Planned winter stoppages

We never stop working to improve our waterways so they make life better by water for everyone every day. We're already looking at our planned winter maintenance closure details for next winter.

Each winter, when fewer boats are cruising our canals and rivers, we carry out essential repairs and maintenance. In many cases we need to close the waterway completely and sometimes even the towpath. But with 2,000 miles of canals and rivers, there are plenty of other routes to try if the one you were looking at is closed.

We need your help

Before we carry out our winter work, we ask our boating community and towpath visitors to have their say. This is so we can make sure our stoppages cause as little disruption as possible. Our consultation on the 2019/2020 winter closures is now open.

How to post your views about a stoppage


  • See what winter stoppages are planned in the list below
  • Scroll through the map to look at closures in a particular area, or
  • Enter the first two letters of a particular waterway into the search box to pull up the stoppages either in a list or on the map

By clicking on the “Read more” button you can download an individual stoppage notice. At the bottom of each notice is a ‘Make a comment’ form where you can post your thoughts about the proposed stoppage. You can post views on as many of the stoppages as you like.

Second draft available now

We’ve now reviewed the comments you posted in the first stage of our consultation and have made some changes to the programme. The second draft of the winter programme is now available and you have the opportunity to comment once again before the final winter stoppage programme is added to the website in August.

Last date edited: 9 July 2019