The Skinny Boat Photography Company

The Skinny Boat Photography Company supplies unique handmade greetings cards and framed pictures. All of the images have been captured by us so you will not see them for sale anywhere else. We capture local scenes, many of the picturesque waterways and the wildlife found there. There are other popular subjects too such as dogs, cats and beautiful plants and flowers, all of which we have captured while cruising the waterways network.

Greetings cards are blank inside so have the advantage of being suitable for any occasion or event. There is also an option to have your own message printed inside should you want a more personalised card.

Watch out for us at floating markets and at the canalside. Follow the link from to our Facebook page for the latest updates on products and where we are trading.


NB Drifter


Disability Access Information

Our products are displayed on the side of the boat alongside the towpath. The condition of the towpath varies throughout the canal network from paved to compacted earth. We will always endeavor to moor at the best spot possible when we trade so, If you are able to access the towpath itself, you will be able to view and purchase our products.