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Share the Space Campaign

In 2016 we launched a campaign to promote the towpath code.

Share the Space in Chester 2015

Read about our national campaign

In the North Wales & Borders area, we are keen for everyone to explore and experience the waterways throughout the region whether this be cycling, angling, boating, paddlesports, walking...or even Tai Chi!

To do this, we need to be aware of the towpath code and the need to be considerate of other users at all times, whilst all enjoying the experience and the environment.

The Share the Space Campaign aims to remind everyone of the code and to highlight the campaign. We will be holding some events 2017 in areas where we always have a good mixture of towpath/waterway users. Watch this space for dates throughout the year.

For further information please contact enquiries.northwalesborders@canalrivertrust.org.uk



Last date edited: 24 February 2017