Unlocking the Severn virtual open day

We're currently working on a huge conservation project to unlock the River Severn for both people and wildlife. We're proud to be the leading delivery partner on the 'Unlocking the Severn' project, which will see four fish passes created on the River Severn to give rare fish species access to 158 miles of river once again.

Explore our interactive picture and find out what we're up to at Diglis on the River Severn by selecting the different numbered circles. The videos are best viewed in landscape on a mobile phone.

Navigation weirs built across the river during the Industrial Revolution have seriously impacted the river ecology by providing a barrier for fish. For more than 170 years, these weirs have prevented twaite shad and other species from reaching their natural spawning grounds.

Providing passage for fish around the weir, the Diglis fish pass will be the biggest fish pass of its kind (a deep vertical slot pass) in England and Wales and will also include a unique underwater river viewing window. 

Unlocking the Severn is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the European Union LIFE programme. The project is being delivered by partners: Canal & River Trust, Severn Rivers Trust, Environment Agency and Natural England.

Find out more about the Unlocking the Severn project.

The project videos

If you're having any difficulties watching the project videos you can see them all here:

Last date edited: 23 October 2020