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Welford Wharf

Welford Wharf

This pretty spot outside the small town of welford is a popular destination for sunbathers and sketchers, as well as the more usual boaters and walkers. The settlement at Welford dates back to the days of the Doomsday Book. Coaches on their way from Leicester to London often pulled in to rest at the small town, and its popularity grew with the construction of the Welford arm of the Grand Union Canal in 1815.

The Wharf occupies a pleasant grassy locale presided over by the historic Wharf Inn. A bend in the canal leads to the colourful marina and the start of several pleasant walks. At the back of the wharf stand the remains of the Welford lime kilns, once the largest kiln site along the Grand Union Canal. As demand for lime grew in the early 1800s, barges began transporting more and more limestone along the canal networks to the kilns, where it was burnt, turned into lime and put to use as fertiliser by local farmers. The seven Welford kilns were built in phases from 1820 and stayed in operation until the early 1930s.

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