Mayfly Narrow Boat Hire

OUR STORY We are very excited to share Marilyn Mayfly narrow boat with you!

Our mum passed away in 2019 . She was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and fought a hard battle.

She was a beautiful soul and she asked us to promise her we would do our best in life to share what we have, be kind, make a difference be it big or small and to never stop chasing our dreams.

Subsequently we decided to invest in something that would tick all those boxes and Marilyn Mayfly entered our lives.

So you see she is an extra special vessel and we are confident that any welcome guest will love her as much as we do!

So please, come and see for yourselves and have yourself a treat on the canal.

We will be donating 5% of our profits to motor neurone disease association and hopefully together we can make that difference after all.

Best wishes,

The Marilyn Mayfly Team



LE17 6HY

Disability Access Information


Marilyn Mayfly Narrow Boat Hire provides a self-catering and self-drive 6 berth narrow boat for holiday hire on the canal network, starting from North Kilworth Marina, Leicestershire.

The nature of this type of holiday will require physical effort; a minimum of two physically fit crew is required, for the safe handling of the boat, at all times.

Tasks involved include boat handling, lock operating, mooring up and driving the vessel, all of which can be physically demanding. The boat is not accessible via a ramp and by the nature of the limited space and design, is not wheelchair friendly.

Marilyn Mayfly can be inspected prior to making a booking, by ringing us on 07985 581 054 to make an appointment.

We are very pleased to accommodate all reasonable requests to assist you on your arrival, so please let us know if we can make access to Marilyn Mayfly easier by adjusting her mooring position or helping with luggage etc. There is no hearing loop for deaf or hard of hearing however, a team member does possess a BSL (British Sign Language) level 2 Qualification.

Smoking / vaping is not permitted under any circumstances, either inside Marilyn Mayfly or on the stern and bow areas of the boat.

For everyone’s safety it is important before committing to such a holiday that the above factors are carefully considered. Please ask us for any further information you require and also visit for further guidance.

Before arriving

Prior to any holiday letting a comprehensive information pack will be sent to you. Directions to North Kilworth Marina are included. We can be contacted via our website for further assistance to enable you to locate the marina. Arriving & car parking

Car parking is available at North Kilworth Marina and is free of charge but vehicles are left entirely at owner’s risk. There is a large wide gate at the entrance which has a call operation button. We will be there to meet you and will open the gate. A staff member will also be available, should you require assistance. The entrance is a little uneven and unsurfaced. There are no designated disabled parking spaces however, we can organise a suitable space in advance, if requested. The distance from the parking area to Marilyn Mayfly is approximately 100 feet depending on her exact mooring position. Public areas and facilities at North Kilworth Marina

Ladies and Gentlemen’s Toilets including disabled are situated on the ground floor Regrettably there are no Baby change facilities Access to Marilyn Mayfly

Marilyn Mayfly will be moored next to a one of the platform walkways, which are permanent fixtures in the Marina. They are approximately 8 feet wide so will accommodate two people walking side by side and pushing a large pram for example. It varies which side of the access platform will be used however, there are grab rails on both sides and if we are advised in advance we can moor for your arrival on the appropriate side for ease of access. There are two access points to the boat; Bow (front) and Stern (rear). Both have hand-rails and nonslip floor covering. Access to Marilyn Mayfly is made by stepping from the platform walkway onto the Bow area and then down the three steps in to the interior of the boat.

Bow area: There is room to accommodate four average sized people two seats either side of the bow end. This area is flat with nonslip floor. The bow is exposed so rain can make the floor wet however water drains away from the floor via side ducts. Three wooden steps approximately 10 inch deep which take you down into the boat and it is then one flat level until you reach the stern end doorway.

Stern area: This is where the boat is driven from. Access to the stern internally is via a short flight of five deep steps 10 inch deep. The stern can be quite awkward and headroom is limited until fully up on the steering deck. The stern can also be accessed via stepping on to the boat at the stern end so those steep internal steps can be avoided.

Vessel roof: The life ring is located on the roof near the stern end

Please refer to our floor plan diagram and interior photos. There is no special signage on the boat apart from emergency exits. Corridor and doorways are typically 20” (500mm) wide. There are no handrails apart from a grab-rail in the shower cubical. Flooring is predominantly laminate with rugs (removable on request) The water is held in a large tank beneath the floor this is prefilled prior to guest arrival. There are no special requirements as to its operation. Heating is supplied from diesel and gas sources. The thermostat is situated in the living space in the centre of the boat near the bathroom, at a height of 70 inches All radiators have individual thermostats. All TV’S have a subtitle amenity and the bedroom TV’S are foldaway. Power: Marilyn Mayfly has a 230 volt supply up to 1500 watt suitable for charging mobile phones/ ipads etc. Please note that because all power is supplied from the boat battery we cannot guarantee the continuous availability of 230 volt power and therefore cannot accept responsibility for any supply interruptions. Lighting is low and high in that lamps and gunnel lighting is switched on from lower parts of the vessel. Main bright lighting is accessed from the switches at bow end on left side at a height of 52 inches External lighting comprises of luminous striping and solar. Living Space

Seating for 3/4 is a sofa bed height 22 inches plus 2 firm, upright fabric armchairs. Table is compact and chairs are foldaway. Power sockets are positioned at a height of 3 feet. Kitchen Area (within the Living Space)

Worktops are positioned at a height of 3 feet with power sockets above at approximately 4 feet. The oven door is positioned at a height of 3 feet 33 inches from the floor. The three ring gas hob sits on the worktop surface. Microwave is positioned at a height of 3 feet from the floor. All cupboards are situated below the worktops. Fire extinguisher / blanket are positioned at a height of 5 feet. First aid kit is located in a cupboard near the exit and clearly signed. Sleeping Spaces (6)

Beds all have foam mattresses. Duvets and pillows are hollowfibre. Linen is poly cotton and cotton. No feather products are used. Bed 1 Double: 4’ x 6’ 3 (1200×1600). Bed 2 Single 6 feet long x 22 inch wide x 20 inch deep. Sofa bed 64 inches long 41 Inch wide 15 inches deep. Bathroom and Shower Cubicle

Bathroom overall dimensions are 6 feet x 5 feet. It consists of grab rails and slip resistant floor along with a sliding shower door. The shower has a slight lip and has a square slip resistant mat. Shower cubicle dimensions are 6 feet high x 44 inches at widest point. The shower is fitted with grab rails and slip resistant floor along with a sliding shower door. The shower has a slight lip of 1 inch and has a square slip resistant mat. Operation via twist tap control. Sink / Basin twist tap. The toilet is a pump out so no cartridge to be emptied. Toilet has a flush button and is 22 inches high.