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Hedge cutting FAQs

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about how we cut hedges at the Canal & River Trust

Why have you left cuttings on the towpath?
Every effort is made to ensure that all hedge clippings are deposited within the hedge line and we undertake periodic inspections to ensure that the towpaths are left free of cuttings. However, gusts of winds and rain can move the clippings back onto the towpath.

Will you compensate me for my punctured bike tyre?
Sorry the Canal & River Trust will not compensate you for this.

When will the hedge be cut?
All hedge cutting work takes place between October and February, so that it minimises disturbance to nesting birds. Due to the hundreds of kilometres of hedgerows we cut annually, we cannot give an exact date of when your section of hedgerow will be cut. 

Your hedgerow is blocking my light. What will you do about it?
Householders have no right to light from across a neighbour’s land. Likewise there is no right to a view, and a view obstructed by the growth of hedges cannot legally be regarded as a 'nuisance'.

What do you do to improve the health of your hedgerows?
With the help of our contractors and many valued volunteers, our environment team works to improve the condition of our hedgerows. For more information take a look at our environment team’s website pages.

Who do I tell if there are low-hanging branches?
If branches are impeding the towpath please contact us on 0303 040 4040 or tell us online and we will review that section of footpath.

Last date edited: 25 October 2016