Islington Canal Heritage Exhibition and guided walks

An exhibition on the history of the Regent’s Canal in Islington first shown at the Angel Canal Festival is 2020

Event details

13 July 2020 to 1 September 2020

Islington Museum

Regent's Canal


Islington Museum. 245

St John St

This is the culmination of the Regent’s Canal Heritage Project spearheaded by the Young Actors Theatre of Islington (YATI) supported by the National Lottery Heritage fund. 

The display will feature: now and then photos; stories and memories from twenty people about working and living by the canal; historical accounts; maps showing what was where; a look at the industries which thrived on the canal banks with a focus on timber, ice and marble.

Organised in partnership with Regent’s Canal Heritage:

Price: Free

Accessibilty: Yes


020 7527 2837


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