Introducing the new Volunteer Coordinators for the Technical Teams

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Every hour enough plastic to fill two bin bags is washed into our oceans from canals and rivers.

Two new Volunteer Coordinators have been appointed to help the Trust's Technical Teams increase their volunteering. Find out a a little more about them and what they'll be doing in their first blog.

The Technical Teams

The Technical Teams are national teams that provide expert advice to the waterway regions (and each other). Examples of technical teams include the Environment Team, the Water Team, the GIS team and the Project Delivery Team. These teams are experiencing an increase in volunteering, and to help this develop further, two new volunteer coordinators have been appointed.

Introducing the Technical Teams Volunteer Coordinators 

As the Technical Teams volunteer coordinator for the North I’m here to support all the Technical Teams through the whole life of a volunteer position, from recruitment through to evaluation.

Volunteers with the Canal a& River Trust have the chance to make a difference to their community, environment and themselves through volunteering. The skills, knowledge and passion shared between the volunteer and the Trust are beneficial to both sides, and the experience is something I would encourage everyone to try.

There are numerous forms that volunteering can take; short-term work experience placements for school students, long-term placements for university students (e.g. Year in Industry), retired professionals wishing to share their knowledge and skills, work experience for people returning to work after a career break or change and other volunteers with their own motivations.

Having been a volunteer myself for a charity for ten years I know that it can be a really valuable and enjoyable experience. There is such a wide range of opportunities available for volunteers with the Trust, and I hope these will increase even further in the future.

Keep an eye on the volunteering pages of this website to find the latest ways you can get involved with the work of Canal a& River Trust.

Rebecca Elliott


As the Technical Team volunteer coordinator for the south, I echo Rebecca’s comments. I used to be the volunteer leader in the East Midlands region, and so have experience of working with a range of volunteers including groups, individuals and canal societies.

I was always amazed by the passion, knowledge and commitment that Trust volunteers display, and the variety of backgrounds that they came from. I am sure that in our new roles myself and Rebecca will be able to share our own experiences, passion and knowledge too.

Just recently, I have started to recruit for a winter canal discharge survey and I have been impressed by the amount of volunteers who have come forward, and what they can offer us! I think that the mixture of surveying in the fresh air on our fabulous waterways and the technical, office based side of the task is really appealing. There are exciting times ahead and the types of opportunities that we are starting to hear about are quite ground breaking for the Trust – it’s a great time to get involved.

Amanda Morgan

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