestry, Shrops. Sat., Open, Rover. J. Andrews (Independent) 151-6-0; D. Weale (Independent) 75-4-0; T. Davidson (Weston Pools) 73-0-0.

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