Ebb and Flow Exhibition at the National Waterways Museum

We are proud to display the work of Threadmill who have chosen to reflect the flow of water around Ellesmere Port and the continuous Ebb and Flow of Life.

Event details

19 August 2021 to 24 December 2021

National Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port

Shropshire Union Canal


National Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port

South Pier Road
Ellesmere Port
CH65 4FW

The original development of the rivers and the canals to support the industries of textiles and chemicals created unique environments. These environments continue to evolve and this, alongside the day-to-day life of the canals and their people have been rich sources of inspiration.

The individual artists have utilised their own perspectives and textile techniques to explore the human and natural life of the area.

In many pieces we have repurposed used materials e.g. cottons, denim and linen to acknowledge some of the environmental pressures we all face, particularly in our waterways.

Curated by Threadmill

The members of Threadmill have a wide range of backgrounds in art and fibre techniques; most have recognised qualifications in Art and Design, or have worked in the textile industry. They all share an enthusiasm for creativity whilst using textiles as our principal means of artistic expression.

Committed to the promotion of textiles as both a decorative and expressive art form, the group hope to increase awareness and education through our exhibitions and workshops.

Keep an eye on this page for details of forthcoming workshops and times when you can meet the artists.

Ebb and Flow Exhibition Ebb and Flow Exhibition