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Your suggestions for offside tree works

We undertake most of our vegetation works between October and March. On the London Waterway, this year we’re encouraging people to contact us with their ideas of where our budget would best be spent to enhance enjoyment of the capital's canals.

Workmen removing a tree that has fallen over the towpath Removing a falling tree

Is there a particular tree whose branches impede your navigation? Perhaps it intrudes upon sightlines or it’s so low that it knocks the flowerpots off your roof.

Are there shrubs or bushes in a certain spot that reduce the width of the navigation and you always find you have to wait for boats coming the other way?

Every winter we take out the chainsaws and cut back some of the offside vegetation that is getting in the way of people enjoying the capital’s canals and rivers. It’s the best time to work as there’s generally fewer boats around and we aren’t at risk of disturbing birds and bats.

Get in touch

We know that many boaters have ideas of where they’d like to see a cutback or branches removed on the offside and so we’re inviting you to get in touch with your suggestions. We won’t necessarily be able to satisfy everyone and there will often be a number of factors to consider, but we’re very keen to hear ideas.

At present we are focusing on the following waterways: Grand Union Canal (south of Rickmansworth), the Slough Arm, the Paddington Arm, the Regent’s and the Hertford Union.

You can share your thoughts by emailing enquiries.london@canalrivertrust.org.uk. Please remember to include:

  • a description of the offside vegetation that you’d like to see treated and why
  • local identifiers so we know where it is. Waterway name, bridge numbers, locks, postcodes, etc.
  • photographs. These are really helpful

For example: “On the River Stort, 20m west of Bridge 26: excessive offside vegetation, very narrow channel remaining” or “On the Lee Navigation, corner east of Bridge 51: large tree, obscuring sightlines.”

We look forward to receiving your suggestions.

Last date edited: 22 September 2016