Council elections 2019/20

Looking after more than 2,000 miles of canals and rivers is a responsibility we take very seriously. It’s a rewarding yet challenging job, and our Council plays an important role in this. Find out about our Council elections 2019/20.

Boating holidays Boating holidays

The Council appoints trustees, helps to shape our policies and provides guidance and perspective on key decisions. The Trust will be running elections in 2019/20 for the following constituencies:

  • Private boating (4 posts available)
  • Business boating (2 posts available)
  • Volunteers (2 posts available)
  • Friends of the Trust (1 post available)
  • Employees (1 post available)
  • Fisheries/angling (1 post available)

Successful candidates will commence their appointment from March 2020 for a four year term. The eligibility criteria for the elections can be found in the Election rules.

You find out more information by following the links below. 

Last date edited: 27 September 2019