FAQs and Kay Jay's story

Anyone and everyone can leave a gift in their Will. Kay Jay Hindes-Hardy is just one of the people who has chosen to support our work by leaving a gift in his Will. Read Kay Jay's story and frequently asked questions below.

Kay Jay Hindes-HardyMy connection with the waterways started when I was tiny. My grandfather was a skipper on a four-mast ship beginning of the 20th century and from as far back as I can remember we had boats in the family, in fact I don’t know a time when we did not have one

The decision to include a legacy gift to the Canal & River Trust in my Will is down to my love of boats, rivers, canals, fishing, the sea and everything in between.  The 2,000 miles that the Canal & River Trust looks after are just one part of the UK’s immense beauty – they help areas and communities so much.

It’s hard to choose, but one of my favourite stretches has to be the River Ouse from Kings Lynn to the Bedford Canal. Supporting the Canal & River Trust is important to me to ensure these beautiful places are looked after and protected well into the future.


What is a Will? A Will is a legal document that makes sure the people and causes you care about are provided for after your death, in the way you wish. It’s an easy thing to put off, but if you die without a Will, the courts will divide up everything you own according to strict rules that you have no control over.

What types of Will are there? There are two main types of gift that you can leave in your Will. Pecuniary: you make a gift of a specific sum of money. And residuary: you make a gift of all or part of what is left of your estate after all your other gifts have been distributed.

Do I have to use a solicitor? It is always best to have your Will drawn up by an experienced solicitor. Trying to write your own can be tricky. One small slip can ruin the whole document. Including our registered charity number – 1146792 – helps to avoid any doubt.

Do I have to tell you about my gift in my Will? By making a gift in your Will – and telling us about it now – you give us the security that comes from knowing we’ll have a guaranteed future income, when the time comes.

Last date edited: 4 September 2020