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Angling match results for week ending 13 May 2017

Angling match results brought to you by Steve Cope.

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Bridgtown Social AC, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Cross Keys Section, Penkridge, Staffs. Sun. J. Edmunds (Bridgtown Social AC) 8-14-0; J. Parton (Bridgtown Social AC) 8-0-14; P. ‘Fizza’ Blakemore (Bridgtown Social AC) 6-2-0.

Cashmores MG, Wyrley & Essington Canal, Fishley, Walsall, W. Mids. Sat. P. Jeffery (Cashmores MG) 10-9-0; C. Dickson (Cashmores MG) 7-14-0; R. Cotterell (Cashmores MG) 5-9-0.

Crewe & District MG Open, Trent & Mersey Canal, The Rookery Bridge Section, Middlewich, Ches. Sun. S. Preece (Crewe Match) 7-10-0; J. Andrews (Colmic NW) 6-15-8; M. ‘Sticky’ Wilton (Angling Trust) 5-15-8.

Goodyear AC, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Golf Course Section, Coven, Staffs. Thurs PM. R. Grosvenor (Goodyear AC) 7-9-0; N. Turner (Goodyear AC) 5-13-0; D. Smith (Goodyear AC) 4-14-10.

Izaak Walton (Stafford) AA Opens, Trent & Mersey Canal, Hoo Mill, Stafford, Staffs. Sat. D. Holbrook (Four Ashes AC) 17-11-0; P. Dobing (Browning Lifestyle) 12-10-0; P. Turner (Wolverhampton AA VDE) 8-9-0; K. Hulland (Team Eclipse) 7-2-0. Sun., Trent & Mersey Canal, Fruit Farm Section, Gt. Haywood, Staffs. T. Blyde (Four Ashes AC) 8-11-6; B. Leatherbarrow (Browning Lifestyle) 6-13-0; P. Turner (Wolverhampton AA VDE) 6-11-4; N. Turner (Wolverhampton AA VDE) 5-14-3.

Kings Arms AC, Grand Union Canal, Manor Fields, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Sun. S. Cable 4-15-0; A. Bunnage 4-12-0; A. Ricky 2-7-0.

Milton Keynes Canal Spring League, Round 2, Grand Union Canal, Mill Road to Simpson, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Sun. S. Merry (Tackle & Bates) 10-14-0; P. Chapman (End Pegs) 10-1-0; T. Salzinski (Drennan Oxford) 9-1-0. Teams: (Joint 1st) End Pegs 12; Preston Innovations Black Horse 12; Drennan Oxford 13. League: Preston Innovations Black Horse 27; End Pegs 43; Drennan Oxford 44.

Sportsman AC Open, Walsall Canal, Metro Bridge Section, Wednesbury, W. Mids. Sat. K. Legg (Droitwich) 6-5-1; C. Taylor (Sportsman AC) 5-1-9; D. Arnold (Sportsman AC) 3-1-12.

Tavern Otters Eastern Enfield AS, Grand Union Canal, Sections 10a & 10b, Slapton, Bucks. Sun. A. Mills 7-1-0; M. Barbet 1-11-0; G. Iontton 1-3-0.

Thornhill AC Open, Calder & Hebble Canal, Dewsbury, W. Yorks. Sat. K. Ackroyd (Mosella Selby) 13-0-0; J. Needham (Pudsey Angling) 5-12-0; K. Marshall (Tri-Cast Calder) 2-14-0; S. Parkinson (Thornhill AC) 2-3-0; G. Makin (Thornhill AC) 1-14-0; J. Sedgwick (Tri-Cast Calder) 1-10-0.

Wolverhampton Over 60’s Club Open, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Chubbs’ Water, Ball Lane, Coven, Staffs. Wed. R. Grosvenor (Bridgtown Social AC) 3-14-6; B. Boothby (Bridgtown Social AC) 3-5-0; B. Simmill (Bilston Angling Centre) 3-1-6.

Canal & River Trust Stillwaters

Earlswood Lakes Silver Fish Only Opens, Earlswood, Solihull, W. Mids. Sat., Windmill Pool. J. Snelson (Earlswood) 32-0-0; M. Blisettes (Earlswood) 22-0-0; C. Hobbs (Earlswood) 8-12-0; B. Cheese (Earlswood) 7-9-0. Sun., Windmill Pool. C. Hill (Earlswood) 36-0-0; K. Tipton (Sensas) 28-5-0; D. Ashington (Kamasan Starlets) 28-2-0; P. Bennett (Earlswood) 23-0-0.


Blackfords Progressive Monthly Open, Calf Heath Reservoir, Calf Heath, nr. Gailey, Staffs. Sat. J. Burns (Blackfords) 14-4-0; T. Kettle (Manchester) 12-0-0; K. Walter (Blackfords) 9-14-0.

Bridgnorth British Legion AS, Hoccum Pool, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sun. J. Morris (Coseley) 37-1-0; A. Richards (Coseley) 19-8-0; C. Holmes (Middle Severn Angling) 15-2-0; D. Winwood (Bridgnorth AS) 14-1-0.

Castle AC Spring League, Canons, Northants. Sun. J. Rice 21-13-0; B. Spencer 19-14-0; G. Lewis 9-12-0.

Festival Angling, Festival Park Lake, Ebbw Vale, Gwent, Wales. Sat. C. West (Festival AC) 12-7-0; D. O'Leary (Ebbw Vale) 6-8-0; A. Dempsey (Ebbw Vale) 6-1-0; P. Wight (Festival AC) 6-0-0.

Hodnet AC, Preeswood Pool, Hodnet, Shrops. Thurs. T. Gollins (Hodnet AC) 56-9-0; B. Peake (Hodnet AC) 23-2-0; D. Davies (Hodnet AC) 12-13-0. Sun., Hammersley Spring Pools, Ashley, nr. Loggerheads, Staffs. Top Pool. N. Cooper (Hodnet AC) 2-15-0; A. Reardon (Hodnet AC) 0-12-0; R. Cooper (Hodnet AC) 0-4-0.

Rough Hay AC, Greenhills Farm, Grimley, Worcs. Sat., New Pool. P. Humpage (Rough Hay AC) 43-8-0; J. Parker (Rough Hay AC) 38-1-0; K. Holbrook (Rough Hay AC) 34-9-0.

Towcester AC, Wappenham Water (Silver Lake), Brookside, Northants. Sun. M. Goodridge 18-12-0 (one carp); G. Green 14-4-0; K. Nightingale 10-2-0.


Abington AC, Castle Ashby, Grendon, Northants. Sun., Brickyard Pool. N. Westbrook 13-1-0; A. Weatherley 9-7-0; R. Coleman 6-7-0.

Beechdale AC, Curborough Fisheries, Lichfield, Staffs. Sun. T. Bird (Beechdale AC) 60-12-0; L. Mellor (Beechdale AC) 56-6-0; A. Sargent (Beechdale AC) 54-0-0.

Castle Ashby, Grendon, Northants. Wed., Brickyard Pool. M. Hewlett 22-8-0; C. Hewlett 18-12-0; M. Boddilly 16-14-0. Sat., Brickyard Pool. M. Boddilly 31-12-0; D. Driver 28-8-0; C. Garratt 24-8-0. Sun., Grendon Pool. B. Reed 35-12-0; M. Hewlett 22-14-0; C. Garratt 20-6-0.

Cudmore Fisheries, Whitmore, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffs. Wed., Panama Canal. A. Dyson (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 159-6-0; S. Brown (Heronbrook) 128-9-0; M. Capewell (Browning Lifestyle) 119-6-0. Sat., Arena Pool & Moors Canal. P. Williamson (Browning Lifestyle) 53-10-0; J. J. Glover (Nathan’s of Burslem) 47-4-0; A. Everill (Browning Lifestyle) 44-2-0. Sun., Suez & Moors Canals. M. Kearns (Browning Lifestyle) 88-10-0; P. Williamson (Browning Lifestyle) 75-6-0; M. Kearns (Chessy Boys) 49-8-0.

Drennan Manor Farm Leisure, Harvington, Evesham, Worcs. Wed., Island & Middle Pools. F. Donachie (Colmic) 106-14-0; T. Chalk (Sensas Smithy’s) 94-14-0; P. Smith (Throckmorton AC) 85-12-0. Thurs., Affordable, Island Pool. B. McCaulay (Droitwich) 87-12-0; L. Blundell (Sensas Smithy’s) 83-12-0; P. Smith (Throckmorton AC) 73-8-0. Sat., Island & Middle Pools. S. Ford (Daiwa/Old Ghost) 102-2-0; L. Wainwright (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 101-15-0; D. Wilson (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 89-0-0. Sun., Island, Ash, Boundary & Middle Pools. L. Dennick (Colmic) 98-12-0; J. Wellington (Permali) 91-8-0; G. Phipps (MFL) 82-14-0.

Elmbridge Fisheries, Droitwich, Worcs. Thurs., Heron Pool. R. Fox (Hasbury AC) 82-0-0; R. Pickering (Hasbury AC) 68-0-0; K. Roderick (Moorlands) 58-0-0. Sat., Heron Pool. R. Lamb (Elmbridge) 114-0-0; J. Pulley (Elmbridge) 69-8-0; C. Hyde (Quarry Pool) 67-3-0. Sun., Peacock Pool. J. Greenaway (Fiery Holes AC) 71-0-0; C. Caney (Steven’s Tackle) 57-5-0; J. Pulley (Elmbridge) 40-3-0.

Finedon AC, Waterloo Farm, Market Harborough, Leics. Sun. S. Amos 50-5-0; P. Lafflin 44-3-0; B. Boyne 39-6-0.

Flore & Brockhall AC, Barby Mill Fishery, Rugby, Warks. Sun. B. Johnson 32-0-0; S. Smith 23-0-0; F. Johnson 20-0-0.

Forty Four Club AS, Solhampton Fishery, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcs. Sun., Badger Pool. J. Woodcock (Forty Four Club AS) 77-0-0; J. Marsh (Forty Four Club AS) 70-8-0; D. Baker (Forty Four Club AS) 55-0-0; A. Frazer (Forty Four Club AS) 38-8-0.

Furnace Mill Fishery, Bewdley, Worcs. Sun., Mucky Meadow & Furnace Pools. B. Whitley (JMR Tackle) 152-10-0; P. Waters (Birchley) 104-8-0; P. Evans (Furnace Mill) 101-8-0.

Gillingham AA Open, Whitepost Lakes, Todber Manor, Sturminster Newton, Dorset, Sun., Hill View Lake. S. Nadin (Garbolino Blackmore Vale) 121-0-0; J. Stamp (Gillingham AA) 100-2-0; B. Dukes (Garbolino Blackmore Vale) 95-4-0; M. Gollins (Sensas Garbolino Blackmore Vale) 74-4-0; R. Fripp (Gillingham AA) 64-6-0; M. Hunt (Gillingham AA) 53-4-0. Silvers: J. Candy (Todber Manor) 41-4-0; S. Hebditch (Sensas Garbolino Blackmore Vale) 38-0-0.

Glebe AC, Toft Farm Fishery, Kites Hardwick, Warks. Sun. D. Haddon 67-3-0; R. Lay Jnr. 45-8-0; D. Jones 44-4-0.

Goodyear AC, Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, nr. Kidderminster, Worcs. Sun., Bank Pool. J.J. Gallagher (Goodyear AC) 46-6-0; J. Taylor (Goodyear AC) 45-6-0; S. Thomson (Goodyear AC) 44-10-0.

Hawkesbury Hall Farm, Bedworth, Warks. Sun. B. Palmer (Hawkesbury) 51-7-0; D. Lanni (Hawkesbury) 42-9-0; J. Kidd (Hawkesbury) 40-0-0.

Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, nr. Eccleshall, Staffs. Sat., Match Anglers Matches Qualifier, Match, Meadow Canal, Bridge & New Canal Pools & Match Lake. C. Telling (Colmic) 183-3-0; M. Halliwell (Liverpool) 159-2-0; P. Truman (Rugeley) 157-5-0; S. Openshaw (Lingmere) 149-13-0; A. Hulme (Maver Gold Dynamite) 144-14-0; P. Ashdown (The Wirral) 144-2-0. (18 section winners qualify for the final). Sun., Canal, Match & New Canal Pools & Match Lake. M. Parkin (Kamasan Starlets) 167-14-0; C. Shelley (Ultimate Pellet) 128-0-0; J. Stone (Woodlands) 116-4-0; P. Haynes (Ultimate Pellet) 104-15-0; E. Brown (Izaak Walton Leigh) 100-12-0; M. Barwell (Maver Gold Dynamite) 96-5-0.

Hosticks Open, Woodmansey, Yorks. Sat., Kingfisher Lake. C. Boyce 100-4-0; B. Lawson 76-6-0; R. Halls 68-0-0.

Mill Pool Open, Rugby, Warks. Sun. S. Wright 12-6-0; P. Chapman 9-8-0; M. Phillips 8-2-0.

Milton Keynes Vets, Gt. Linford Lakes, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Wed. E. Sattler 24-7-0; T. Richardson 19-12-0; (Joint 3rd) P. Hamilton 8-0-0; S. Dzialak 8-0-0.

Monkhall Fisheries, Monkhopton, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Tues., Pete Sawes & Dave Richards Memorial Match, Swallow, Owl, Lark & Hawk Pools. J. Hall (Middy/Bag’em) 101-4-0; S. Nicholson (Alan’s Tackle) 95-8-0; M. Broadbent (Alan’s Tackle) 91-10-0. Wed., Swallow Pool. P. Evans (Monkhall) 99-3-0; S. Owen (Monkhall) 82-0-0; B. Stanford (Monkhall/MH Floats) 81-2-0. Sat., Hawk Pool. A. Rowbottom (ABC) 141-6-0; J. Hall (Middy/Bag’em) 135-15-0; S. Arnold (Alan’s Tackle) 83-0-0. Sun., Hawk Pool. B. Stanford (Monkhall/MH Floats) 128-13-0; J. Hall (Middy/Bag Em’) 122-1-0; A. Welding (Sensas Strike) 103-2-0.

Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, nr. Kidderminster, Worcs. Bank Holiday Mon., Bank, Moors & Island Pools. A. Morrison (Fisherman’s Friend) 136-2-0; D. White (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 116-13-0; C. Hill (Mosella) 104-5-0. Tues., Costcutter, Meadow Pool. J. Bagley (Steven’s Tackle) 65-11-0; T. Stead (WMP Maver) 53-4-0; R. Hinton (Moorlands) 49-8-0. Wed., Over 50’s Open, Silver Pool. B. Tandy (Moorlands) 179-13-0; M. Watson (DGL) 133-10-0; P. Bailey (Moorlands) 113-7-0. Thurs., Costcuter, Bank & Moors Pools. B. Jones (Maver) 141-15-0; S. Julian (Moorlands) 101-5-0; D.J. Williams (Halesowen RBL) 63-11-0. Fri PM., Meadow Pool. D. Bowater (Moorlands) 143-5-0; L. Boden (Central Trains) 79-14-0; D. Pritchard (Moorlands) 75-2-0. Sat., Bank, Moors & Island Pools. N. Groves (Foster’s) 109-0-0; P. Rice (Mosella) 88-1-0; B. Jones (Maver) 85-13-0. Sun., Silver Pool. T. Homer (Moorlands) 132-13-0; R. Kings (Mosella) 129-14-0; P. Rice (Mosella) 119-8-0.

Osprey AC, Lakeside Fishery, Duncote, Northants. Sun. M. Gould 59-0-0; I. Beale 51-0-0; A. Hodgson 27-0-0.

Packington Somers Fisheries, Meriden, W. Mids. Wed., Solihull Angling Centre Open, Molands Mere Pool. D. Wooding (Solihull Angling Centre) 135-0-0; J. Burchell (Packington) 133-2-0; S. Edwards (Packington) 103-14-0. Sat., Molands Mere Pool. K. Fowell (Drennan) 81-2-0; J. Newton (Smithy’s) 49-15-0; I. Keywood (Solihull Angling Centre) 44-0-0. Sun., Little Geary’s Pool. M. Wood (Packington) 50-0-0; J. Shirley (Solihull Angling Centre) 49-9-0; S. Young (Packington) 39-10-0.

Parkes’ Hall AC, Tunnel Barn Farm, Shrewley, Warks. Sun. C. Jeavons (Parkes’ Hall AC) 23-8-0; L. Worton (Parkes’ Hall AC) 18-5-0; R. Warmer (Parkes’ Hall AC) 16-10-0.

Poole Hall Fisheries, Alveley, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sun., Kingfisher Pool. S. Burrows (Poole Hall) 35-4-0; T. Mills (Poole Hall) 27-4-0; N. Bamford (Poole Hall) 12-0-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Bank Holiday Mon., Sycamore Pool. J. Langford (Preston Innovations Boldings) 104-3-0; A. Williams (Vespe) 89-15-0; D. Pritchard (Preston Innovations Boldings) 81-7-0. Wed., Ash & Beech Pools. D. Brown (Dynamite Maver Midlands) 167-14-0; D. Doughty (Woodend) 100-12-0; S. Aston (Swan AC) 85-13-0. Thurs., Willows & Sycamore Pools. M. Edgerton (OAC) 107-15-0; M. Davidson (Monkhall/OAC) 90-15-0; S. Owen (Monkhall) 75-4-0. Sat., Sycamore & Chestnut Pools. I. Kull (Chestnut Tree AC) 131-7-0; J. O’Sullivan (OAC) 97-5-0; M. Davidson (Monkhall/OAC) 89-2-0. Sun., Hawthorn & Sycamore Pools. G. Emlyn (OAC) 90-2-0; S. Roberts (OAC) 84-10-0; G. Roberts (Preston Innovations Boldings) 83-0-0.

Preston Innovations Woodland View, Hadley, Worcs. Bank Holiday Mon., Front & Back Deans Pools. A. Pollard (DGL) 99-8-0; J. Newton (Smithy’s) 76-10-0; A. Powell (Gloucester) 67-14-0. Sat., Back Deans Pool. J. May Jnr. (Bilston Angling Centre) 135-0-0; G. Kirkham (Mosella) 88-0-0; T. Guise (Mosella) 72-4-0. Sun., Front Deans Pool. K. Slade (Bilston Angling Centre) 93-12-0; A. Pollard (DGL) 84-4-0; C. Robson (Chicken Joe’s) 67-12-0.

Quarry Pool, Aston Eyre, Shrops. Sun AM., Greenman AC. C. Stevens (Greenman AC) 104-14-0; C. Newton (Greenman AC) 88-4-0; D. Painter (Greenman AC) 82-1-0. Sun PM., Open. S. Healey (Little Dawley) 180-10-0; N. ‘Tyson’ Park (Little Dawley) 165-12-0; C. Hamer (Little Dawley) 108-12-0.

Royal Oak AC, Packington Somers Fisheries, Meriden, W. Mids. Sun. G. Merritt 81-4-0; C. Skyrme 33-12-0; W. Sharman 31-10-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery, Edwinstowe, Notts. Bank Holiday Mon., Holmedale Lake. M. Langton (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 95-15-0; J. Elliott (Old Whittington) 95-6-0; J. Paling (England Juniors) 90-15-0. Tues., Sherwood Lake. D. Staley (Woodhouse Angling Centre) 51-7-0; K. Ryder (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 49-0-0; S. Richards (Woodhouse Angling Centre) 42-11-0. Wed., Holmedale Lake. D. Staley (Woodhouse Angling Centre) 137-6-0; G. Mawby (Gateford Angling Supplies) 97-1-0; C. Brazier (Gateford Angling Supplies) 92-15-0. Sun., Holmedale Lake. R. Evans (Woodhouse Angling Centre) 66-4-0; M. Lilliman (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 61-14-0; J. White (Woodhouse Angling Centre) 57-0-0.

Wassell Grove Fisheries, Hagley, Worcs. Wed., Affordable, Match Pool. A. Newton (Smithy’s) 49-10-0; M. Davison (Wassell Grove) 38-8-0; C. Walters (Wassell Grove) 31-8-0; (Joint 4th) R. Neath (Wassell Grove) 29-12-0; P. Waters (Birchley) 29-12-0. Fri PM., Match Pool. T. Newey (Mosella) 53-12-0; A. Newton (Smithy’s) 52-2-0; S. Parker (Mosella) 51-12-0; L. Haldron (Sensas Strike) 45-4-0. Sat., Brook Pool. S. Street (Dark Lane AC/Astwood Bank) 40-4-0; T. Homer (Steven’s Tackle) 32-2-0; R. Knowles (Shakespeare Superteam/Bait-Tech) 20-5-0; T. Newey (Mosella) 15-10-0.

Weston Pools, Oswestry, Shrops. Bank Holiday Mon., Preston Innovations Sponsored Grand Open, Belvedere, Weir, Stretton & Clay Pit Pools. R. Griffiths (Preston Innovations/Sonubaits) 116-0-0; M. Rough (Lionel’s Tackle) 102-0-0; C. Jones Frenzee/Bag’em) 90-0-0. Tues., Open, Rover. A. Amos (Connah’s Quay/Deeside Tackle) 184-12-0; W. Jones (Dougie Speed AC) 99-0-0; R. Amos (RA Floats) 96-8-0. Wed., Over 50’s Open, Stretton & Belvedere Pools. M. Dawes (Airbus) 87-6-0; P. Weaver (Chester Tackle Locker) 86-2-0; C. Roberts (Weston Pools) 74-12-0. Thurs., Oswestry Veterans, Belvedere Pool. D. Buckle (Weston Pools) 63-6-0; D. Wright (Weston Pools) 58-6-0; J. Dixon (Weston Pools) 57-2-0. Fri., Over 50’s Open, Rover. M. Williams (Weston Pools) 68-9-0; C. Lewis (Weston Pools) 62-15-0; I. Simpson (Mosella NW/Dynamite Baits) 62-2-0. Sat., Open, Rover. R. O’Connor (Drennan NW) 111-8-0; L. Burrows (Weston Pools) 98-1-0; L. Saville (Mosella NW/Dynamite Baits) 96-8-0. Sun., Clay Pit, Weir & Belvedere Pools. M. Powell (Cresta/Gamakatszu) 127-14-0; C. Jones (Frenzee/Bag’em) 102-6-0; S. Shorrock (Team Tackle Saver) 97-14-0.

White Hart Flore AC, Toft Farm Fishery, Kites Hardwick, Warks. Sun. T. Griffiths 104-0-0; D. Cleaver 101-0-0; D. Griffiths 93-0-0.

White Hart Flore AC Vets, Dog Lane Fishery, Napton on the Hill, Warks. Wed. Trevor Griffiths 62-8-0; Tom Griffiths 38-10-0; G. Tilson 29-0-0.

Willowbrook Fisheries, Islip, Northants. Sun., Rysons Lake. I. Smith 23-10-0; D. Pettit 12-9-0; C. Yeowl 10-0-0. Sun., Willowbrook Lake. P. Hawley 21-3-0; A. Webster 14-14-0; C. Howard 14-3-0.

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