Leaving Todmorden

Debbie leaves the delights of Todmorden for Hebden Bridge.

Bridge desingned by George Stephenson. Also known as Iron Donger bridgeA slightly damp day but an enjoyable cruise back to Todmorden with plenty of water and no running aground. Finally managed to get a picture of the wonderful railway bridge at Gauxholme and the famous wall of Todmorden.

Over four million bricks went into its creation to support what was a railway goods yard. Through the Guillotine gate and back onto the 24-hour mooring in time for a quick dash to the shops to restock supplies. Then a pleasant evening watching the rugby in one of Todmorden's many pubs.

Todmorden to Hebden Bridge

Leaving Callis Mill LockWe reluctantly left Todmorden under an increasingly sunny sky. The first lock caused a bit of a problem with much to and fro to get the top gates open to get the boat in. There are a few self-closing gates on this canal along with gates that won't open fully due to debris behind them.

In the lock and down on our way, and the sun coming out, glorious boating. We made good progress with sufficient depth of water and no real issues until Lock 14 where the very unhelpfully moored cabin cruiser Jenna K was still moored in the middle of lock landing exactly where we had encountered it on our journey up.

I managed to leap off and work us through the lock. Trouble was I couldn't get back on the boat below the lock. The lock landing is very high above the water and the canal is shallow meaning that Simon couldn't get the boat close enough to board. Played it safe and decided to walk nearly a mile to the next lock, stretching my legs and easing off aches and pains.

The Fox and Goose at Hebden BridgeDodging more badly moored boats we finally managed to squeeze onto the end of the 24-hour mooring at Stubbings Wharf by the pub of the same name. Very shallow but hopefully ok overnight. Time to explore the delights of Hebden Bridge with its shops, cafes, pubs and more.

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