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The work of Jim Cooke - an artist and boater will be on display at the National Waterways Museum Gloucester from August to October.

Event details

25th August 2017 to 1st October 2017

National Waterways Museum Gloucester

Gloucester & Sharpness Canal


Llanthony Warehouse

The Docks

As an artist and boater, Jim Cooke responds to the quiet mystery of the waterways. His fascination with canals began when he was a child walking, fishing and bird-watching, with his father, along the Coventry, Ashby and Oxford Canals. Aware that these waterways were drifting toward the tail end of their industrial working lives.

Through his photography he embraces the privilege of spending time reacting to the unique atmosphere and components of this man made landscape and showcases his fascination for the relationship between chaos and order evident in bankside vegetation, the surface flow and the timelessness of water.

‘I’m always looking for visual signifiers that might express my affection for these resonant spaces and my respect for their history of toil’.

Jim Cooke, 2016.

Jim Cooke is a photographer with special interests in the relationship between natural and manmade landscape. He has exhibited works nationally and internationally as well as being represented in major international collections. He is a senior lecturer in Photography at the University of Brighton.

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Still/Sway courtesy of Jill Jennings