Virtual open day on Walsall Canal

We've been busy at Ryders Green along the Walsall Canal replacing the bottom end lock gate at number three lock.

The gate was nearly 25 years old and had come to the end of its working life so needed to be replaced to ensure the lock operated smoothly and created a water tight seal when closed.

This project lasted two weeks and cost around £50,000 and involved craning out the old gate from the lock and manoeuvring the new gate into position. The canal needed to be drained in order for the team to carry out the final fit of the gate so we carried out a fish rescue to move the fish to a different section of the canal away from the work site.

Hear from our experts about how we look after our canals and why its important we maintain them.

Introducing Ryders Green

The history

Find out more about Ryders Green lock flight and why it's so special.

Fish rescue

See how we carry out a fish rescue.


Listen to Paul Wilkinson, senior ecologist at the Trust, as he talks about the local wildlife, plant life and biodiversity along this stretch of canal in Walsall.

Removing the gate

The gates arriving

Last date edited: 27 January 2022