We love and care for your canals and rivers, because everyone deserves a place to escape.

Clearing litter

Our canals and rivers don’t keep themselves clean. Each year we have to clean up hundreds of tonnes of floating litter, towpath litter and dog poo to make sure other people’s rubbish doesn’t spoil your enjoyment of our waterways.

A crane pulling a car out of the canal Clearing litter from the canal

Our canals and rivers are enjoyed by millions of responsible people who appreciate the value of our waterways and leave them as they found them. Unfortunately a small minority of people think it’s acceptable to drop litter, leave dog mess, fly tip and graffiti. Cleaning up after these inconsiderate canal users diverts funds away from essential maintenance work.

We’re very grateful that hundreds of you take to the towpaths each month as part of our Towpath Taskforce and help to keep our waterways clean.

Our maintenance teams get involved in clearing the really big bits of litter. Over the past year white goods, tyres and a variety of different household objects have been pulled out.

If you spot anyone fly tipping by the water please contact us on 0303 040 4040 and report them.

Last date edited: 19 July 2016