Trust council elections 2015 - Results

Looking after more than 2,000 miles of canals and rivers is a responsibility we take very seriously. It’s a rewarding yet challenging job, and our council plays an important role in this. It appoints trustees, helps to shape our policies and provides guidance and perspective on key decisions.

The results of the voting in December 2015 to elect new representatives to our governing Council are as follows:

Private boating:

Andrew Phasey
Phil Prettyman
Stella Ridgway
Vaughan Welch

Business boating: 

Nigel Hamilton
Andrew Tidy


Ian McCarthy


John Ellis

A further place on Council has been announced, with Nicola Benjamin co-opted by the Trust’s Appointments Committee to represent the charity’s Friends (those who give a regular monthly donation). Nicola will initially serve for a two-year period. We expect to run a by-election for a Friend in the autumn of 2017. 

Each elected candidate will take up their voluntary post for four years starting in March 2016.

Council 2015

The Council is made up of up to 40 nominated, co-opted or elected members as well as the chairs of 11 regional waterway partnerships. Together they reflect the wide appeal of the waterways – from boating and angling through to walking and conservation.  The Council is responsible for the appointment of trustees, helps to shape policies and provides guidance and perspective to trustees.

The current nominated members of Council all finish their terms of office in March. The nominating organisations will be invited nominate their representatives on the new Council before the March meeting. Partnership Chairs are ex officio members of Council during their terms as Chairs of their Partnerships. 

The full list of interests represented on council is:

  • Private boating (elected and nominated)
  • Boating business (elected)
  • Volunteers registered with the Trust (elected)
  • Friends of the Trust (was to be elected but has been co-opted since no valid nominations)
  • Employees (elected)
  • Supporters such as walkers, anglers, cyclists, neighbours (nominated)
  • Inland Waterways Association (nominated)
  • Historic environment (nominated)
  • Natural environment (nominated)
  • Local government (nominated)
  • The chairs of each waterways partnership are also members.

Find out more about the current Council and its meetings.

The election process was run independently of the Trust by Electoral Reform Services (ERS) and was an online process.  ERS provided a secure dedicated website (which included the Candidates’ manifestos) where you can now see the full election results at

The report of voting and full election results

Canal & River Trust Council election 2015 results report of voting
STVs Count explanation
Boating business
Private boating

Last date edited: 18 December 2015