Lindsey Hood

My name is Lindsey Hood and I’ve been living on the same boat for 20 years. I brought my son up on the boat and I work on it as well. My work is all based online, all I require is a dongle and a laptop. It means I can be anywhere. I don’t need to be in one place permanently.

Lindsey Hood, boater Lindsey Hood, boater

I was living in London with my little boy and the rents were going up, we kept having to move every year. One day we were sitting down by the River Lea in Springfield park and we saw these boats going by. I said to my little boy, “I wonder if we could live on a boat.” And that was it. We were off. Three months later we got the boat and I’m still here.

Boating in London is so beautiful, especially when you get down onto the River Lea because you’ve got the marshes. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you’re in the middle of London. There’s so much more activity on the waterways these days, sculling, rowing, paddle-boarding. And there are the swans, the birds, hearing the dawn chorus every morning is really nice. You’re more aware of the seasons when you’re on a boat.

Aware of the seasons

One skill you really do need is patience. The fastest we can go is 4mph. But you leave somewhere on Saturday and wake up on Sunday with a completely different view, somewhere new to explore. It’s like being on holiday every fortnight.

The area around the Olympic Park has changed completely. It’s nice to have all the new cafes and bars. It’s a beautiful place.

Last date edited: 29 June 2017