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Angling match results for week ending 17 June 2017

Angling match results brought to you by Steve Cope.

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Angling Trust Division 1 National Practise Match, Shropshire Union Canal, Coole Pilate (K Section), Ches. Sun. B. Krupnyckyj (Maver NW) 8-8-0; M. Derry (Sensas Black Country) 8-1-4; F. ‘the Bread’ Cheetham (Team Eclipse) 7-5-4; R. Guest (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 6-13-4; D. Shaw (Maver NW) 5-10-12; D. Williams (Browning Lifestyle) 5-6-0.

Barford Teams of Three Canal Spring League Final, Grand Union Canal, Knowle, W. Mids. Sat. P. Lewis (SPP) 10-0-1; N. Clayton (Browning Lifestyle) 9-8-0; B. Sharratt (Shakespeare Superteam/Bait-Tech) 8-14-14; C. Rice (Browning West Midlands Gold) 7-7-0; P. Millard (SPP) 6-8-10. Teams: SPP 9 (19-14-3); Browning Lifestyle 9 (16-15-12); Shakespeare Superteam/Bait-Tech 9; (Joint 4th) Matchbox 12; Browning West Midlands Gold 12. Final league: Shakespeare Superteam/Bait-Tech 39; Matchbox 47; Browning West Midlands Gold 48; Barford 49; Browning Lifestyle 51.

Bridgtown Social AC, Shropshire Union Canal, Mucky Lane, Wheaton Aston, Staffs. Sun. J. Parton (Bridgtown Social AC) 10-4-12; C. Tillet (Bridgtown Social AC) 6-11-0; R. Grosvenor (Bridgtown Social AC) 4-9-0.

Cashmores MG, Wyrley & Essington Canal, Fishley Section, Pelsall, Walsall, W. Mids. Sat. T. Beckett (Cashmores MG) 6-8-0; J. Taylor (Cashmores MG) 5-14-7; D. Jeffery (Cashmores MG) 5-5-0; C. Dean (Cashmores MG) 5-2-0; R. Cotterrell (Cashmores MG) 4-6-0.

DATS Evening Series, Grand Union Canal, New Inn Section, Daventry, Northants. Tues. E. Sattler 6-4-0; P. Keal 3-10-0; W. Robinson 2-15-0.

Goodyear AC, Staffordshire & Worcester Canal, Railway Section, Slade Heath, Coven, Staffs. Thurs PM. M. Bethell (Goodyear AC) 6-13-0; P. Turner (Goodyear AC) 6-0-0; B. Jones (Goodyear AC) 4-7-0.

Linford AC, Grand Union Canal, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Sun. M. Hefferon 4-9-0; R. Dorrill 2-12-0; S. Wilson 2-6-0.

Long Eaton Fed. Summer League, Round 1, Erewash Canal, Dockholme, Derbys. Sun. P. Madeley (Dams & Lock) 7-4-0; L. Ward (Matlock AC) 5-1-0; A. Chisholm (Shakespeare Superteam/Bait-Tech) 3-15-8; D. Mayo (Soldiers & Sailors AC) 3-15-0; J. Garner (Long Eaton Fed.) 3-11-0; D. Fowler (Matlock AC) 3-6-0.

Nene/Towcester AC, Grand Union Canal, Heyford, Northants. Sun. G. Martin 16-0-0; J. Balhatchett 9-8-0; L. Wallace 5-0-0.

Sportsman AC, Walsall Canal, Leabrook Road Section, Wednesbury, W. Mids. Sat. D. Anderson (ZLT Angling Products) 8-7-2; C. Taylor (Sportsman AC) 5-3-5; D. Arnold (Sportsman AC) 4-7-2.

Stoke City DAA Open, Shropshire Union Canal, Norbury Junction, Staffs. Sat. D. Sumner (Bilston Angling Centre) 8-0-0; P. Turner (Wolverhampton AA VDE) 7-12-12; B. Williams (Four Ashes AC) 6-7-13.

Ted Carter Lancaster Canal Match Series, Lancaster Canal, Dimples Lane (South) Section, Garstang, Lancs. Tues Eve. B. Thomas 5-3-0; A. Barnes 3-5-0; Mark Wilson 2-6-0; S. Wilson 2-2-0; Mick Wilson 1-11-0.

Thornhill AC Open, Calder & Hebble Canal, Dewsbury, W. Yorks. Sat. P. McMillan (Matrix Halifax) 6-10-0; M. Sharpe (Thornhill AC) 2-7-0; N. Storr (Matrix Halifax) 2-3-0; G. Makin (Thornhill AC) 1-12-0; (Joint 5th) T. Hoare (Thornhill AC) 1-2-0; R. Haigh (Thornhill AC) 1-2-0.

Wolverhampton Over 60’s Club Open, Shropshire Union Canal, Wheaton Aston, Staffs. Wed. A. Round (Browning Lifestyle) 10-11-3; C. Tillet (CT Paper Cannock) 8-9-7; M. Wood (Four Ashes AC) 5-10-4.


Blackfords Progressive Open, Kingswood Lake, Cannock, Staffs. Sat., Car Park Side. J. Burns (Blackfords) 28-2-0; K. Tipton (Sensas) 16-15-0; S. Preece (M&S Joinery) 12-14-0.

Festival Angling Dai Evans Memorial Match, Festival Lake, Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, Wales. Sat. D. O’Leary (Ebbw Vale) 22-2-0; M. Barrell (Newport AC) 14-4-0; I. Swanson (Milo) 14-3-0; P. White (Festival Angling) 12-8-0.

Goodyear AC, Dan’s Pool, Featherstone, nr. Wolverhampton, S. Staffs. Sun. J. Taylor (Goodyear AC) 50-6-0; J.J. Gallagher (Goodyear AC) 43-0-0; J. Instone (Goodyear AC) 36-4-0.

Milton Keynes Vets, Bradwell Lake, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Wed. P. Hamilton 64-14-0; M. Sutton 20-2-0; K. Osborne 13-14-0.

Wakefield AC, The Fleets Dam, Barnsley, W. Yorks. Sun. M. Chapman 35-5-0; G. Hampshire 33-12-0; S. Rhodes 33-2-0.

Wakefield AC Vets, Flanshaw Dam, Wakefield, W. Yorks. Wed. B. Reah 11-2-0; R. Reah 9-0-0; M. Chapman 8-6-0.

Canal & River Trust Stillwaters

Angling Trust & Canal & River Trust Stillwater Championships, Round 1, Boddington Reservoir, nr. Byfield, Northants. Sat. L. Neale 60K 400g; A. Jupp 52K 900g; K. McMahon 47K 640g; M. Slater 47K 090g; L. Jepson 41K 580g; P. Wood 37K 440g. Qualifiers: C. Hulley; J. Price; D. Perry; P. McMahon; L. Neale; L. Jepson; M. Slater; P. Wood; A. Jupp; K. McMahon.

Earlswood Lakes, Solihull, W. Mids. Sat., Carp Only Open, Engine Pool. M. Downey (Earlswood) 114-0-0; T. Chattersworth (Earlswood) 62-0-0; N. Franklin (Earlswood) 61-0-0. Sat., Silvers Only Open, Engine & Windmill Pools. P. Downes (Kamasan Starlets) 31-0-0; M. Bissett (B’ham) 28-0-0; D. Doyle (Earlswood) 26-0-0.

Stillwaters & Canals

Hodnet AC Three Day Festival, Fri., Day One, Preeswood Pool, Hodnet, Shrops. J. McCann (Hodnet AC) 22-6-0; I. Watson (Hodnet AC) 19-2-0; R. Cooper (Hodnet AC) 18-6-0. Sat., Day Two, Ryley’s Pool, Hodnet, Shrops. T. Blyde (Hodnet AC) 22-9-0; P. Burrell (Hodnet AC) 13-7-0; D. Yale (Hodnet AC) 12-12-0. Sun., Day Three, Shropshire Union Canal, Betton, Shrops. P. Burrell (Hodnet AC) 19-12-0; C. Roberts (Hodnet AC) 12-4-0; B. Parrish (Hodnet AC) 9-2-0. Festival Overall: P. Burrell (Hodnet AC) 4; C. Roberts (Hodnet AC) 7; T. Blyde (Hodnet AC) 8; I. Watson (Hodnet AC) 9; R. Cooper (Hodnet AC) 10.


Alders Farm, Gt. Brickhill, Bucks. Sun. D. Smith 211-0-0; T. Price 197-0-0; J. Beesley 189-0-0.

Bonehill Mill Fisheries, Fazeley, Tamworth, Staffs. Sat., Dale’s Pool. D. Jackson (Miracle Baits) 119-2-0; S. Conway (Commercial Indications) 89-15-0; C. Downs (Shakespeare Superteam/Bait-Tech) 77-8-0. Sun., Dale’s Pool. M. Powell (Cresta) 209-0-0; D. Bayliss (Commercial Indications) 141-7-0; M. Hammond (Bonehill Mill) 136-0-0.

Castle Ashby, Grendon, Northants. Sun., Grendon Pool. R. Dunkley 38-8-0; M. Morgan 27-12-0; B. Reid 25-14-0.

Drennan Manor Farm Leisure, Harvington, Evesham, Worcs. Wed., Island Pool. S. Wallace (Minor AC) 115-8-0; P. Smith (Throckmorton AC) 78-12-0; R. Merry (MFL) 67-8-0. Thurs., Affordable, Island Pool. P. Hurl (Oxford) 93-8-0; T. Hunt (Evesham Jubilee) 82-14-0; O. Robinson (Custom Tied Hooks) 67-4-0. Sat., Ash Pool. S. Rhodes (Clampits) 92-0-0; G. Watts (MFL) 71-10-0; G. Whyman (Team Fattys) 67-4-0. Sun., Middle Pool. N. McKinnon (Preston Innovations) 62-8-0; S. Rhodes (Clampits) 58-0-0; J. Barnard (MFL) 52-14-0.

Finedon AC, Shearsby Valley Lakes, Lutterworth, Leics. Sun. D. Harvey 46-0-0; J. Binder 44-0-0; B. Boyne 25-0-0.

Flore & Brockhall AC, Hillview Lakes, Tewksbury, Gloucs. Sun. R Rawlins 26-0-0; D. Westley 18-0-0; J. Tanser 17-0-0.

Furnace Mill Fishery, Bewdley, Worcs. Sun AM., Furnace Pool. D. Sheldon (Foster’s) 110-1-0; B. Whitley (JMR Tackle) 74-12-0; S. Harris (JMR Tackle) 56-2-0. Sun PM., Mucky Meadow Pool. J. Newton (Furnace Mill) 129-13-0; K. Johnson (Johnson Dry Wall) 100-10-0; P. Evans (Furnace Mill) 62-4-0.

Glebe AC, Peatling Pools, Peatling Parva, Leics. Sun. D. Jones 65-14-0; P. Latter 63-11-0; D. Haddon 61-12-0.

Hawkesbury Hall Farm, Bedworth, Warks. Sun., Match Pool. A. Findlay (Preston Innovations/Sonubaits) 106-3-0; J. Kidd (Hawkesbury) 82-11-0; R. E. Grant (Hawkesbury) 76-3-0.

Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, nr. Eccleshall, Staffs. Sat., Canal & Bridge Pools. J. Chapman (Maver Gold Dynamite) 181-12-0; D. Childs (Rugeley) 171-12-0; (Joint 3rd) G. Page (Heronbrook) 163-8-0; A. Davies (Maver Gold Dynamite) 163-8-0; S. Slocket (Preston) 154-7-0; D. Bracken (Garbolino) 147-12-0. Sun., Match Lake, Meadow & Bridge Pools. S. Williamson (Edgeley Sports) 200-12-0; D. Deakin (Stafford) 172-4-0; D. Bracken (Garbolino) 161-6-0; E. Warren (Preston Innovations) 154-10-0; R. Pelling (Browning) 152-7-0; R. Griffiths (Preston Innovations) 146-6-0.

Mill Lane AC, Toft Farm Fishery, Kites Hardwick, Rugby, Warks. Sun. K. McIllhinney 105-11-0; S. Johnson 91-13-0; A. Froggatt 66-8-0.

Monkhall Fisheries, Monkhopton, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Wed., Owl Pool. M. Churchill (Mark’s Home Improvements) 90-4-0; S. Owen (Monkhall) 89-0-0; G. Steele (WAC) 88-12-0. Sat., Hawk Pool. N. Spain (ABC) 132-15-0; M. Davidson (Monkhall/OAC) 122-2-0; J. Hall (Middy/Bag’em) 107-12-0. Sun., Hawk Pool. C. Jones (Monkhall) 109-9-0; K. Hayes (Monkhall) 90-4-0; M. Davidson (Monkhall/OAC) 85-9-0.

Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, nr. Kidderminster, Worcs. Tues., Costcutter, Rover. J. Bagley (Steven’s Tackle) 73-0-0; K. Wright (Moorlands) 69-7-0; J. Hodge (DHA) 56-12-0. Wed., Over 50’s Open, Silver Pool. B. Tandy (DHA) 109-3-0; T. Stead (WMP Maver) 108-8-0; R. Clarke (Moorlands) 94-9-0. Thurs., Costcutter, Bank & Island Pools. K. Roderick (DHA) 83-1-0; K. Sherriff (Water’s Edge) 64-13-0; K. Nock (KN Floats) 60-6-0. Fri PM., Meadow Pool. S. Wright (Moorlands) 130-1-0; D. Pritchard (DHA) 107-8-0; P. Hodge (DHA) 100-8-0. Sat., Bank, Moors & Island Pools. B. Jones (ABC) 110-9-0; P. Mace (Autism B’ham) 109-13-0; A. Gethen (Steven’s Tackle) 106-15-0. Sun., Meadow Pool. D. Tandy (Alvechurch/Bait-Tech) 109-14-0; C. Pace (CPA) 106-15-0; A. Morrison (Fisherman’s Friend) 102-10-0.

Osprey AC, Lakeside Fishery, Duncote, Northants. Sun. C. Lovelock 148-0-0; E. Blane 107-0-0; R. Napper 69-0-0.

Packington Somers Fisheries, Meriden, W. Mids. Wed., Solihull Angling Centre Open, Molands Mere Pool. D. Tresigne (Packington) 185-3-0; L. Richards (Packington) 144-3-0; J. Burchell (Packington) 118-2-0. Sat., Big Geary’s Pool. S. Bellion (Packington) 84-0-0; D. Gabbsey (Packington) 67-9-0; L. Richards (Packington) 57-0-0. Sun., Molands Mere Pool. M. Higgott (Team Makins) 128-11-0; R. Savage (Lane’s Bait & Tackle) 98-2-0; G. Merritt (Mill Pool) 80-10-0; J. Shirley (Packington) 80-6-0.

Parkes Hall AC, Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sun., Beech Pool. J. Trevis (Parkes’ Hall AC) 26-13-0; C. Jeavons (Parkes’ Hall AC) 24-14-0; S. Worton (Parkes’ Hall AC) 18-3-0.

Poole Hall Fisheries, Alveley, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sun., Heron Pool. R. Duke (Middle Severn Angling) 84-0-0; S. Burrows (Poole Hall) 74-12-0; B. Ashking (Poole Hall) 66-4-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Mon., Oak Pool. E. Bancroft (Rod & Gun) 143-6-0; M. Edgerton (OAC) 115-3-0; D. Cole (Bronx) 90-0-0. Wed., Fish ‘O’ Mania Qualifier, All Pools. C. Weeder (Maver NW) 132-2-0; A. May (MAP) 122-1-0; S. Christian (Preston Innovations Boldings) 114-6-0. Qualifier: C. Weeder (Maver NW). Thurs., Chestnut & Sycamore Pools. E. Bancroft (Rod & Gun) 144-4-0; B. Baker (Wolverhampton) 140-6-0; S. Owen (Monkhall) 117-15-0. Sun., Ash, Larch & Willows Pools. A. Kyte (Middle Severn Angling) 175-1-0; A. Williams (Vespe) 129-3-0; D. Brown (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 120-4-0.

Preston Innovations Woodland View, Hadley, Worcs. Tues., Ghost Pool. L. Cole (Bilston Angling Centre) 288-4-0; A. Stone (Woodlands) 111-5-0; P. James (Peg One Angling) 95-4-0. Wed., Northfield AC, Front & Back Deans Pools. J. Pendrey (Northfield AC) 178-13-0; B. Learner (Northfield AC) 120-2-0; L. Cole (Northfield AC) 113-9-0. Wed PM., Ghost Pool. C. Sender (Alan’s Tackle, Worcs) 178-1-0; L. Cole (Bilston Angling Centre) 156-4-0; S. Ford (DGL) 108-12-0. Sat., Nealley's Fusion Charity Match, Front & Back Deans & Arles Pools. T. Homer (Steven’s Tackle) 132-14-0; J. May Jnr. (Bilston Angling Centre) 124-2-0; P. Rutter (Peg One Angling) 117-8-0. (£1,300 was raised for the charity).

Quarry Pool, Aston Eyre, Shrops. Thurs PM. T. Edwards (Swan Elite) 128-8-0; T. Crann (Quarry Pool) 100-14-0; T. Slater (Greenman AC) 92-10-0. Sat., The Mount AC. P. Moore (The Mount AC) 56-0-0; K. Gayden (The Mount AC) 53-0-0; D. Gayden (The Mount AC) 50-0-0. Sun AM., Chubb AC. I. Ross (Chubb AC) 75-14-0; M. Jackson (Chubb AC) 71-10-0; J. Watkins (Chubb AC) 67-0-0. Sun PM. S. Harris (Little Dawley) 132-8-0; N. ‘Tyson’ Park (Little Dawley) 111-14-0; J. Stokes (Maver Midlands Aid) 105-4-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery, Edwinstowe, Notts. Tues., Sherwood Lake. F. Bispham (Peg One Angling) 132-1-0; A. Lakey (Worksop Angling Supplies) 39-1-0; C. Brazier (Gateford Angling Supplies) 34-14-0. Wed., Holmedale Lake. S. Grey (Gateford Angling Supplies) 111-13-0; P. Ellis (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 106-5-0; N. Shipman (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 106-1-0.

Sports & Social AC, Waterloo Farm Fisheries, Market Harborough, Leics. Sun. T. Granfield 158-0-0; J. Broadbent 125-0-0; N. Wooding 107-0-0.

Towcester Vets, Bishops Bowl Fisheries, Bishops Itchington, Leamington Spa, Warks. Wed. J. Balhatchett 73-12-0; G. Martin 50-8-0; T. Saunders 32-8-0.

Townsend Lakes Fishery, Upwell, Cambs. Sun., Cuckoo Canal. A. Owen 146-12-0; M. Pollard 136-6-0; M. Shelldrake 98-0-0.

Wassell Grove Fisheries, Hagley, Worcs. Fri., Match pool. L. Haldron (Sensas Strike) 86-8-0; G. Clarke (Sensas Strike) 47-8-0; A. Green (Wassell Grove) 31-6-0; B. Buckley (Sportsman AA) 29-15-0.

Weston Pools, Oswestry, Shrops. Mon., Kelloggs Open, Belvedere Pool. M. Philbin (Tri-Cast Weston Pools) 206-12-0; T. Mathias (Weston Pools) 105-14-0; T. Evans (Weston Pools) 78-8-0. Tues., Open, Rover. A. Amos (Drennan NW) 169-10-0; J. Andrews (Weston Pools) 153-6-0; M. Philbin (Tri-Cast Weston Pools) 138-10-0. Wed., Over 50’s Over, Weir & Stretton Pools. T. Dean (Weston Pools) 80-6-0; P. Weaver (Weston Pools) 80-4-0; I. Simpson (Mosella NW/Dynamite Baits) 75-0-0. Thurs., Weston Pools Vets, Canal Pool. M. Kitson (Weston Pools) 66-4-0; P. Newton (Weston Pools) 48-0-0; M. Ellis (Weston Pools) 46-2-0. Fri., Over 50’s Open, Rover. P. Roberts (Weston Pools) 136-14-0; T. Davidson (Weston Pools) 120-6-0; R. Bleaze (Weston Pools) 84-6-0. Sat., Frenzee Saturday Grand Open, Canal, Stretton & Belvedere Pools. C. McCormack (Partridge Lakes) 150-0-0; C. Parry (Tri-Cast Weston Pools) 131-0-0; D. Myers (Frenzee) 120-3-0. Sun., Stretton & Weir Pools. D. White (Weston Pools) 122-7-0; S. Parker (Black Country Misfits) 120-5-0; G. Cochrane (Tri-Cast Weston Pools) 110-2-0.

White Hart Flore AC, Barby Banks Fishery, Barby, Warks. Sun. A. Sibley 91-0-0; G. Muddiman 83-0-0; T. Buck 66-0-0.

White Hart Flore AC Vets, Barby Banks Fishery, Barby, Warks. Wed., Spring Pool. Trevor Griffiths 59-8-0; Tom Griffiths 26-12-0; G. Tilson 19-0-0.

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