Help repair the Trent & Mersey Canal breach

We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made a donation to help repair the breach, caused by the extraordinary weather, on the Trent & Mersey Canal.

Breach on the Trent & Mersey Canal


Thank you for your generosity. You've donated £23,121 to this appeal (30/04/2013) and your money has been spent directly on the emergency repair, preventing funds being diverted from other essential planned maintenance.

This appeal has now closed as the breach has been repaired. To find out how we repaired the breach take a look at the diary kept by our project manager Paul Brown.


The appeal

The 240-year-old Trent & Mersey Canal is a bustling artery of our canal network and key part of the Cheshire Ring providing jobs in the local area, habitats for a huge range of waterway wildlife and a much-valued nationally recognised route for walkers and cyclists.

As a result of the recent breach at Dutton Hollow near Preston Brook, we’ve had to close a 12-mile stretch to navigation while we carry out the massive repairs necessary to secure the canal. Canal breaches this size do not happen frequently, although they are expensive to fix. The repair bill for the damage on the Trent & Mersey Canal is estimated at £1.5 million.

We’re asking you to make a donation to this emergency appeal to help us rebuild the canal embankment and complete other flood repairs. While we hold a contingency fund that can be used to deal with this kind of emergency situation, this is money that we urgently need to spend on essential maintenance and repairs right across the network. Using this money to repair this breach will inevitably prevent other important work being carried out this winter – unless we are able to raise additional income now.

David Baldacchino, waterway manager explains: “The money that you donate will help fund the repair of the breached canal bank and complete a significant repair to a bank near Middlewich which has also been damaged by the flooding. £1.5m is equivalent to 30 sets of lock gates replaced, a third of our current annual dredging programme or three years worth of the money that we expect to spend painting bridges.”

For the latest information on how the repairs are progressing please visit our breach repair diary.


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Target: £23121

£23526.03 Raised | 101.75% Funded

Due to the many ways people can donate to our appeals, our online thermometer cannot show all donations in real time. Donations made online will show within one working day, whilst text and paper donations can take up to a month to become visible.

What our supporters had to say

“In memory of two dear friends with whom we had such happy times on our waterways.”
Andrew & Lynn Wenham
“I have a narrowboat and love it!”
Ken Shelton
“It's such an important part of our culture and history (and future!)”