Love Birds: The Fradley Robins

Our framework ecologist Stu keeps us up to date with a robin nesting in one of our bird hides at Fradley Pool, Fradley Junction.

Since our last blog about the Fradley Junction robins the juveniles have flown the nest.

10th May

Food is still being bought into the nest for the juveniles - I watched the adult robins come in and out on a regular basis with beaks full of insects.

13th May

Saw one adult bringing in food but not the other. This one isn't coming in as often either.  

18th May

I waited around the hide for 30 minutes today and noted an adult still entering the hide with food. Surely any day now the young will be big enough to fly off!

20th May

Another 25 minutes outside the hide today with no sign of any adults. I decided to look in the hide and as I opened the door I saw a young robin on one of the roof beams and another flew over to join it. Two young robins have left the nest and are a couple of days maximum from leaving the hide, a great result.

As I left the hide and walked back to the car I came across a group of six juvenile Robins along the path. With eight fledged young, it's been a good year at Fradley Junction for robins. If you visit the area over the summer, keep an eye out for the young robins as they grow.


Last date edited: 30 May 2014

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