Pride and LGBTQ+ at the Trust

June is Pride Month, and we are recognising the enormous contribution that LGBTQ+ employees, volunteers, and supporters make to the Trust.

Advocating change

Over the years, we've been more visible during Pride marches in cities like Manchester, Birmingham, and London.

You may believe that because marriage is legal in the UK and LGBTQ+ people have equal rights, there is less of a need for events such as this, however, discrimination still exists, whether it is online, in person, or in the media.

As a large charity, we can use our profile to help advocate for social, cultural and behavioural change.

Inclusivity in the workplace

We are an equal opportunity employer. We want new employees and younger generations looking to start their careers to know that the Trust is a safe and welcoming place to work. We want everyone to feel comfortable and at ease in the workplace.

We want to build an inclusive organisation - for staff, volunteers and canal users. We have an LGBTQ+ forum on our intranet, as well as a Rainbow Allies organisation with over 100 members.

Get Involved

We welcome more LGBTQ+ volunteer groups along our canals to help challenge stereotypes and build understanding. We understand that not everyone starts at the same place, but we can assist them by being receptive to their questions, concerns, and suggestions.

If you're reading this and think you'd like to get involved in the Trust in some way, then get in touch. We have a email address, so drop us a message and let us know who you are, and we'll be happy to see how we can collaborate.