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Kings Cross Visitor Mooring Trial

The proposals for a trial visitor mooring at Kings Cross (between York Way and Caledonian Road) were published on 30 July 2015. Comments were invited by 7 September 2015. A public meeting to hear further feedback on the proposals, as well as on the Islington Visitor Moorings, was held on 22 October 2015.

Kings Cross

This paper describes the consultation process, provides a summary of the responses received and an analysis of the key issues raised. Appendix 1 is a schedule of all the responses received about the proposals; and Appendix 2 provides a record of the public meeting.

Following consideration of all the consultation responses and wider mooring plans, the Trust is now implementing a trial visitor mooring from November 2016 to April 2017. Our implementation plan explains how we addressed the issues raised, and sets out the mooring plan.

The trial covers the length of towpath between Maiden Lane Bridge (York Way) and the Treaty St. access point. Part of this length will be designated as a 7-day visitor mooring, with the remaining moorings remaining as 14-day casual moorings but subject to double mooring controls.

At this stage, there will be no change to sections of towpath where there are currently no facilities for mooring. The use of these sections of towpaths will be reviewed as part of the London Mooring Strategy.

In summary, the mooring plan is as follows:

Section1: Maiden Lane Bridge to Tiber Gardens pocket park

Length: 65m

Stay time: 7 day visitor mooring

Mooring rules: Max. double mooring permitted – one widebeam or two narrowboats only

Section 2: Tiber Gardens pocket park to Treaty St. access

Length: 55m

Stay time:  no change to existing stay times – 14 day casual mooring

Mooring rules: Max. two lines of boats permitted (two narrowboats, or one narrowboat and one widebeam; two widebeams are not permitted).

The plan will be trialled while we consider wider plans for general towpath mooring and visitor moorings through the development of the London Mooring Strategy. This will also allow time for the development of plans for the installation of electric bollards in this stretch of towpath, funded in partnership by Defra, Islington Council and the Trust. 

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Last date edited: 21 October 2016