Gardeners' World Live

Want to experience how great being by water feels? Join us at our 'making life better by water' show garden at this year's Gardeners' World Live 2019.

Gardeners' World Live Illustration Gardeners' World Live Illustration

Inspired by volunteer lock keepers, and created by award-winning designer Chris Myers, our garden features a full-size canal, a vegetable patch, wild flowers and a woodland.

Our garden will be celebrated as a 'Show Garden' at this year's BBC Gardeners' World Live between 13 - 16 June at the Birmingham NEC.  

Sample our calm and beautiful garden and chat to our friendly team to find ways to feel happier and healthier by water.

We're excited to share with you the garden design itself and how the designer, Chris Myers was inspired by our waterways.

Garden design

As a lover of the countryside and a wildlife enthusiast, award-winning designer Chris Myers takes great pleasure in creating and building gardens that demonstrate the beauty of the world around us.

His garden evokes a typical canalside scene from one of the country’s 2,000 miles of historic waterways and has been developed with and inspired by the ideas of our volunteers, and passionate gardeners, David and Hilary Godbehere. 

The garden surrounds the central canal with features typically found alongside waterways. This includes a vegetable garden packed with healthy edible plants, a small private garden of calming and therapeutic flowers and a woodland of native trees and wildflowers growing alongside the towpath.

It draws some of its plants directly from the canal and with the use of flag iris, reed mace, and water forget-me-knot recreates the waterside margins that are havens for wildlife and allow visitors to get close to nature.

Chris Myers

Chris Myers, Royal Horticultural Society Gold Medal and Best in Show award-winning garden designer, has been creating innovative gardens and winning awards since 2005.

Chris Myers

He has very fond childhood memories of fishing on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, and believes that these early visits, along with time spent in the Yorkshire Dales has inspired his love of being outdoors, gardening and working with nature.

Chris gained his horticultural qualifications at Askham Bryan College in the early 1990’s and has managed, built and designed gardens ever since. Chris creates both contemporary and traditional gardens, he loves designing for homes, schools and charities that share his vision.

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how wonderful time spent on our historic waterways can be. Running through cities, towns and villages they provide pockets of plant and wildlife-rich areas for people to escape to.

Chris Myers

Within a short stroll along the canal you can uncover a whole different landscape, one that can be tranquil and calming, that provides a place to exercise or that is a great place to spend time together spotting plants and trees, wildlife, boats and historic features. This garden aims to encourage visitors to Gardeners’ World Live to experience the waterways for themselves and enjoy the wellbeing benefits of being close to water.