Council elections 2019/20

Looking after more than 2,000 miles of canals and rivers is a responsibility we take very seriously. It’s a rewarding yet challenging job, and our Council plays an important role in this. Find out about our Council elections 2019/20.

Boating holidays Boating holidays

The Council appoints trustees, helps to shape our policies and provides guidance and perspective on key decisions. The Trust will be running elections in 2019/20 for the following constituencies:

  • Private boating (4 posts available)
  • Business boating (2 posts available)
  • Volunteers (2 posts available)
  • Friends of the Trust (1 post available)
  • Employees (1 post available)
  • Fisheries/angling (1 post available)

Successful candidates will commence their appointment from March 2020 for a four year term.

The call for nominations has now closed. The results of nominations for each constituency are:

Where an election is to be run, eligible voters will be contacted in January 2020. For more information on how to cast a vote in the elections, please see the FAQ guides below. 

The eligibility criteria for the elections can be found in the Election rules.

You find out more information by following the links below. 

Last date edited: 29 November 2019