Bingley Five Rise Locks

One of the Seven Wonders of the Waterways, there is plenty for the whole family to see and do at Bingley Five Rise Locks.

Bingley Five Rise Locks
Bingley Five Rise Locks

Why not spend a day out on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at the famous Bingley Five Rise Staircase Locks and the World Heritage Site of Saltaire?

Try a whole range of exciting new ways for the family to explore the Leeds & Liverpool Canal between Bingley and Saltaire. You can walk or cycle down the towpath and come back by train or bus.

We have produced a whole range of things to help you plan your visit, enjoy your day out and encourage you to come back again.

Things to do at Bingley Five Rise Locks


Explore our trails

We can offer you a whole range of different ways to view fascinating videos, hear from people who lived and worked on the canal and find out what makes it so special.

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Interactive Trail


Geocaching Trail


Download the App to watch stunning videos, listen to real stories and plan your visit.

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Stroll along the towpath and discover what is around you using our QR & NFC trail.

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Challenge yourself by exploring the towpath to complete our geocaching trail.

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Schools and family activities

Try out our fun activity sheets and family geocaching trail round North Bog to make amazing discoveries and have fun with your family.

Bingley Explorers Family Trail   Bingley Be a Canal Spy!   Bingley Wildlife Explorers Trail  

Family Trail


Be a Canal Spy!


Wildlife Explorers


Help Brian and David discover why the Five Rise Locks are so special and what Johann the Prussian soldier was doing at there more than 200 years ago.

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Use your best detective skills to find out about the Bingley Five Rise Locks and create your own maps of the locks from the aerial photos.

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Discover the amazing wildlife that lives in and around the canal, find out about them through our fun quizzes and make some beautiful drawings to take home.

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Videos and animations

Watch specially commissioned video footage and an animation we made with the help of Crossflatts school.

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Open Weekend


Aerial Views


Historic words and images brought to life to show the opening of the Five Rise Locks and how they work.


See time lapse video of more than 7000 people walking through the locks when the lock gates were replaced.


See amazing views of the locks from a remote controlled helicopter.

Crossflatts school animation   Bingley Five Rise Locks Timelapse Video Footage   Horse boating on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal  

Stay Safe Animation


Winter Stoppage


Horse Boating


Watch an energetic animation produced by local children to remind us all to stay safe by the canal.


See time lapse footage of the works on the Five Rise Locks in January 2012.


Boat horse Bilbo Baggins pulls narrowboat Elland through the Bingley Five Rise Locks.



Have fun and make discoveries at the
Five Rise Café

Stop by the Five Rise Café and explore our cabinet of curiosities to discover why the canal and locks were built and try some creative activities.

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