Mapping boating facilities and winding holes

In this blog the boating team explain why keeping our maps up to date is so important and ask for boaters' to help!

Foxton Locks Inn Foxton Locks Inn

The below was published in May 2016 and the surveys are now closed. Thanks to everyone who helped. We're now reviewing all the helpful information that was sent in and updating our records.

If you're a boater reading this then you’ll know that there’s more to planning a cruise than just knowing whether your route is open. Almost as important is knowing where you can pump out or top up your water tanks.


We do have these facilities displayed on our map but we want to make sure that the information is kept right up to date. So, who better to help us do this than those that are out there, day in, day out, using those very same facilities? You’ve guessed it, boaters!

We’ve developed a simple form that boaters can use to submit reports on a range of facilities that they think we need to update on our map. We’ve also developed a supporting process that will then update the maps with any corrections once a month.

We would really appreciate it if, when you come across something that’s not quite right on our map, you could fill in the form and send it in. Of course, there are lots of facilities out there that are owned and operated by Third Parties, we’ve compiled a list of those we know about and will soon provide a form for you to tell us about any not on the list.

Winding holes

As part of this we’re also reviewing all of the information we hold on winding holes. The information gathering bit will take place over the summer, where we will update all the info we have. Then, over winter, we’ll use the newly gathered, and accurate, information to update the online map.

This process will also inform discussions around which winding holes we should be prioritising for dredging investment as well as looking at everything from its location to current usage (including those identified as an informal winding hole but is well used) to potential alternatives for those not used that often.

Again, there’s one obvious community out there which can help us make sure we have the best possible data set… We would really appreciate your help if, next time you’re on a cruise, you could spare a little time to tell us about any winding holes you’ve used. Please note that some have already been surveyed so it’d be great if you could check this list (a survey date indicates it’s been done), which will be updated regularly, and give us information on those not yet done by filling out this form.

If you’d like any more information on any of the above please just drop Debbie Lumb, who’s running the project, a line.

Last date edited: 7 February 2017

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